The Collapse in Front of Our Eyes – Epi-3335 — 13 Comments

  1. Type 2 Diabetes. I’m not exactly sure which vaccines but a certain number of them going back to the beginning of this type 2 diabetes Problem. If you read the paperwork on any medicine you take beforehand or fake ass medicine, they call vaccines you will find that certain medications say may cause pancreas to stop working. They do not tell you that it will start back working within 2 weeks. Only if you do not start pumping insulin into the body. Also, if you already have type 2 or 1 diabetes there are a myriad of so-called super foods that will heal your body as long as you back off the carbs a bit.[( Milk thistle extract. Green tea extract. There’s some type of Berry extract. Burbarin extract.)] These will cause your liver, pancreas, kidneys and no telling what else to operate better. And you should also get some things in your diet that will cause you to have better blood circulation for over all health. You can eat Cayenne peppers or take them by a capsule. Take a tiny bit of aspirin each day or make some tea from the weeping Willow tree (aspirn). I may be wrong about which tree that is. Also, my spelling about different things is possibly wrong. I’m trying to hurry up and do this so that I can get back to work. Do research. Eat something closer to a keto form of diet even if you still eat more carbs than keto allows. In this order, eat some veggies first, raw is best. Then eat fat, Protein. Eat your carbs in the evening or late afternoon after having eaten everything else first in that order. I may be a bit off about the order of eating but you can find this small blond headed woman on different podcast talking about this. Don’t remember her name. But for certain she said if you eat raw vegetables first thing in the morning and eat your vegetables first when you eat your meal that this causes a coating on your intestines to keep you from reabsorbing carbs as much. Love what you do Jack. Wish I could pause time and go back and study all 3330 ish episodes of your podcast. All while taking organized notes and doing the things I learn from you. Then unpause.

    • You are confusing Type 1 and Type2 diabetes. T1D can be the result of a vaccine injury. It’s an autoimmune response meaning the body attacks itself. If you stimulate an immune response, there is no telling the outcome. T2D is 100% a condition of being over fed and under active. It can be reversed in a relatively short period of time with proper diet and a lifestyle change, where T1D is permanent once the body kills the organ. You were on the right track.

  2. Small community building is the answer to many of our problems. This has been part of my bigger vision for at least 15 to 20 years, maybe longer. My finances are nowhere near where they need to be to do so. Hopefully, I will meet some other people who have the same type of vision and some capital / provision willing to work with. I want to be around 30 to 45 minute drive from Springfield Missouri. Missouri ozarks. I am certain that there are a large Number of people who have this type of dream or vision for community. There are several Who are already doing so. Bear Independent They live in Oklahoma and Joe Fox who lives in the ozarks. There are more, these are only 2 examples.
    This About something else you said. Even if someone subscribes to a 6,000 year old Earth model, we have been eating Ruminate animals for this whole time, basically. At least since 4,500 or 5,000 years ago. Thanks again for what you do, Jack. Changing lives every day.

  3. Funny, you talking about inflation not being well understood or recognized by most people. Five years ago my barber charged $10. Last month it was $18. About 16% average per year over five years or about 80% total. (and at an accelerating rate thru the five years)

    I made a casual remark to my barber when paying about inflation. He said “That’s life”. “Prices go up, it’s always been that way – “

  4. Reading the preview and skipping ahead to the developing new communities section. If I weren’t so attached to my paid for suburban house and little small third ring suburb community. I also like my state in the upper Great Lakes which is not temperate… it’s cold. Taxes are high.

  5. Jack, what time do you live stream? Is it a set time? Sorry I am not up to speed on this.

    • Most days about noon, you can always find out the next upcoming stream at assuming I have updated it, Mondays I generally don’t get it updated till about 10am, if you get on telegram I announce them every day a couple hours before I go live.

      Most days are 12 CST but that is based on work load, today will likely be 1300. Still digging out of the weekend emails right now.

  6. “I can’t, because” is the most limiting and disastrous approach to what needs to be done in order to succeed.

    Because my family is here. Because my great job is here. Because I can’t sell my house. Because my wife won’t leave. Because my kids have friends here. Because all our friends are here. Because, because, because.

    Can you educate your loved ones? Can you do something each day to make your life better?

    If you don’t get out of the cities now, it will be so much harder later.

  7. Hi Jack, I cannot find the contact/email Jack area on the website right now. Have been away too long. Would I buy into Jackistan? Well heck yes. However, I have never been to Texas. I kind of love my Wisconsin. But I would probably buy in just to you know.. invest? Would people get mad at me for buying and holding a piece of Jackistan? Jack the real estate developer — I like it. I would also like to own a gas station near Jackistan and — is this going to be like the Villages, can I bring a golf cart? LOL. Have fun and very best wishes for all your ventures. Could I build a vacation home in Jackistan? A timeshare? LOL. Mostly kidding. Could I be a landlord or lender for some young ‘uns? Mostly kidding.

  8. I work as an estimator for one of the largest electrical contractors in San Antonio, and we’ve had to start being very selective with the work we pursue because we don’t have the man power to do all of the work we’re being asked to do. I’ve talked to other Project Managers and Estimators at other electrical shops, and they’re all in the same boat. There is truly a labor shortage in the trades. An electrician getting into the trades in San Antonio (cost of living is 85% of the national average) can start with no experience making $32K a year, plus $10k paid health insurance, plus 8% pension, 5% 401k, for a total package of $46K. That’s good money for a kid fresh out of highschool. Five years later, he’ll be 23, with a total package of $85K, $66K of which is money straight in his pocket. That’s working 40 hrs a week. Add some overtime, and it’s easily in the six figures. The trades have been very good to me.

  9. If you haven’t read “The Fourth Turning” yet, you might find it interesting. I know I did.