Episode-443- Change Your Nation By Changing Yourself — 8 Comments

  1. I posted this a while back in a forum thread on Tea Party rallies dealing with references to “God given rights” alienating atheists – we have a few of them in CA ;^)

    Referencing God in discussing natural rights has to be taken in context. Think of it this way:

    – It is impossible to have no religion. The belief that there is no higher power is a religion.
    – The term God doesn’t have to mean the same thing to everybody. Whether you believe a higher power created you or if you believe nature took its course until eventually you arrived, that is your God.

    In that context, you can believe in no higher power and cling to your religion and embrace your God given rights.

  2. Jack, I think this file is incomplete. Am I the only on getting cut-off at the 24 minute mark?

  3. Re: Inbox485

    “In the animal kingdome the rule is, eat or be eaten; in the human kingdom, define or be defined.” T. Szasz

    “Words have meaning” A. Rand

  4. Jack,

    Thank you for such an inspirational episode. Truly one of my favorites. I’m just afraid the “people” won’t wake up until we hit rock bottom. They will listen to every next clowns lies the whole way down in the hope that they will have the solution that will make the pain go away not realizing that it is the politician involvement itself causing the problem. Sad. Keep up the good fight on the channel and we’ll keep it up in our yards. Thank you.

  5. Finally, the NWO episode and well done too! I feel confident with my DIY heirloom seed stash to grow enough food to stuff my face for years and years, and my Bible. I don’t feel the need to fire a single shot at the new world order, they get the privilege of burning in hell for their satanic eugenics soft kill sacrifice to their Babylonian Owl Gods.

  6. That was a great episode. I will surely be sharing it. I like the way you explained that it was not Obama who created the current America, but the current America that made Obama possible.

    Inbox, can you explain “The belief that there is no higher power is a religion.”

  7. @Ragzilla:

    I’ve always left that phrase to be self explanatory, but I will make an attempt at an explanation.

    Religion is largely how an individual explains where they came from, where they are, where they go after death and in turn for what purpose they exist and what type of life they should live. Commonly integrated into that are explanations of the various phenomena that occur around us in our lives.

    The individual religions that can and have come out of the idea that there is no higher power are just as endless as the religions that can and have come out of the idea that there is a higher power. My underlying point was that the question of the existence of a higher power is a core aspect of a religion. If you can say yes or no to the question, you have formed some degree of religion.