Episode-2001- Carlos Villamar on Aquaponics and the Chinese Solar Greenhouse — 10 Comments

  1. At 39:50, he’s referring to dual root zone planting. So far it works well for me.
    Pot will eventually be legal in all 50 states…get ready Texas!

  2. I have to thank Carlos for bringing me to TSP! I heard him interviewed on Visionary Aquaponics podcast which went quiet sometime after he was on thus found TSP looking for Aquaponics podcast. Subscribe to his OU812 YouTube channel and watch the vids on his oyster mushroom trials. Thanx to Carlos and to Jack! Get Shit Done!!

  3. I’m not really into legal matters, but I really did enjoy the discussion on patent law, especially as it branched out into the future of technology and DAO’s, etc.

  4. Can’t wait to listen to this, as it’s pretty much EXACTLY the kind of system I’m going to do on the south wall of my house (after we get some significant renovations done this summer).

  5. Man I was in lower Manhattan on Sept 11th and it was a scary day and a “good” reason why people would want the government to put more of their boot on our necks. Not a conspiracy theorist but controlled demo was in my mind when I saw the 2nd tower fall and when building 7 came down. Seeing it person makes it sooo much more feasible.
    Just another reason I wanted to get out of the city and start a new life which I did with the help from this community 🙂

  6. I discovered Carlos on Visionary Aquaponics podcast and started following his YouTube channel OU812. VA did some great interviews with movers and shakers of aquaponics. When the host halted the show I had the podcast bug (8-9hrs a day) and searched for and found TSP. I suggest listening to Carlos’ interview in Visionary Aquaponics podcast it made me think.

  7. Jack,
    Before you buy a shelter for your boat check these out I don’t know anything about this company in particular, I just wanted you to know that this product existed. I’ve got a set of these brackets that will let me put up a temporary or semi permanent roof at any height up to 10′ at any size up to 20’X20′. More brackets and EMT from Lowes or Home Depot and the length can be expanded indefinitely. We used these in the pits while SCCA auto racing, APBA boat racing and now for the RO’s at 3Gun matches.

  8. Fun and informative interview.

    Sheet mulching was brought up a couple times throughout. Jack mentioned free cardboard form the big box store.

    A trick I learned years ago, after putting down cardboard and wood chips on our 1/2 plot, was garage door companies. Find your local one and ask if they have a cardboard bin. More than likely they will. The beauty of this is they are BIG GIANT pieces. No breaking down small boxes that take for ever and cover very little square footage. You can really cover some ground with the garage door ones.

  9. Great episode. Very interested in this type of greenhouse, so I did a little poking around on the internet and found these resources:
    Video of a lecture from a guy at University of Minnesota on DWG (Deep Winter Green Houses) he mentions the Chinese. If you want to skip all the Global Warming, peak oil, oil is evil BS, start video at 6:00 minutes.
    Free Plans that go with video

    Enjoy 🙂