Chicks, Ducks and a Goose First Days Out on Pasture — 12 Comments

  1. awesome – we’re testing out our first urban chicks. 1 week in the brooder, so far so good.

  2. Hi Jack,
    Did your chicks come from your own stock? If yes, you must have separated hens and roosters to know the breed of each? Just curious. I really enjoyed the video. Thanks

    • Read the video notes on youtube and yes my own stock. No need to “keep em separated” I only have one rooster with the girls. So that is a known.

  3. awesome jack. so how did you incubate the chicks and geese? i’m interested in getting an incubator but unsure which route to go. still air vs fan and egg turner vs manual turning. thanks for all you do. cb75

    • Duck, Duck, Goose was definitely not before my time but I wonder do kids play that any more?