Episode-2868- Gerald Celente on 10 Trends for 2021 — 8 Comments

  1. Man this ep had it all. I don’t get to listen all the much anymore, but glad I tuned in here. HAHAH

  2. If the world economy produces giant winners and losers and it is rewarding a totalitarian state like China to dominate the world and remain totalitarian then protectionist trade policies seem to be the only way. Otherwise corporations and leaders will continue to support such regimes. This is consistent with George Washington’s views though we are told this is old thinking but I just don’t see what else works. Even if it may seem painful to develop other industries within the US or elsewhere, the bigger long term threat seems to remain and be the worst aspect.

    Celente there seemed to indicate that was were we are headed without giving any remedy and it’s because there is no remedy or it’s too big of a pill to swallow I suppose .. unless China on it’s own changes but I don’t know if that is too likely

  3. HI Jack, what are the chances of an MSB discount to Trends Journal? And maybe talk to Gerald about accepting crypto for the journal and donation. I’d be happy to promote his stuff on a few crypto groups I’m in. Could be a boon for the guy. 🙂

  4. There is a religion that satisfies the requirements Jack & Gerald were talking about: the Church of the Subgenius. The literature contains lot of double-talk to throw off the unthinking but the core of the faith is that the CON (Conspiracy Of Normals) works to steal our Slack and even dupes us into surrendering our Slack before we even know what it is.

    Note: Slack does not mean what you’ve been led to believe it means. Your Slack is what you would do and be if you were truly free to do/be it. It’s whatever you’re so into that when you’re doing it time stops, the stupid recede from your attention, your life seems to have meaning and you wish you could do it all the time. But the CON has you convinced that you can’t make a living doing it and that you have to get a “real” job.

    Jack is fulfilling the goal of the true Subgenius: he has recovered his Slack and he is helping others recover theirs too.