The Clowns in Charge Can’t Fix Anything – Epi-3336 — 2 Comments

  1. What could go wrong? Wow. This is scary and fascinating at the same time.
    Also — sats for walking? Sign me up. Very good info. I am trying to talk my spouse into BTC. Bought some a while back and have mostly forgotten about it. I need to refresh my knowledge and make sure I still know how to access and use. It’s not quite like shoving a coin in the safe.. or is it?

  2. Your slow. The transmitted energy thought the atmosphere at the levels needed to power anything close to significant. Will cause clouds to cook off ( even if the the frequency used is not optimum to heat water). Causing artificial droughts. Odd how the rich are buying water rights. They would never use their water rights to leverage mass profits and control during an artificial global drought ( sarcasm). Who knows what will happen to plants. Either way the potential droughts from this might cause irreparable damage to all ecosystems.