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Six Inches of Rain and Almost Empty Swales – What Happened?

We just got a blessing.  6 inches of slow soaking rains over about 5 days, breaking a zero rain drought that began on May 30th.  Our mid swale with all the hard catchment that funnels into it, therefore took on over 96,000 gallons of rain from mostly hard catchments.

To put things in perspective we took 6 inches and the swales themselves are only 11 inches deep but almost all the water is gone.  So where did it go?  Was this a good thing or a bad thing?  Tune in to find out.


Timber Frame Pond Update for 8-6-18

Just a bit of an update on our timber frame pond project.

You can get the entire playlist for this series here.

And you can get my everything aquaponics and aquatics playlist here.


New Aquaponics Video and We Need Expert Council Questions ASAP

New Aquaponics Update

First up after a long delay I have an update (number 8 in the series) on my new aquaponics build.

Not a ton of progress since the last update but we do have a ton of growth. We also have a new manifold we will be using in all future builds thanks to Nick Ferguson at on this.

Now that we have the plumbing planned to avoid having to cross the pipes in shallow soil, progress should speed up.

See complete playlist for this project here.


I Need Questions for the Expert Council

Despite a few members currently being on the pikers list (you know who you are) I have a shortage of expert council questions.  Right now I only have three in the can for Friday, not enough for a full show.  Please send your questions to me at jack at thesurvivalpodcast dot com with TSPC Expert in the subject line.

To get more information on our Expert Council visit our “Meet the Expert Council Page” to learn more about them and their specific areas of expertise.

Ask Me Anything Video Series – Next Up Food Forestry

Recently I did a video called “Ask Me Anything about Aquaponics” due to a lot of confusion, misinformation and some well, out right lies about aquaponics on our ReGen Ag Group at Facebook.  In spite of the reasons for doing it, 95% of the questions came from a very positive space and I really enjoyed doing it.

It has led me to want to do a series of “ask me anything” style videos.  Not all will be agriculture/permaculture based but the next one at least will be.  I am doing the next one on food forest systems.

Please note I am taking questions here and in two other locations.  These are the Facebook Regen Ag Page Post or the MeWe Regen Ag Group.

So ask away.  Now just like aquaponics I do not claim to be an expert here just someone with some real world experience.

I have built a pretty amazing 3/4 forest based system on what for all intents and purposes is a slab of limestone. Been involved with several other large and small installations. That said my personal niche is really small scale stuff, 1/10th to say 2-3 acres. I am happy to take questions about larger systems, but really I hope to gear this mostly toward helping folks transform the smaller parcels most of you have to work with.

Additionally if you have earthworks questions please only those specifically tied to food forestry for now. We may do an earth works one later, but I may ask Geoff Lawton to tag team that one with me if we do it.

So below ask me anything you ever wanted to know about establishing and managing food forest systems.

Also here is the first video in the series on Aquaponics to give you a feel for how these videos go.



The Basic Layout of my Three Aquaponics / Aquatics Systems in Video

This is our core system with a heart of two 330 gallon recycled IBCs, running 2 ebb and flow beds, 8 soil based beds and one deep water bed.

This system could be expanded to have dozens and dozens more wicking beds. Still running on a single pump.



This system is far more an aquatic system with aquaponic elements unlike the first system. Still it shows what can be done with only one small energy input. This system could expand almost infinitely with wicking beds.



The third system is built on the timber frame pond concept we developed last year. This system is growing a ton on thing on shelves in the pond, it is also running 3 wicking beds and one ebb and flow bed.





Nine Mile Farm Property Walks for 3-28-18

Well it has been a week since our last property walk, I figured I would try to do one every week or two into summer so you can see the property transform.  During today’s trip we talk about the ducks a bit, how we will miss them but how we also have a lot of new exciting things coming, additionally how the property was ready to be rested so it could really evolve, and how the ducks had to leave to make that happen.

We we get to the duck holding area it is a bit eerie how quiet it is, we take a moment to remember them, but the contract of the east and west property really shows it that it was indeed time for a change.








Homestead Property Walks for the First Day of Spring 2018

Sorry about the show being canceled today but I do have over 30 minutes of property walk though video for you guys today.  We have five videos of walks on Nine Mile Farm for the first day of spring totaling about 30 minutes in length. Lots of stuff is just blowing up this year.







Indoor Aquaponics Set Up – Episode Eight

Today’s episode covers a few updates like progress on microgreens, lowering the grow lights a bit and moving fish indoors. Mostly though it is a Q&A edition.

I answer the following questions today…

  • How is the height set by the bell siphon, does anything change when you add media?
  • What is my water height vs. my media height in my systems?
  • How is the smell of and indoors system?
  • What is the cost of the system in this series?
  • How do you ballance fish vs. vegetation?
  • How small can you go with ebb and flow?
  • How do you cycle a system?
  • What pump am I using and what would I recommend?
  • Choosing a variety of fish?
  • Do you need a swil filter/solid seperator?

Pump I think is in my current temporary system.

Pump I would use for this sytem if you wanted two pumps

If you wanted one pump and lots of room to expand I would go with this pump, I have this running in one of my systems, I love this pump.

Dirty water pump I use in larger systems, warning this must go in a bucket or exclusion bag or you will chop up fish with it.

Indoor Aquaponics Set Up – Episode Five

Follow this entire project on this playlist

Here are the vise grips I show in this video

We cover a lot of stuff on wicking beds today, show how to change water depth in them easy, etc. We also discuss “celery disease”!


Planting Out Aquaponics Beds with Grocery Store Produce

Note that in this video I specifically say that this is not how I normally do this.  In general practice I simply take any viable cores as they become available and add them to ebb and flow beds to regrow them.  To expedite this project and give some interest to the project I went out and picked up a bunch of stuff that works for this type of thing.

Also while three of these came out in three days it will likely be about a week before it is time to do another one, so enjoy these for now.  Again you can follow the entire playlist at