Tuesday Coffee Chat with John & Nicole – Epi-3502 — 2 Comments

  1. mostly never listen to free form group podcast as the hosts are always laughing and enjoying inside jokes as well as wandering far off topic. listened to Tuesday coffee chat 3502 on my walk this morning. was pleasantly surprised! Great topics discussed like adults. learned things< so a win all around. got home and signed up again. was a member many years ago…then life happened. but still listened as often as i could. just retired and am working full time on making my little 1\2 acre plot of land produce for me. looking forward to much help from you and your guests.
    Thanks for all you do.

  2. In regards to your discussion on vacuum pump oil changes.
    I am a heavy user of vacuum pumps in my trade for dehydration of refrigeration systems.

    The longevity of your vacuum pump would be best served by using fresh oil each change.

    I am not sure what level vacuum you are working in but if you are in the dehydration range, your oil is absorbing moisture, and no amount of filtering is going to remove it.
    You should also know that the vacuum pump oil is dehydrated when sealed in the bottles it’s sold in. I mentioned that because the oil will start to absorb moisture as soon as you open it. (it is very hydroscopic). Recommend buying it in quart or pint containers.
    PS the black gold brand you mentioned is top-tier oil. I use it by myself.

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