Char-Broil – 25% Off Everything in Their Store — 24 Comments

  1. Decent grill, but made in China. All Char-Broil grills are made in China. I just spoke with their customer service.
    Take a look at a Weber. Many of their grills are made in the USA.

    I Miss America….

  2. They have a three burner model in the infrared line as well that falls between the small and large.

    – Brian

  3. Thanks- I ordered the cast iron grate set and that saved me 17.50! However, my code didn’t initially work because I cut and pasted it. I had left a space at the front, and the code didn’t work. Be sure when you enter the code that there is no space in the front.

    My grill is about two years old, and the infrared plates are starting to break down. Even though they are constructed of stainless steel , I guess the continual exposure of a salty brine of my grilled chicken gets the best of them. I use the grill probably about three times a week. It is much more energy efficient than some of the bigger gas hogs I have purchased in the past.

  4. Absolutely great customer service. I entered web issue. Quick follow up. Dealt with same person (Rose) over the course of the day (4 emails, 3 calls). She was literally giddy on completion of my purchase.

  5. Awesome! Perfect timing as I needed to get new grates for my Char Broil Infrared, was able to upgrade to the cast iron. Thanks.

    • No experience with that item but a couple of the reviews say they work on the 22.5 inch Webers. For the price I may just have to try them out soon. Thanks for the link.

  6. so jack, have you ever had any experience cooking on Char+Broil’s Big Easy infrared oiless turkey fryer?
    it does an awesome job keeping the juices in and cooking fast no need for the mess and danger of oil

    • I have one and LOVE it! Found it on clearance at Lowe’s a while back (it was the display model) for $33! I couldn’t pass that deal up and I’m sure glad I didn’t.

      • that’s way cool… my dad bought me one.. I guess they are about $99 new… they do more than just cooking turkeys… I’ve cooked chickens, steaks, and other stuff… now you can get accessories to hang rib racks, chicken legs, I’ve got the 5-prong shishkabob vertical stand… love it too!

  7. You may also want to try Lowe’s; depending on your sales tax, it might be cheaper using free delivery to store:

    Using the 25% discount above and $12.95 shipping, total would be $65.43. Using Lowe’s price of $29.99 each and (in my case) 7% sales tax with free delivery to my nearest Lowe’s, total is $64.18. Anyways, if anybody sees this after the ‘one day only’ deal from Char-Broil, this option through Lowe’s should still be available.

  8. So as I post above, I ordered from I got a back order notification this morning, apparently I was not alone in ordering! So I called my local Lowe’s and they agreed to sell me the grill for $225. That is cheaper than the $244.00 I was paying on line with shipping. Good stuff.

  9. I have to give three thumbs DOWN on Charlbroil. I had two of them (both were “all stainless”) and both are now corroded, rusted piles of junk.

    One of them I bought; figgered I’d treat myself to a really nice $399 gas grill after doing cheapies for years. After two rebuilds, it died and sat sulking in the corner for years. One was given to me by a friend moving out of town’ at 2 years it’s down to just one functioning burner (out of four) which smokes and sputters.

    Two-and-a-half-years is the life expectancy. One had nice (bronze?) “lifetime guarantee” burners… but I soon got tired of buying all the support parts for those burners which quickly rusted all to powder. Yes, the stainless exteriors are fine; would probably last another 100 yrs or so… but piping, valves, interior support structures, grills, burners…. all have rusted to shit.

    Customer service extremely spotty. One grill part got charged to my card but NEVER delivered.
    Having said all that, I do like the functionality I see on the infrared models… and I may be fool enough to try to get one (for the proverbial $33) but don’t count on them to last.
    Cap’n Dave

    • You will notice I recommended precisely ONE and only ONE model of their grills right.

  10. For anyone in the NW near a Fred Meyer, they are selling the T22D on clearance for about $175.