Episode-1690- Gary Collins on Primal and Off Grid Living — 24 Comments

  1. For the record, my autistic son got no vaccinations. My other son who missed the diagnosis by one “check” only got the HepB at birth because the doctor said too bad, he already got it.

    Love your show!

  2. Hi Gary, Great info, I am builder and designer Just curious what specialty building materials did you use for your house? I also am planing to build A tiny home More of a park model that I can move if I want something that can be put on a flat bed trailer I Agree that many of the tiny homes aren’t really practical to many design & enginerring compromises.

    • If I were a betting man, I would bet SIP panel. Really cool, but have no idea how you would repair if ya had a leak that damaged one.

      Hope Gary pursues action against that a$$hole, with some bad publicity to boot.

      • I Checked his web site , he used a cinderblock type insulated concrete forms ICF. I have used a few diferrent SIPS they all have there pros & cons.Leaking really would not be to much of a factor since the insulation is solid, if the OSB was damaged, With some finesse a new piece could be spiced in.Since I don’t use OSB to build with any more SIPS are off my list of building structures. All tho there is a company in Georgia that makes a metal SIP looks like a great system but shipping to Montana puts them out of my budget for now. Thanks for the reply

        • They look like faswall blocks.

          Not a fan of the SIPs due to the formaldehyde in the OSB. You can get them with plywood sheathing but that puts them in the uber costly range.

    • Hey Amara,

      The specialty product I used is a recycled brick product made with 85% recycled wood chips and 15% concrete called Faswall. It is a great product because it is fireproof and has great insulation values. I have nothing against the product just the crappy builder who used haha. It is not complicated to install, but I just didn’t have the experience in the product. You can order it by contacting them at it ships form Oregon.

      I agree it is better to just be able to pick it up put it on a flat bed and move it, then to tow top heavy beast on wheels, or pay someone to move it for you. For me the tiny home on a moving chassis just doesn’t make sense, there are so many other options that are much cheaper. If you ever get it built make sure to send me a photo I would love to check it out.

  3. I worked for a finish carpentry contractor for about a year and the biggest problem in the construction business (especially home construction) is lack of accountability.

    First, honest sub’s usually doesn’t stay in the business to0 long, they are tired of competing against low ball bids from other sub’s from for both builders and homeowners projects. Many of the talented guys found out they could make better money and had steadier work in a different profession.

    Second, many sub’s don’t always get paid by builders, builders are notorious for screwing over sub’s add the end of the project, don’t know how they get it away it. Can’t believe some builders don’t come up missing if ya know what I mean.

    I think with the internet, I believe reputable contractors could set up a group website promoting their ethical business practice and the pitfalls and headaches of substandard sub’s. Only those that have ethics and act responsibility would be permitted to be part of that group and would help keep the good guys in the business.

    I acted as my own general contractor about 20 years ago, what a PIA, those sub’s would be lying to ya with the first sentence out of their mouth. Don’t know if I would ever do that again. Builders have a little more leverage on their subs to be more punctual and a better finished result if they wanted to do work for them in the future.

    • I Feel For you ,I have been in the Design And construction biz for many years! the story’s I could tell LoL.Been On both sides of the mystery of building There are many factors to building which few understand. As a Female in the field with experience in all aspects of building. I know when a Sub Or Contractor is not qualified or is feeding me B S or the bid is crazy high or low.One of the advantages I use sometimes is to Act dumb, If a sub thinks I don,t know anything about building They show there cards really Quick. *;*

  4. Stimulating & Important dietary discussion. Agree quality of life & health originates in finding diet which compliments our individual body & mind constitution, including primal evolution & specific local environment considerations, as well as taking our own personal opportunities to work toward and provide the means to ensure our consumption of such. Great that you strive to make it less complicated and more re-memorable to folks. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Gerri,

      Thanks for the kind words. It really shouldn’t be that complicated, but when you throw in big money and business, no one gets rich if you are healthy 🙂 I pride myself on making it as straight-forward as I can, I know for me simple is always better.

  5. Jack:
    I enjoyed your conversation with Gary and I empathize with your contractor issues. I’m not the guy to rip off, so my hackles stood up with the stories you guys shared. I’ve made contractors turn white when confronted with their bullshit.

    I would caution you about posting a beware of dog sign, since by doing so, you acknowledge you harbor a dangerous dog and makes litigation related to any incident more difficult. If your dog is anything like mine, they’ll announce their presence and intention to even the most stupid meth head.

    • No my dogs don’t always announce, sometimes they are in back and a dumb fuck is already in the yard before they respond. And your assertion about law shows that while your knowledge of contractors might be keen your knowledge of the law is not.

  6. Gary, I used Faswall for the bottom floor of our house and found it easy to work with . We used commercial blocks that were 10′ L x 30″ H x 10″ thick so some were cut in half to stack them. I like them as an ICF because you plaster and stucco directly on them. I ran rebar in all the vertical cavities instead of every other one so it is definitely over-kill. I too am off-grid so it would be nice to hear about your system component selection and sizing next time you’re on with Jack.
    Thanks, Philip

    • Hey Philip,

      I like the way you did it better, but it would have been a lot more work and money doing it as a two story structure. What did you do for your interior walls? I’m thinking of doing drywall, but not sure yet. Plaster is more money and a heck of a lot more work, so torn on that idea. What state are you in?

  7. I didn’t hear any sense of which vaccinations are good or which are better etc .. It seems like smallpox vaccinations may be effective if there is smallpox, other than that I am not sure and I feel like the medical community is hard to trust.

  8. Hi Gary,
    I used plaster over the interior walls of the Faswall and drywalled partition walls. I used two coats of Stuctolight base coat with cement pigment added for color . I wanted a slightly undulating surface like traditional adobe. We live due east of you in N. Idaho. 20 years offgrid and loving it.

    • I Would bet your Remodel is taking so long Because! Your contractor has more than one job they are working, subs are not showing up when scheduled,Materials are on order,and some days they don’t show up to the job.And if they are subing almost every aspect of the remodel out, then that compounds the timeline. Because subs are usually working a few jobs at time.So to schedule The flooring, cabinets,counters,electrician,plumber,sheetrock,Tape & texture. Well You get the idea.Not knowing the size of your remodel. I would say three weeks to remodel a kitchen was a stretch, Even if all the materials where on site before they started. I Am sure you are frustrated, Hopefully they are doing a good job And not billing you more than the contract states, And if they do. You can tell them that ” Poor Plaining on there Part Does not Constitute Payment on Yours” Have a great Christmas No matter when the kitchen gets done.*;* Amara

  9. What a great discussion. I can now with great certainty recommend living on an Island. OK, sounds silly. Reality is, you don’t survive long on an island if you screw with people. I like to work with these guys and I promote them with everyone if they did well. Most of the contractor’s now know that I represent future potential business. You are right though, if someone starts messing with you, shut them down early and take your lumps. Thanks Jack.