Episode-2832- The Actual Climate Change You Should be Concerned About — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Jack – Just read the topic on your latest episode regarding “climate change”, ie the re-categorized global warming, and can’t wait to listen. There is a person who is heavily involved with this issue by the name of Alex Epstein. He has his own website, and a podcast. His issue is speaking out against the anti-fossil fuel bias that has existed for some time. You may have heard of him and perhaps read his book, The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels.
    He would be a great guest to have on your podcast to discuss the topics of global warming, why fossil fuels are essential to human flourishing, and other related topics.

  2. Thank You!!! Today’s show was 1000% awesome!!! I listen/watch those 3 guys about the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum … I’m in BC — heard about you through Curtis Stone. Unloose The Goose Gang, The Greater Reset, Verge Permaculture, Canadian Permaculture Legacy, Earthbag YT channels, Bushcrafting channels, Off Grid channels, Truther channels (including Richard Grove & Corbett Report), Intentional communities channels, etc etc etc My all time favorite is Geoff Lawton … I appreciate all those videos you’ve been sharing 🙂 They are so informative.

  3. Hi I’m a new listener but have been following IceAge Farmer and Adapt 2030 for awhile. I’m trying to learn as much as I can about permaculture and hopefully can move my family onto a few acres of land this spring. Thanks for all your practical info. Glad you about speaking out about the real climate change. You have a big following so hopefully the message gets to more people. I agree with everything you’re saying in this podcast, but disagree a little in saying that humans actually cause any real climate change. We most definitely affect the environment and ecosystems in very negative ways, but to say we truly have a direct affect on the climate, not sure about that. But anyway, great podcast. Also check out Diamond from the Oppenheimer Ranch Project and Magnetic Reversal News, knowledgeable guy on this topic

  4. I will remember this and teach it to my children. Thank you for another fantastic and informative presentation.