Episode-1563- Gary Collins on Primal Living and Off Grid BOLs — 11 Comments

  1. Wait… how exactly is Gary coming to the conclusion that a tiny house is ‘way crappier’ than a travel trailer?

    I’ve spent enough time in a travel trailer to know full well that the layouts they employ are typically far inferior to those of a well-done tiny house.

    That being said… the wheeled tiny houses really aren’t my thing anyway. Travel trailer’s are way more convenient for nomadic living. Where the Tiny House concept really shines [IMHO] is when they’re owner-built in-place.

    • He means for the money spent per square foot and on that I totally 1000000% agree.

      Frankly a stationary tiny house makes sense, a tiny house compound makes sense. Most of the tiny houses on wheels are terrible investments.


  2. Regarding religion in the history segments, my goal is to be objective. Where I have a conflict of interest I mention them in the history segment.

    One thing I’ve mention in my bio is that I am an Orthodox Jew but my mother is Catholic. I love my mother. I’m fine with her being Catholic. I’m fine with Catholics in general.

    One of my mentors in my religious studies was the Reverend Dr. Don Gard, a Presbyterian minister and professor. He and Dr. Ben Hubbard (Jewish) and others guided my studies. When Don passed away I cried. He was a giant of a man in stature and character.

    FYI, every single religion in history has done something embarrassing to modern day members of that religion. Pointing out some ancient misstep (or even recent misstep) is only a criticism if your religion hasn’t done anything about it in all the years since.

    Certain religions are natural targets for criticism. Judaism is certainly one, also Catholicism, and soon to come… the Mormons. The history of Protestant religions are filled with ugly episodes (like the Calvinists/Huguenots in the 1560s) and if you think that Buddhism is exempt, think again. There is a very good reason that China worries about the Dali Lama. Maybe it’s old news and there is no reason to worry any more, but people still worry.

    Of course Islam is a worry for folks. My experience with the followers of Islam has been generally good in the USA. I worked for a Sunni Muslim for several years. He remains an active member of the Muslim community and in my mind he is the very model for that religion. Outside the USA the problems are obvious and dramatic.

    Some things in the various religions really torque me off. If I cannot rise above it, I’ll say so.

    Alex Shrugged

  3. Heard from Louisiana Survivor that I was mentioned in the podcast hah.

    Jack you quoted me exactly right. It’s head scratching as hell often I hear about people who live out west or in trendy areas bash people from the south. People from the south are a lot hardier and significantly more attached to the land. I’m not calling them sustainability people or necessarily the most “eco-friendly” but they sure as hell provide food for themselves, have deep pantries, and like being outside.

    I thought of the san diego thing as I was sitting back taking in the amazing view and just noticing just how dead san diego is. A deserty coast area that has concrete on top of concrete stacked onto it.

    • Hey Mike,

      I’m with you, as I mentioned the weather is about as perfect as it gets in San Diego, but beyond that for a guy like me just nothing to offer. Believe it or not, there are actually some decent outdoor things to do here, but that means far more people at these places, than I would like to deal with.

      With the new travel trailer, I plan to do some more traveling across the country and seeing a little bit of everything. I’ve driven across the country three times, and have always wanted to take my time and do it right. Hopefully I will be able to do it soon.

  4. I finally got through listening to this episode, today. So many interruptions at work…

    I met Gary at Jack’s last workshop in November. He is an amazing human being. He’s truly a joy to converse with; it’s like talking to a long lost best friend.

    It was truly refreshing to talk to someone so dedicated to health and well being in others. I have been interested in alt medicine, herbalism, supplementation and the like for years. Gary has some pretty deep and amazing knowledge and it was a pleasure to learn from him.

    Best of luck to you in your homestead endeavors, Gary!


    • Hey KC,

      It was great meeting, and chatting with you at Jack’s. What a great community and group of people, I felt the same way. I met people for the first time, and it was like we had known each other all of our lives, Jack and the people who follow him.

      Thanks for the kind words and glad I could continue to inspire your long time interest in health.

      My journey is in full swing, and now have all my belongings that fit in a small moving trailer. There is no turning back now… on I go 🙂


  5. Well, I wish I never met Gary. I’m still mad at him for saying green beans aren’t paleo.

    • Gary and I sort of disagree on that. I say if the bean part isn’t developed it is. Pick them young and you are eating a green pod, not a legume.

    • Also remember I’m more on the Primal side, so if it is something you enjoy eating, go ahead every once in a while… it will not kill you 🙂 And I agree with Jack eating a juvenile green bean is different than a mature one, as they contain far less anti-nutrients. Same goes for soy beans, but that is a little more controversial, and definitely not on the Paleo Diet list.