Episode-2550- A Tuesday Chat with Jack — 9 Comments

  1. I have the Blackstone Pro Series and love it! Can make breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Outside cooking. No stove grease to clean or pans to wash.

  2. What do you want from me, tell me and I will do my best for you

    I want you to go back to school, get a Year 12 certificate with SCIENCE as a subject. Maybe then you’ll stop all the BS with science denial and climate change avoidance.

    • I am sorry that you are retarded. Be well and know that while there is no cure you can still have a meaningful life.

      • “Don’t worry, scro’! There’re plenty of ‘tards out there living really kick-ass lives. My first wife was ‘tarded; She’s a pilot now.”  – Dr. Lexus, “Idiocracy”

        Seriously… setting aside the scientific arguments for or against, I think one of the biggest reasons a certain minority of people embrace the climate change belief system so much is because they want to flaunt moral superiority and talk down to people. It’s pretty much the same mindset as those sanctimonious twits who only went to church so they could feel superior and talk down to people like me who didn’t.

        • Just read this in an article today, sounds like you could have written it yourself.

          “The more I see of the “climate crisis” movement, the more it seems to be a home for people desperately searching for meaning who feel very guilty because they have it so good”

          Full article,

  3. It’s a cool idea to go back through the fundamentals and look at it through the lens of your experience.

    Though you’ve covered thousands of topics from one temporary obsession to the next the content is scattered around 2500 episodes. Even one of your answers on a listener show can be pure gold and relevant for something I’m trying to do.

    What do you think about building a small series of shows out from that “Oh no, everything isn’t awesome” moment when people realize they need to take care of themselves/prep.

    Your remarkable journey has taken you to Arkansas and back, from gardening to aquaponics to hyro, with and without chickens, etc.

    …If I knew then what I know now I would do it differently.

    I realize some things have been covered over and over like food storage, but your strategy for food security is still evolving. If you were to create an audio guide for your suburban Arlington self to develop more resilience and less dependence on systems of support, what would you tell him?

    I think the suburban self-reliance guide seems like a legit target because the concepts can be scaled up/down for most of the population’s circumstances.

    My thought is a concise structured plan that you set up for your Arlington self to cover 30 days of the core food, water, shelter, energy, security, sanitation, healthcare, communication, community and transportation.

    Once someone has that, what is there next step? i.e. growing food, etc. Maybe phase 2 is another concise mini-series later in the year or in 2021 to take people from 30 days to 90 days, then from 90 days to 60 months for phase 3 in 2022.

    I know this sort of content exists, but nothing exists with your cumulative knowledge base behind it. I believe a concise compact series, maybe with all the sponsors at the end, could hook, inform and inspire a new block of people to prep and to become your customer.

  4. Re: “Go West” and opportunities

    This was one of the reasons I wanted to move and try living in a different country, where there’s an abundance of opportunities and cheap cost of living.

    Staying where we were in Denver, it would have been SO much harder for me to leave my job and go full steam into the crypto mining/trading, cartooning, and design projects I’m currently doing. While business opportunities abound here, the biggest opportunity for me here was MORE TIME. It’s great having the time to build skills & knowledge in things that interest me without also working a job that I hated and drained my energy. I didn’t fully appreciate how much my old jobs were taking away from my life until I cut the cord. So nice to be in a situation where I can spend a fraction of the time to support our lifestyle and use the rest to pursue my interests and dreams. For me that’s worth dealing with the cold weather, bad traffic, and language difficulties… 🙂

  5. Jack I would really love to hear an episode where somebody goes through how to get an item into the Amazon system. From A-to-Z where to find every piece of paperwork what apps to be filled out what is required, everything. Not just the top level 30,000 foot overview of yeah it’s possible and the pain and there’s lots of paperwork. The nitty-gritty nuts and bolts how to get it done.