It’s a Clown World So Let’s Have a Laugh – Epi-3167 — 6 Comments

  1. Charles has a colon disease, therefore he wears adult diapers for long public ceremonies. A few years back he had a few embarrassing accidents in public ceremonies. Probably the only thing that makes him human !

  2. I eat grass fed meat, but I understand where vegans are coming from.
    They have a higher level of empathy & sympathy for animal than most people.
    Empathy exists in a population on a bell curve statistical distribution.
    Most people have a moderate level, then there are a smaller number of people who either have no empathy or have a lot of empathy.

  3. Or maybe it is a case of the Emperor has no clothes 🙂

    Maybe poor charles can not afford to buy new pants, so he modified & repaired an old pair from his father.

    Or maybe it was a specially designed safety pants specifically designed for his brother Prince Andrew to wear when Andrew is walking near girls schools, then Charles borrowed the pants from Andrew 🙂

  4. Been a while, but many errors in this episode so had to list them.

    Some petty, such as:
    Kurt Vonnegut, not Vonnergut.
    Exacerbated, not exasperated

    1 lb of white bread has 227g carbohydrates, while 1lb sugar has 453g. You probably meant to say they produce equal alcohol from equal calories.

    According to Google, 100% of Tesla lithium ion dead batteries are recycled. Though, not sure what will eventually happen to Lithium iron they currently use.
    However, since around 80% of battery life still left after 500k miles, they are good for more than 10yrs.

    As for electric (battery) cars being worse for the environment, and solar panels being worse than oil for power production; you have to look at more than just the worst part of solar (heavy metal mining), and more than worse part of e cars (battery production and recycling). I think Brian Dunning on Skeptoid Podcast did a deep dive.

    As for CA not wanting people to charge e cars at peak times, it is easy to program charger to charge in middle of night.

    Back around to pine trees in a pine forest having same root mass as above ground mass, this is almost certainly false. I will change my mind w evidence, but since I live in a pine forest and run a small mill, I deal w trees. Pine trees (like most trees) have a small root system compared to trunk. Again, this is anecdotal, but never seen anything close to equivalence in adult hard or softwood.

    Moving on to CO2. The problem (and you cannot not know this), is that we are making CO2 from sequestered carbon (fossil fuels). So, the carbon cycle is disturbed and earth not currently able to absorb CO2 as fast as we are creating it.
    Though I do agree that the solution is to improve the soil to hold more carbon.