Episode-995- Jackie Clay of Backwoods Home Magazine on Off Grid Homesteading — 27 Comments

    • One wonders why anyone, including Jackie, would bother spending the time talking to this jackass, who denies global warming (while he struggles in his own life with the consequences of it) and spouts libertarian hogwash left and right.

      • @James, sir you are fool and James is not your name, I shall simply call you coward as I know exactly who you are but if you are to fearful to stand up in public I shall not do you the disservice of telling others.

        First if you knew anything about Backwoods Home you would know that they are a bastion of libertarian ideals, the entire publication is dedicated to the libertarian lifestyle.

        Second tune in tomorrow when you see who the guest is and see how well we get along about the climate change issue (which we don’t fully agree about) you will want to poke your eardrums out with an awl, if you do please record it and post it to YouTube.

        Third I had no real reason to approve this comment as it has NOTHING to do with this episode, however I know this will torment you and that makes me happy.

        People like you will never convince anyone of anything. Your bullshit attitude and need to cowardly stalk people you disagree with from the cowardly screen of anonymity is laughable.

        • I shall certainly listen, Tubby. I’ve tried to help you for several years now, tried to help you overcome this stark irony (the survivalist who steadfastly refuses to see the greatest threat to human survival for purely doctrinaire reasons). In the end, I’ve become abusive, because you just won’t read the evidence — ON BOTH SIDES — and come to a reasoned decision. (No, please don’t now claim you’ve read all the evidence on both side … we both know you haven’t).

        • I have read enough coward, you are a coward, you hide like a little bitch and you haven’t helped anyone. You are stupid enough to believe bouncing through a European proxy hides your identity (yesterday) or a common spammer proxy in the US (today). You are an idiot and presume that only if someone agrees with you are the right. You are an arrogant little cowardly bitch, stand up and be known coward or begone. I am done playing with you for the moment coward and will again not allow your off topic comments though.

          You want to be treated like a man, act like one and stop being a petty little cowardly bitch. We both know you won’t.

          You also behave exactly like all socialists, if you are not agreed with an appeased you result to abuse and call it help.

  1. Much respect for Jackie Clay.

    I have been following her in Backwoods Home magazine for 10+ years now. My 8 year old daughter reads “Ask Jackie” all the time. I am looking forward to hearing this segment.

    I hope to meet her in person someday, shake her hand, and tell her “Thanks for all you do”, but until then this post will have to do.

    Thank you Jackie.

  2. Jackie is the Best. I have both books mentioned as well as other Back Woods Home books featuring Jackie. I also frequent her blog and I subscribe to Back Woods Home magazine. Guess what section I read first! 🙂
    She and Will are an awesome couple and an inspiration to us all.

  3. Awesome interview! Thanks so much Jack! I love Jackie Clay as she helped make me fearless when it came to canning my own soups and meals. I have both her canning book and pantry book and they are priceless in our home. So nice to have her for an interview – you rock (like always) Jack!

  4. Jack this was great! Thanks for getting Jackie as a guest. I love reading her articles in BHM and always thought she would be an interesting person to have a conversation with.

    I just ordered a copy of her book and encourage everyone to do the same. When you place an order they ask you what brought you to their site. Be sure to mention that it was TSP. If they get enough business from TSP listeners maybe we can get some more interviews from BHM contributors.

    How cool would it be to have Massad Ayoob talk firearms on TSP…

  5. Enjoyed hearing Jackie. I subscribe to Backwoods Home Magazine, and it was nice to hear her. Also enjoyed hearing about the kind of system she uses in living off-grid – her solar power system and generator. Thanks for the show!

  6. Jack, I was so looking forward to this interview as I’m a big fan of Jackie’s columns in BHM, and it left me disappointed… that you were still fighting your throat bug and the show was less than an hour. I mean, it only took up a little more than 1/2 of my morning commute! Get better soon and please have Jackie back on again for a longer chat when everything’s cleared up!

    In all seriousness, thanks for having her on and hopefully you’ll be able to link up again for another show.

  7. Jackie- is so awesome. I love reading all her articles and subscribe to her email blog and read it everytime.

    Jack- try to make it a point to have her back again and again.


  8. I loved the comments on canning meat. So much better than trying to keep the freezer running after a power outage! 🙂

  9. @”James”:
    Although I agree we are destroying the planet and toxifying it at every possible turn, I am far more concerned about water quality, air quality, fracking, nuclear byproducts, and our dwindling resources(certainly not limited to just oil), than the science myth of global warming.

    For me personally, I would almost like global warming to be a reality. Really I would. That would help push the ideas of sustainability and ‘green living’ (both, of which, I am a very big fan of) to the scared masses. Maybe it would force people away from their over consumptive lifestyles and get them more in tune with the natural world that humankind has forgotten. It may also help to trim back some of these laws and regulations preventing ACTUAL green building. Unfortunately Global Warming is pseudo science and I simply can not get on board, even for my own agenda. If only science had the same morals…

    Let me tell you a story which is, really, almost comical. There was a group of scientists asked to ‘prove’ global warming’s existence in the 1980’s with empirical evidence and fuzzy math. All have since admitted global warming is a fiction but the general public, scare tactic reporters, forum trolls, and Al Gore simply won’t let the concept go. Since they admitted to global warming being fabricated, other groups have coined the term ‘climate change'(which is usually how you hear it anymore) to continue to push the government’s agenda for more tax revenue.(Carbon tax: Look to Australia or B.C. Canada to see how the largest polluters are being rewarded with this new carbon tax system)

    My dad still has National Geographic magazines from the mid-70’s and all they talk about is global cooling, the coming ice age, our soon to be frozen planet and what you can do to stop global cooling. This was, of course, also humanity’s fault, much akin to the spurious global warming claim of today. Another small group of scientists hired to prove humanity was causing this cooling trend that was happening in the 60’s and 70’s. Again with empirical evidence and fuzzy math. They take their data set from a very narrow band of global temp averages that best help them prove warming or cooling or whatever it is their independent lab has been hired to prove or disprove.

    Am I saying that its fine and a great excuse for industry to dump toxic crap all over the planet? Or pump our air full of chemicals and carcinogens? Or use nuclear power/devices? Or not worry about fossil fuels? Or continue our unsustainable petrol-chemical farming techniques? No, of course not. We are nearing an energy, food, water, and material crisis like the world has never seen but it has NOTHING to do with global warming. ZERO. We need to all be living more sustainably, minimize usage, and come up with individual solutions for energy and fuels to avoid catastrophe. We also must pull our heads out of our as**s and realize when we are being lied to, instead of acting like children looking to authority and government for false answers and pseudo solutions.

    The human population absolutely DOES contribute to carbon emissions, I would not be foolish enough to deny that. But ONE volcanic eruption dwarfs the human race’s all time carbon dioxide output < 30 times over. Also the 'global warming experts' fail to take something else into account: Plants. Never entered into their equation, but plants are here and they are our friends. Plants can absorb 5 times more CO2 than what is CURRENTLY available in the atmosphere. What does that mean? That means that we could output 5 times more CO2 (not just humans, but the earth as a whole) and the actual CO2 levels in the atmosphere would stay precisely the same. Thanks to the awesomeness of plants. Don't believe me? Then why do green house vegetable growers enrich the atmosphere of their greenhouses with CO2 supplementation? Probably because CO2 is a quintessential part of the photosynthetic equation and growers can increase their yields by 30% since there is simply not enough CO2 in the atmosphere for the carbon hungry plants.

    Did you know that CO2 is not even the most prevalent 'green house gas'? You know what is? Water Vapor. It causes 'lensing' and holds heat in far more effectively than CO2. There is, also, over twice as much water vapor in the atmosphere as CO2. I guess it is high time to outlaw water by your standards. While you are working on picking up your new cause, try also picking up a few books on biology.

    I can guarantee you one thing: With 5 ice ages occurring at 10,000 year intervals(according to the ice core record) coupled with the fact that we have had about 10,000 years of VERY stable climate, we WILL be seeing changes VERY soon. But certainly not because of CO2. …..Learn to swim…..

    Hey buddy, sorry about all that. ^^^
    Been listening to your show for about a year now. Keep up the good work and don't let the trolls get to ya. Just wanted to say I love Jackie Clay and have had a subscription to Backwoods Home Magazine for years. Awesome show today. Can we get Jackie back on again sometime?


  10. This was a great interview. I’ve never read backwoods home, but I’m going to pick up a few copies now.

    I loved hearing about Jackie growing up in Detroit, I grew up / live right on the outskirts of the metro area, right where the suburbs end and the horse farms begin. Her description of growing up, going up north for weekend camping / hunting / fishing trips completely parrallels the way me and all my friends grew up. There’s a very strong culture of enjoying the outdoors here in the mitten.

    I do have to say that I have been keeping an eye out for front yard gardens, as that and pigs now seem to be what we’re infamous for, and I have seen more front yard vegtable gardens this year then ever before.

  11. It was cool to hear Jackie’s voice. I have been reading her articles for a long time and she finally “goaded me” into canning my cucs last year for the first time. My Grandma had taught me long ago, but I never did it on my own. I really enjoyed her discussion of the formation of their new homestead (your questions were excellent by the way, it really helped her share in a unique way). She’s written some about it, but hearing her narrate it story-form was really cool. It would make a neat episode or two to have others tell the story of how they started their own homesteads. You have done it in bits and pieces, and I am really inspired by it, but its never the whole story. I am still looking for my land in Leon County Texas. And the stories of others inspires me to keep going until that great day comes. In the mean time, I will sit by my iPod and dream through the stories of others!

  12. We always skip ahead to the “ask Jackie” section first when our Backwoods Home Magazines arrive.

  13. Jackie is a legend and it was awesome to hear her! Regarding canning pumpkins – you can always freeze the puree. We have been processing and freezing for several years now with great results. Also, have grown Long Island Cheese pumpkins for 3 years now and the puree is excellent in baked goods and pies.

  14. Hello
    I’ve recently been listening to your podcast. Thank you for your efforts and info. It sounds like you are moving to Texas or have recently moved to Texas. You’ve mentioned homesteading in Texas several times, episode 995. Can you suggest areas in Texas you cisider choice for homesteading? I live south of dfw about 80 miles and I am considering making a land purchase in a rural area and would greatly appreciate any info you have learned on area to homestead in Texas. Norh east Texas seems like a suitable area off the top of my head.

    Thanks again.