Citizens Assisting Citizens to Go Live in 2014 — 11 Comments

  1. It’s too bad this can’t be recognized as being part of the TSP community. “Citizens Assisting Citizens” sounds like it could be a local carpool group, or a volunteer group that checks on housebound old ladies. It’s nondescript.

    I’m sure the group will do good work, and I applaud that, but it’s just a little disappointing to me that TSP (or Jack) gets no credit. Maybe that bothers nobody but me, and that’s fine, but as a long time member of TSP, I just wanted to say my peace.

    • You know what man, seriously? There is a damn good reason that CAC is completely legally separated from TSP, it was in fact my idea for a variety of reasons. I also didn’t set it up and get a team building it for credit.

      CAC is a 501 non profit, TSP is a for profit.

      TSP is run by a maniac that taunts the government and snaps his gasket often. CAC will have to work with government at most disasters.

      TSP could be sued and if connected to CAC, well, and vise versa.

      TSP is my personal income source, CAC will in time possibly take in very large amounts of relief funds. The two must not be co mingled or even have the vaguest impression of commingling.

      The list goes on.

    • Jack is right and for the reasons he gives. In fact holding the TSP label with this, I was against. You are right tho “Citizens assiting Citizens” …lame but progress and seperate from TSP. I personally would have went for a name like “Prepper Emergency Response Team” or some variance of that. Doomsday preppers the show has done alot to paint us a wack jobs. If people saw the prepper community coming to the aid maybe it would be a more positive spin on us.

      Imagine a show type stand, one you see at carnivals showing up. Cooking you a meal from a mason jar. What impression would that make….?

      Im not against what hes doing but for Jack to put his label on this is wrong. This has all the making of bringing together all prepper groups in all areas.

      Imagine TSP and ZRT and many other groups coming together and telling the goverment…..”No worries we got it, WE prepared.”

      Just a thought

    • Jack

      A PR package maybe to be posted in local media needs/can be prepared for those of us who have skills/time. If we could have this maybe more employers would allow the extra time off just for the PR value. If a company can say “We supported a volunteer to Shiboonganville’s disaster.” That may get more people in and more word spread.


  2. I am a 32yr Navy Combat Corpsman, assigned to the Marines for about 30 of my 32yrs. I am a retired Navy Chief trained in mass casualties, whether it is from combat or natural disasters. I have the knowledge and training that is needed to ” think outside of the box” when it comes to helping in disaster recovery. There is more I can write but need to know what you are looking for.
    I would like to throw my “hat” into the mix to fulfill your needs for leadership.
    Kindest Regards

      • I don’t mean to be thick headed but are you saying that I should apply to the cacvolunteers?
        I do have the free time and meant to volunteer, I am just new to this type of messages.
        Thank you

        • yup. He’s saying that if you want to be involved in CAC, in any way, email them at:

          Jack is not the contact person, or manager/leader of CAC.

          He’s just passing their info along to the community.

        • Thank you for your guidance. I had been with the Marines sooooo long that even the famous ” Jethro Gibbs” from NCIS “HEAD SLAP” would not have been enough…….lol. Sometimes I feel that I need a freight train to “hit” me for me to understand. Honestly I think that being “blown up” 3 times in Iraq has slowed my consciousness. Another way to say that is Forrest Gumps Mama always said “Stupid is as Stupid does”. That was one smart women….lol.
          Again, thank you for your patience and guidance.
          Kindest Regards

  3. Wonder how long this will take: we are waiting to hear back from the IRS about our non-profit status.

    This program sounds great!

    • It’s been a little over a year so far. Our lawyer who is very familiar with ” C-3’s” says the IRS is very backlogged and won’t hazard a guess.