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No Show Today

I just completed a great interview and my issues continue.  While there were no problems I or the guest could hear during the interview ONLY the guest can be heard on the recording.

I am having Dorothy postpone all further interviews until such time that we come up with a new system of recording interviews.


One Simple Rule Our Schools will Never Teach Our Children

The one rule we should teach at the core of all ethics in our schools but never will is called the Non-Aggression Principle (or NAP).  The non-aggression principle is simply an ethical stance that asserts that aggression is inherently wrong. In this context, “aggression” is defined as initiating or threatening any forcible interference with an individual or individual’s property.

To put it simply I have no right to use force, violence or coercion on you to make you do what I want you to do or to take your rightful property.  My one true obligation to you as a fellow human being is to leave you alone to peacefully pursue happiness so long as you follow that same rule with myself and others.

I would like you to consider that if we taught that to our children we don’t really have to worry about so many issues others seem worried about constantly.

  • But what about gay kids?
    Answer- The NAP applies to all people.
  • But what about people of color?
    Answer- The NAP applies to all people.
  • But what about ____?
    Answer- The NAP applies to all people.

The NAP is the modern golden rule, JUST ONE RULE that if followed would eliminate every single crime (given that any real crime must have a victim) on the planet.

One simple rule that offers perfect and total respect to every person, no matter their color, gender, religion, etc. One simple rule that is at the core of most religions but yet remains universal to all of humanity. From the atheist to the devote theist anyone who is honest with themselves can understand the NAP is how we should treat each other.

One simple rule that allows people to form groups around any idea, theology, concept, etc. yet compels no one to join them or follow along.  Each man, women and child free to pursue their dreams, in their own way, with one and only one requirement, respect this in all other individuals.

Let’s look at dealing with a hot button issue in schools, bullying if we teach the NAP as the core of ethics in school.  Let’s say a teacher catches Johnny and Mike picking on Mark.  The entire corrective action is “Johnny you and Mike are violating Mark’s rights, stop it”.

You think that is an over simplification?  Children generally accept concrete reasons for things a hell of a lot better than something abstract.  Additionally there is power in any social situation, no one wants to be the bad guy, save for the small portion of society that are actual sociopaths.  When you have one sacred rule, “you do not interfere with the property and freedoms of anyone so long as they do the same” and that is taught as a core ethic, everything is abundantly clear to everyone.

So why won’t we teach this in our schools?  We can’t, because the entire institution that is the state and thereby the state run school system is, in and of itself, a constant violation of the NAP.

School itself is compulsory with parents threatened with jail time over truancy and worse.  School itself is paid for taxes that are taken against the will of those paying them, and the state will absolutely use force, violence and coercion to collect said taxes, etc.  Many times a child being bullied (having their right to the NAP violated) will want to change schools but can’t do so because of school district rules.  This is insane but it is the way we have allowed the system to be.

Some of you reading this right now are having the typical reaction and thinking, “but with out taxes how would we build roads and schools”, etc.  There are many answers to such questions, but we are NOT going to have to solve that problem any time soon.  So can I ask you to put these concerns on the shelf just for now, and get though the last bits here today, please?

I simply want to ask you, does the NAP on its own make sense to you?  Does it feel right that I do not have the right to use violence, force or coercion to compel you to make the choices I want you to or to take your property from you?  Great then let me ask you if you also agree with this statement, “all men (people) are created equal”?

Likely that statement is written into the core of your being, it is part of our Declaration of Independence isn’t it?  Democrats, republicans, libertarians, political atheists, etc. all tend to agree with this statement of fact.  And the reason is clear, it is a statement of fact, not opinion.  Equality here of course applying to rights, freedoms and the freedom to pursue happiness, not equality of ability in any particular area.

So if all men are created equal and I do not have the right to use violence, force or cohesion to compel you to make the choices I want you to or to take your property from you, who does?

What you are dealing with right now is some level of cognitive dissonance, looking back at that shelf where we put the “but how can we _____” issues.  Please let it go, just for today, it will still be there tomorrow, I promise you.    I do want to point out that the reason you feel this conflict at this point is due to the fact that in your heart you know that these are fundamental truths.

So what do you do now, accept the truth, speak the truth and teach it to others.  Above all we need to teach this one fundamental set of truths to our children.

Right now with the recent school shooting in Florida all political arguments seem focused on guns.  I however recently looked at this question differently, I simply asked, how many of our children of school age are choosing death over life.  Not just those that harm others but those that simply choose to end their own life.

What I am about to give you are facts with rounded off numbers to avoid arguments over exact numbers.  But again these numbers are facts, not opinions.

In the last ten years for all the claims that “children are being gunned down daily”, less that 220 people have died in school shootings.  This number includes adults and the shooters themselves.

In the same period of time, 54,000+ children chose to take their own lives.

Oh don’t you dare gloss over that number, it hurts, I know, but let it hit you like the hammer of reality it is, read it one more time and really take in in.

In the same period of time, 54,000+ children chose to take their own lives.

I keep hearing words like “political will”, “the time to take action”, “put armed guards in schools” and of course, “think of the children”.  Yet I wonder why no single politician, activist or member of the media has told you what I just did.  That while the death of a few hundred is tragic the death of 10s of thousands in the same period of time is more so.

Do you really think these two groups are unrelated?  Do you really think every school shooter is just an unbalanced sociopath who was sooner or later going to commit acts of murder no matter what anyone did?  Or is it more likely that in most instances these shooters chose a sick and twisted form of suicide by cop?  Given this recent shooting was one of the very few times we ended up with a mass shooter in custody, don’t you think saying these murders are also suicide by cop seems pretty accurate?

So knowing that 54,000 other students took their own lives, it is really shocking that say if you have 500 people pushed to the point of being willing to take their own lives, that one in 500 might try to take others with them, perhaps those they blame for their pain?

Now this is hard to face isn’t it?  Much easier to blame bad parents, video games, guns, drugs, anything but ourselves for these problems isn’t it?  As long as it is a thing, that is apart from us, we can be sad that so many died but we can be comfortable that it is someone else’s or something else’s fault.

Yet if we taught children the principle of non-aggression and enforced that one rule in our schools, how many of those tens of thousands of people might still be alive today?  The principle of non-aggression and the concept that all men are created equal are truths, I simply feel it is time for our nation to grow up and have a conversation about these inherent truths.

It won’t be easy, but the truth is never easy, it is however, always, dramatically simple.

USB Drives at Liberty Forum

If you are coming to Liberty Forum I wanted to let you know I will once again be selling USB Drives with a ton of great content on them.  Some of the including things are…

  • 8 Past Presentations and all presentations being done at Liberty Forum
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  • All power point decks from the presentations
  • 40 hand selected podcasts on herbal medicine, money management and lifestyle design
  • A discount code to get my MSB Program for 25 dollars a year for life
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I will be selling these for 25 dollars at Liberty Forum, they may be purchased for cash or crypto, just see me or David Seigler to obtain one.  Note that the 25 dollars discount is a lifetime discount, meaning these drives pay for themselves in that alone.  The 16GB drives themselves are worth about 10 dollars making the real cost of the data they contain only about 15 bucks.

You can put all the data onto your computer and use the drive for other things, so it really is a good value.  I will have 100 of these drives available, typically at large venues they tend to sell out, so see me asap to get one if you want one.

MSB Lifetime Set Up Complete

Okay folks if you signed up for MSB yesterday as a lifetime member you should have a welcome mail by now.

I did have a few people who filled out a form but I didn’t have a paypal payment notification for.

Additionally check your spam folder if you signed up and didn’t get a welcome email.  In any event if you think you signed up and can’t find a welcome email just email me about it and we can get it sorted out.

Of specific note, with first names only to protect privacy these are all people who filled out the form but then did not complete payment.  If you see your name on this list and did complete payment just send me your confirmation and I will square you away.

I have forms but no payment confirmation from…

  • Mary
  • Arthur
  • Alex
  • Greg
  • Danny and
  • Tommy

Congrats to all that got in this time around, and again if you think you got missed in the set up and welcome emails, just email me and I will get you sorted out.

The Lines are Open and the Council Awaits Questions

Folks a quick announcement that at this point I am pretty much out of questions for call in shows and Expert Council Q&A.  This is your opportunity to get your questions and comments on the air.

For expert council questions, visit our Meet the Expert Council Page to see all the members of our amazing council.  Then send your question in an email to me at jack at with TSPC Expert in the subject line.  In the body of the email tell me who your question is for, ask your question in one to two sentences, the provide additional details for best chance of inclusion on the show.

To call a question in for a Thursday call in show just dial 866-65-THINK and leave your question for the show.  For best results call from a quiet area, make sure you have a few bars on your phone if using a mobile phone.  Ask your question or make your statement in one to two sentences first, then provide details.

Its been a long time since the question backlog has been empty, so get your questions in today and we will be happy to get them on the air for you in the coming weeks.

Lifetime Membership Sale Coming Monday the 29th

The last time I ran a Lifetime Membership sale was all the way back in Nov. 2015 and it sold out in about 6 minutes flat.  I don’t run Lifetime sales often, they are a special membership only sold in small amounts.

Well I did realize that it has been more than two years so it is time to open one up again.  I am doing this mostly the same as last time, the membership is 300 dollars, the sale will go live at 9:00 AM central standard time, Monday the 30th of January.   At that time 20 memberships will be up for grabs, first come, first served.

However you can get in early, as in now or any time after this time with one of four DISCOUNTED memberships.  The catch?  To get one of these four you have to email me and pay in cryptocurrency.  You can pay with 270 dollars of any cryptocurrency or 250 dollars in ARK.

You don’t have to worry about how long it may take to convert a currency because I will do this based on order of emails received.  To pay with ARK you will need an account where ARK can be purchased.  ARK trades on the bitcoin market at most major exchanges including Bittrex, Binance, Cryptopia, etc.

Again though I will take any major crypto on these four, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ether, REP, BAT, etc.  I’m just offering a sweeter discount on ARK as I am currently building up my proof of stake earning there.

So there you go, if you have wanted to become a lifetime member, email me for instructions to pay in crypto or be ready to go on Monday at 9 AM central.

P.S. – Remember MSB Members don’t just get tons of discounts they also get first crack at all TSP Workshops and events.  These almost always sell out before being open to the general public, usually within a few hours.

Are You an Easily Led Moron? – Use this Simple Exercise to Find Out!

Okay assuming you are not an easily offended snow flake and the title didn’t outrage you beyond your ability to be rational, let me explain my goal in this short article.  I want to free as many people as possible from being easily led and controlled by outrage at things you don’t have any control over.

What don’t you control?  A lot of shit!  But let me tell you if it is on the national news and generating hundreds of memes on facebook there is a 99.9999999998% chance or there abouts that you don’t have ANY control over it at all.  Worse your outrage is going to be very short lived and replaced soon by a new “outrage de jour” (that means outrage of the day) but in these cycles it is generally more an “outrage de la semaine” (semaine means week).

Facebook really is a direct look at the control that the media has over America and I have marveled over the years watching this control.  I’ll admit I used to be an easily led moron too, I would get sucked into this stupid cycle.  I had to recognize the pattern to break free from it.  Now I simply mock these issues for my own personal amusement, usually angering both sides.  The reality though is my hope is always just one or two people will recognize how controlled they are and begin to break free.

See dear reader, the title isn’t really accurate, I watch otherwise intelligent people get sucked into this all the time.  They are not morons, more accurately they are manipulated into acting like morons.  And it is very hard to convince someone they are being a moron if they are an otherwise intelligent person and if they are acting on principle.

These issues usually split left and right and despite what each side thinks about the other the core philosophies of both are driven by a desire to “do the right thing”.  So the media uses this divide, over hypes shit that is NEVER going to effect you directly and you can’t do anything about it anyway, to rev you up and set all of you fighting like a bunch of retarded monkeys.

“Not I” you say?  Really than I have a challenge for you.  To do it you will need two things.  First a notebook, say something like this….

You will also need one of those big old metal clips, something like this….

And you will need a pen, I am sure you know what a pen looks like.  The last things you need will be a bit more difficult to get a hold of.  You will need a few months of discipline and a willingness to be honest with yourself.  One thing you won’t need is much time, this should all take way less than 5 minutes a week.

Here is what you are going to do, Mondays are great for this as the weekend news cycle will have people raring to go.  So every Monday open your book and write down what ever event is going on that you are most upset about.  Also write down how you think it will effect your life and what bad things are going to happen to you or your friends due to it.  If you believe you have some ability to influence it, write that down too.

Now take the metal clip and clip that page to the front cover so when you open the book you can’t see it.  From now on at least every Monday make an entry, if something really upsets you during the week, make an entry.   The rules are you are not allowed to look at anything held by the clip and as soon as you make an entry, you clip it.  Do this for at least two months, three is better.

If this week you are still upset about the same thing as last week, go ahead and enter it again.  Stick to it, be honest with your entries and be willing to follow the rules, once something gets clipped, you can’t look at it again, at all, no peaking.

Set a date on your calendar either 8 or 12 weeks in the future.  When the big day comes, remove the clip and start reading on page one, read each page up to the current week.  Then ask yourself…

  1.  How many of these things had I totally forgotten about?
  2.  How much influence did I have over the outcome of these things?
  3.  Is anything in my personal life actually different due to any of these things?
  4.  How many of them might I have never even thought of again had I not written them down?

Many of you just got it and won’t even have to do the exercise now, some of you think I am a jackass here.  So humor me, take the challenge.  I’d love to see videos of people reading their books aloud 8-12 weeks from now!

Most people that read this article won’t be willing to do this, that is fine, but just know most of America is controlled with this constant cycle of nonsense.

So what is the alternative, it is something I call “proactive apathy”.

Proactive apathy is a total lack of interest over that which you cannot control, with full focus and effort applied to that which you can control.

Anything else is simply being controlled by emotions generated by events you have no impact on.  The choice is yours, you can either be easily led and controlled or you can control your own, thoughts, actions and emotions.  Even if you think none of this applies to you, take the challenge, you have nothing to lose and it will teach you something about yourself.

P.S. – Why not bookmark this article and next time you see someone totally losing their shit about something that they won’t even remember in two weeks time, provide the link to them.

Eden Brothers Seeds Joins the MSB

Okay guys and gals this is a big one all MSB members get 15% off all orders at Eden Brothers Seeds.  I realize that many of you have not year heard of Eden Brothers.  In the homestead world they are not as well known as companies like say Park, Burbee, Baker Creek, etc. but they should be, in fact they should be better known.

Nasturtiums are Edible and Beautiful

Eden Brothers has an incredible selection of garden vegetable varieties and herbs.  Some stuff that is frankly hard to find anywhere else but where they really shine is larger quantities (think 1/4-1 pound) of veggies, wild flowers, ornamentals, edible flowers, etc. along with larger quantities of herbs and greens as well.

I first found Eden Brothers when I was looking to buy a pound of Nasturtium seeds.    I figured that any of my typical suppliers would have them, well no, not so much.  Turns out a lot of things like this are very hard to get in quantities of 1/4 to 1 pound or more.  Or they don’t offer much of a discount if you do buy that much.  In my case I was able to get a pound of mixed Nasturtiums for only 29,95.  When you consider that a typical packet of them in the store is about 3 bucks and contains 15-20 seeds, this is a hella good deal.

Eden Brothers Has Many Regional Wildflower Mixes

Guys and galls, a pound of nasturtium is a LOT of nasturtium so you may wonder why I want so many.  They are going into a massive seed mix that is going into every irrigated area of my property this year.  Along with things like a quarter pound of arugula and a 1/4 pound of South West Regional Wildflower Mix.  By the way they have those wild flower mixes specifically dialed in for every major US region and micro climate such as dry area, deer resistant, etc.

In the end I ordered about 115 bucks worth of seed in large quantities this year from Eden Brothers, and my discount came to 17 bucks, that is pretty awesome.  I also placed that order about 9 PM last night and by 10 AM this morning got a notice saying more order had shipped.  I would tell you I was impressed but having ordered from them several times in the past, I can say they simply now continue to meet my expectations.

I know a lot of you may do something similar and many of you may wish to do so at a smaller scale.  Well you can do that too buy buying a few ounces of various seeds.  Another option is many of you have formed groups, on and off line.  Think group buys here folks, one person taking delivery and dividing thing up among the group type of thing.  May be make a mini weekend meet up and trade additional seeds and plants type of think out of it.

In any event I am super stoked to add yet another amazing discount partner to the MSB this year.  Eden Brothers is committed to working with us long term, they immediately signed up for a full year and I didn’t even have to squeeze them to get you a full 15% off.  This discount code for Eden Brothers Seeds is already in the Benefits Section of your MSB Account.

P.S. – Oh by the way all orders over 79 dollars on Eden Brothers, yea they ship for free!  Think larger quantities or group buys folks, I’m telling this is a huge win for the MSB, an amazing supplier of top quality seed.

P.S.S. – If you have been on the fence about the MSB, keep in mind that it is now Jan. 19th and this year I have already added, ButcherBox, Gun Adapters, Ridge Wallets, OMG Leather and now Eden Brothers to the MSB.  The MSB has been a massive value for 9 years running, but in 2018 I am working hard to double the value, so consider jumping on board today.

OMG Leather Works Joins the MSB

OMG Leather Works is run by long time friend of the Spirko family and show supporter Jeff Dheere.  Jeff is one of those guys that can do 100 different things but his real passion is working with leather.

Last year I got to a point where I was blatantly sick and effing tired of shitty dog collars.  So I went to several pet stores (big ones like PetSmart and smaller family ones) to get all three dogs, new collars.  I was at the point that I didn’t care what they cost, I was tired of spending 20-30 bucks for shit that was frayed and stinking in 3-6 months.

Max my big old German Sheppard had an old (like 10 year old) heavy leather collar.  It was still okay but had seen better days, so I figured I would buy something like that for him along with similar ones for Charlie and Lucy.  Well a decade changes a lot of things!  To be blunt everything I found was complete total garbage.  Chinese made total shit.  No matter what I was willing to pay, quality just wasn’t an option.

So when Jeff taught at my spring workshop on leather making I explained my situation, he quoted me a price and he made me the three collars below.  These were custom made, to spec, per dog and not that much more in cost than the best you can buy in a store.  Except these were all bad ass, custom engraved, and will last 10 years, more if you treat them with oil, say once every six months.  Conversely most store bought collars today are lucky to make 1-2 years maximum.  And again they stink to high heaven in about 6 months.

The one with the spikes was for Charlie, seemed like a good idea at the time but in the end with our Granddaughter climbing on him all the time I decided to make it a “show collar” (Check Charlie Out He Looks Great In It).   I was worried my little gal would get hurt by the spikes, so Jeff was hired to build a more practical one.  This one below was the result and it is now part of Charlie’s EDC, the spikes come out for the fun of it once in a while still.

So this fall I got with Jeff again and got him set up with the MSB.  MSB members can now get 10% off all items in the OMG Store or on custom orders.

Much as Patrick Roehrman of MT Knives, has become my personal knife maker I now consider Jeff Dheere my personal leather crafter.  If I need anything I am going to him and either buying off the shelf or getting him to make me specifically what I need.

Jeff gets my highest endorsement and now MSB members get 10% off all his products.  Learn more today at OMG Leather Works, and the discount code is already sitting in the benefits section of the MSB.

P.S. – So it is now January 17th,  and in only in 17 days I have brought you, ButchrerBox, RidgeWallet and OMG Leather as discount partners for the MSB and guess what folks another partner is coming tomorrow! Yes tomorrow.

If you are not an MSB member yet, tell me the thing you want a discount on and I will go get it for you.  Otherwise consider buying an MSB Membership today, it pays for itself many times over for most members.

That’s why MSB has a 87% retention rate at 3 years.  Got that, 87% of members keep their membership at least three years!

FWIW, the retention rate at 6 years, is still an amazing 64%, so we are doing something right.   Get on board today and find out why we have such loyalty among our members.

Ridge Wallets Joins the MSB and Becomes a Show Sponsor

I have entered into an agreement for The Ridge Wallet company to become an official MSB show sponsor.  I am really impressed with this company and their products.

Their lead product is of course The Ridge Wallet.  These wallets come in a large array of colors and types but they offer three primary value propositions.  First they are compact, holding as much or more as a standard wallet in far less space.  No more sitting on a big lump when driving etc.  Next they are practically indestructible.

These wallets are made with your choice of aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber or polycarbonate.  I am a black titanium man myself but the choice is yours.  And this brings me to the third primary benefit.  Have you noticed how all credit cards, bank cards and even many IDs now have an RFID chip in them.

Well did you know that RFID tags can be easy to hack, really easy.  Check out this video on that.  An 8 dollar part on eBay and people can steal your credit card information.  Oh and the biggest thing!  Listen to the last 20 seconds, “the bigger thing is passive surveillance, with an antenna on this thing I can go into Starbucks and get the name of everybody there”.  Well every ridge wallet is immune to RFID sniffing.

There are cheaper ways to do this, you can line your wallet with foil I guess but with the Ridge Wallet you get all this security with a wallet that will last a lifetime, use less space and looks great at the same time.

The Ridge also offers some of the best looking, highest quality and functional phone cases as well.  Right now they offer options for the iPhone 6 -X but will be adding other phone types this year.  On top of this they offer one of the best minimalist back packs I have ever seen along with a great 10,000mh power back up pack that fits perfectly into a custom pocket for their back pack.  That back up power pack is 40 dollars as a stand alone but only 20 bucks if added to the back pack.

So you know I have a 10 year rep here of bringing you guys the best in show sponsors, companies that don’t just want your business but serve our community.  The Ridge is that type of company, founded with a 300K successful kick starter and our contact there is a long time listener to TSP.  But the other thing I do is get you guys DEALS.  And once again I have done that for you too.  MSB Members get 10% off all Ridge Products, the code is already added to the MSB Benefits Section.

So check out Ridge Wallet today and their amazing line up of products that are sure to grow.  I think we have a long term partner in Ridge and I am very excited to have them as part of the TSP Community.

P.S. – This year so far I have brought you Butcher Box, and The Ridge as new discount partners and I will be announcing a 4th one this week.  If you have been on the fence about MSB, I am telling you 2018 is the year we make the value so insane you’d have to be crazy not to be a member.  So if your not an MSB member, consider becoming one today.

P.S.S.  – I heard from a few of you last week that the High Mowing Seeds discount wasn’t working, so I reached out to Maggie over there and they just renewed for another year, the new updated code for 2018 is already in the MSB as well.