Episode-2714- A Coming Potential Insurrection — 15 Comments

  1. “Some in our community are starting to toss around the concept of a new “civil war”.  I understand why but I disagree.”

    after this next presidential election whoever is declared the “winner” the other side will never accept it.  there will be a big knock-down drag-out fight (full range of definitions) and that will qualify as a civil war.

  2. “Would your state or a group there of break off and declare sovereignty, can they realistically do so”

    sure.  china would love to support any “sovereign” faction here in the u.s., up to and including parking a dozen army groups in california.  and they can do it.

  3. How long it will last depends on the counterinsurgency movement. You should hold no preconceptions. Antifa is pushing communism. Aided by the CDC lockdowns, idle hands are trouble making hands. Along with the push for mail in voting. (A postal worker already caught dumping ballots?)

    • “fascism is not to be debated, it is to be destroyed.”

      it should be pointed out that this is a lie.  they don’t mean fascism shouldn’t be debated, what they mean is that they themselves shouldn’t be questioned.

  4. I think american conservative university did a podcast that analyzed civil war into a guerilla war and why the left would lose but there are many other factors .. it was an interesting analysis tho

    I found it here:

    All this is yet again the same old frustration that I have seen so many times. It’s like all these people are creating this situation which is dumb but there’s nothing I can do about it and it’s very frustrating but they have sucked me into the middle of it. That sums up the whole covid thing and the other political situations and sometimes feels like the story of my life

    • “there’s nothing I can do about it”

      it’s the dollar.  even if the right starts to win, the left’s owners will simply shut off the banks and credit cards and net connections in any area controlled by the right.

      recently a retired chinese communist party official wrote, “the dollar has us (china) by the throat.”  it has us all by the throat.

  5. the link I posted outlines a guerilla war that is very ugly, right wing guerillas would destroy the electric grids and things of that nature to render cities useless. Not sure how realistic it is but it’s as good as any novel and maybe there could be some of that, don’t know

    What I meant was that I can’t do a lot to change the situation that isn’t either drastic or that only does a little bit or maybe the little bit doesn’t do anything except make me feel like I tried

  6. John stadmiller already has joked about things like assassination plots against people like Soros. Someone said on his show that Soros has 3 body guards and he was like “just 3, oh thanks for the info we need to know these things”. He’s been talking about milita training, how to avoid fed entrapment etc etc

  7. Jack,


    I presently have no hand gun but I just cut two sticks about 18 inches that are light enough to twirl martial arts style yet still have some thickness and you can practice with those too which is a good workout.

    We don’tseem to have crazy antifa stuff around here but if I was in one of those traffic jams and seriously outnumbered I think I would try to run away, but if I couldn’t get away maybe they would injure or kill me but I would definitely have to put up the best fight possible.

    That type of scenario has occurred to me and I have thought about it even though it seems unlikely in many area. Sticks are the simplest weapons, I guess you could keep some rocks or something like that in your car too. I have archery stuff and a 22 but I don’t drive around with it in my car and I am in no way a serious trained person in that regard so I realize well enough that I have weakneses

  8. So I live in 1943 Germany.

    I have a right wing friend that put on his loaded AR and went to the capital to protest with the right on two occasions.

    Whitmer payed as much attention to them as she would the South Park mob screaming “rabble” that they are.

    Then Black Lives Matter and Flint lives matter show up at the capital and Whitmer suddenly has a new perspective.

    I explained to my friend the difference between the right with loaded rifles and the left with rocks and bottles is that the left is actually willing to throw those rocks and bottles.  And that’s why they get listened to.

    He still intends to vote real hard in November ????

  9. Jack, Your analysis is spot on. You considered almost everything. I agree our military WILL fire on our citizens. I agree revolutions many times result in LESS freedom.

    The American Revolution lasted 8 years. Living through one can be terrible.

    Here is a link to a video by a lady who lived through the civil war in Yugoslavia; a warning not to allow the powers that be driving us into such a war.


    • The US military would definitely fire on its own people. They even have drills that soldiers don’t know are drills. An artillery battery will get a call that there is an insurrection at these coordinates 38° 53′ 23.2980” N and 77° 0′ 32.6016” W. and then they go through do all their math to find out how to hit that target. But, the real part of the trail is when they pull the trigger and the guns go click instead of bang. Because they were checking to see who would really pull the trigger

  10. I don’t disagree with almost any of your points, but since we have to be prepared for whatever happens, my question is about how would it change if Trump loses?  i.e. If Trump wins the cities will be the match to start the fire, but if Trump loses and possibly if he doesn’t accept the results (even more unlikely), where would the sparks fly first and where would it spread next?