Episode-2568- A Small Commercial Hydroponics Farm Model — 16 Comments

  1. I checked out those videos. Looks like he’s using a Venturi pump for the air. I’ve been doing this for a long time.. dwc, aeroponics, many different set ups. I never knew of this. No one ever told me of this.  I saw the pump and did some research. The water pump pulls vacuum and injects air. Like a syphon. No air pump! ? maybe everyone is hip to this and I’m ignorant. But this is awesome. Thanks

  2. Thought maybe that fitting comes w the pump and I never noticed.. but they sell them. $9 on az. I’m gonna just drill a hole and thread on a 1/4” drip fitting. That’s a whole $0.15! Double badass

    • Thanks I went and looked at the vid and paused it on the pump. Could not see the exact model but it is just a fitting on a standard pump with that fitting above the water line, simple and smart.

      But on wonder on scale? If you wanted to run 4 beds, would not an actual air pump with lines and stones do more for less money both upfront and long term?

  3. Yeah. This would work on any pump. Maybe not a really small one cuz it would have to pull a bit of vacuum. And yes, to use this in place of an air pump there would have to be a pump in each reservoir/bed. But that’s what I use anyway. I think it would still work with ebb and flo cuz the water is still getting oxygenated in the reservoir. Maybe would have to be a circulation pump on top of the delivery pump but maybe not. I’ve never done kratky. Obviously it works but kinda goes against everything I’ve learned to date. If this does get you away from using an air pump.. it’s very beneficial, in any system. I’m just giddy about not having to run an air pump and listen to that thing all the time.

  4. Friendly note, your title 2569 on the site and the download 2568 are off by one number.  Not a huge deal but, figured you might want to know given your thing with numbers.   I know I reference numbers for my favorite shows.

    Keep up the great content

  5. My cheap idea for this. My kids put a larger hole in a above ground swimming pool that Intex makes. I am just going to use a chunk of this to make the beds. I think it is already UV treated and saves me some garbage space for now.

    • Good idea, if you watch CL a lot of times pools are given away for free to anyone who will come take them. I know one guy that turned one big pool into three small ones for big time aquaponics.

      Another source of cheap liners is rejected billboard material.

  6. Despite your voice challenges I thought this show was great and full of valuable business wisdom.   I’m wondering how far from major restaurants and markets would be too far for a business like this.  I know it’s not the same business model, but I see many people at farmers markets that regularly travel from 1-2 hours away to sell.

    I’d like to find someone who is seriously interested in starting a business like the one you described.  I would be willing to help donate/sponsor to offset startup costs and I have some additional connections and resources that might be beneficial.

  7. I planted a small trial of bush beans two days after this episode.  I just harvested my first beans after 5.5 weeks. I am growing them under t5 lights in peatmoss.

    Bean plant

    Just thought I would share.