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Add On Build a Knife Workshop at TSP Fall 18

Patrick Roehrman is once again doing a build a knife with Patrick Workshop at the TSP Fall18 event.  I have tried to build enough break time into the schedule so that most of the work can be done without missing out on much of the other presentations.

In this workshop you will build your own knife with Patrick’s help.  The knife you build would be worth somewhere be 600 dollars or more if you just bought it.  But you get the experience of actually learning from a true master of the craft.  In essence you are buying the knife and getting the education for free.

Think about it, not only will you have a custom one of a kind knife made by a master knife maker.  You will have helped to build it and learned from the experience.  Talk about having an heirloom to pass down to a child or grandchild!

Patrick is only taking 5 students for this class and 2 of those 5 spots have already been taken.  So only three remain.  The cost of these class is 600 dollars but the value of knowing how to make your own knives is hard to even put a price on, especially being taught by Patrick.

Again only 5 students will be accepted, this will allow Patrick to give you the time to truly teach you how to make an exceptional high quality custom knife.

To learn more Click Here for Full Details

MSB Fall Sale – Get 20 Bucks Off with Code fall18

I have been promising you guys a sale on the air for over a week.  I was going to do 15 bucks off your first year but since I took so long to get it done I decided to to it two better.

Two Better?  You bet!  Instead of 15 dollars off, I am making it 20 dollars off.  So you can sign up or renew today for just 30 bucks for a year.  What about the two better?  Well, how about it ain’t off your first year, it is 30 bucks for as long as you remain an active member.  Just use the discount code fall18 when you sign up.

I set up MSB from the beginning with the hope that it would not cost my members a dime in the long term.  So I set out and locked in about 70 discounts on tons of stuff you likely buy all the time.  Simply by using these discounts a few times a year I can’t see how anyone living a modern survival lifestyle won’t get their money back at least two times over a year, especially at 30 bucks.

So consider signing up today.  Again just use the discount code fall18 when you sign up.  To do that just go here and set up your account.

If you want to pay by check, silver, etc. you can get a form to fill out on the sign up page.  Just print it out and make sure to write the discount code on the form.  If you pay with silver we will just give you some extra time instead of cutting the price.

If you want to pay with cryptocurrency, just email me at jack at thesurvivalpodcast dot com with TSPC in the subject line and we can work it out.

P.S. – A special note, the default online payment method is now credit/debit cards via Stripe.  Some folks seem to think they need a Stripe account to use that method, you don’t.  It is just my merchant account provider.  All you need is any major credit or debit card and you are good to go.

I do still take PayPal but they have been really buggy with a ton of failed renewals and problems when people are trying to sign up and they have been NO HELP in fixing it.  So while you can use PayPal I prefer that you sign up via Stripe.  And if you have a PayPal debit card you can of course use it that way.

Fall Workshop Group Rate Hotel Information

If you are coming to the fall workshop and want a hotel we have a group rate for you at the Holiday Inn Express at 3541 NW Loop 820, this is about a 10-15 minute drive tops from our place.

The rate is 93 dollars a night on rooms that normally rent for 129 a night, there are 6 king rooms and 6 double queen rooms available. The number to reserve your room is 817-744-7755.

Just call and reserve your room, tell them you want the group rate and you are with The Survival Podcast. We have these rooms held at this rate until the 6th of November.

If there is any confusion when you call our contact there is Jennifer Camp.

The Hotel Website is here,


CAC Team Activated for Hurricane Michael

Howdy TSP,

Thank you so much for your support of the CAC Team and our efforts to help those impacted by local crisis.

Ever wonder what happens to your donations to the CAC? With your support and the help of many volunteers, including a large group of employees from Cisco, we delivered over $15,000 in supplies to those in need in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

Coordinating our Florence response required the help of many volunteers. And now we are weathering another bad storm: Hurricane Michael. 

Remember a few weeks ago when Jack asked us all to keep something in reserve for more storms? Well, once again, Jack was right. We need volunteers, safe havens and financial support to help those impacted my Michael. Are you able to help? If so, go to and sign up to volunteer, provide a safe haven, or contribute.

For each deployment we have folks working behind the scenes; gathering data on where our help is needed and where our people can safely go, reaching out to those who signed up to volunteer in the field or to provide Safe Havens, monitoring the CAC Team Zello Channel to gather information and stay in contact with our volunteers, processing reimbursements for volunteers, and calling stores outside of the area to arrange for the pick up of supplies.

TSP, I know that we’ve asked for your help many times, but the weather doesn’t care. Please consider helping CAC Team and see how far we can take our volunteer efforts to get people food, water, hygiene kits and more.

As always, it is an honor to work by your side helping people in need.

Make it a great week!

Nicole Sauce


Citizens Assisting Citizens is a small 501(c)(3) not for profit organization run entirely on volunteer power and donations from our supporters. While your year-round donations help us cover administrative costs and keep our organization running, we are gearing up for another deployment for Hurricane Michael, and your support is needed once more.

I’ll Be in San Antonino from Friday – Monday – Here’s Why

I was contacted by the organizers of the Veterans Alcoholic Beverage Competition about serving as a judge for their upcoming competition in San Antonino.  Of course I said I would be happy to do so.

It is going to be an amazing event with a lot going on.  In addition to the Beverage Competition (yes there are samples) there is a BBQ competition, a car show and more.

There are also some mixers and other events, an awesome music concert and I will be speaking about entrepreneurship, though I am not sure at what time just yet.

Anyway I think it is going to be a blast, if you are going to be coming email me with TSPC San Antone in the subject and I will give you a way to contact me there.

There are a variety of ticket packages and you can even get a VIP pass for 105 dollars.  They were selling packages of them for companies at a discount but those sold out so now you can only buy them individually.

Those are pretty cool you get into the judges mixer and there are a lot of cool people on the judges list.  You get a bunch of drink tickets, a swag bag, a cigar and more.  That package is 105 bucks.  You can find it and other options here.

Anyway I hope to see some of you there.  Again if you are coming and want me to get in touch with you so we can meet up at some point just email me with TSPC San Antone in the subject line.  My email of course is jack at thesurvivalpodcast dot com.

No Show Today

Well we had the power go out.  No problem plug in the Steven Harris battery bank in the truck and roll on.  Power company changes the update and we are going to be out a lot longer, no problem roll out the Generator and power up everything.

Well one more domino fell, the internet.  I am guessing the folks at Spectrum ran out of their feild back up power because just before I was supposed to call today’s guest, the internet went down.

I am typing this post tethered to my phone, it is fine for basic browsing but not sufficient for an interview.  TSP will return tomorrow, hopefully our power will as well.

Set Your Reminder for Saturday – TSP18 is Going to Be Amazing

Just a hump day reminder that on Saturday at 8AM central tickets to the TSP18 Fall Workshop go on sale.  To sign up you will need to log into your MSB account on Saturday at 8 AM to find the special sign up link.  It will be on the home page in huge bright red letters.

This year is going to be amazing, live music, amazing food, great guests, mead tastings, old and new friends.  Awesome SWAG, just check out the video below…



To see the full agenda, check this post out and to find out about our awesome SWAG Packs check out this post.


Agenda for the 2018 Fall Workshop Announced

The TSP 2018 Fall Workshop will be on Nov. 7-11.  Tickets will go on sale on Saturday, Sept. 29th, 2018.    Tickets will be available only to MSB members for the first 48 hours and I expect them to sell out in less than 24.  To get your tickets log into the MSB at 8AM on the 29th, and that is Central Standard Time.  There will be a link on the home page to sign up when you log into your MSB account.

The following is the agenda so far, there will be some small adjustments but this is the basic plan…

Wednesday, Nov. 7 – Reception day, students can arrive any time after 2PM and set up camp sites.  We do drinks and brats and such for that evening.  Just really a social thing.  Get settled in for the week ahead.

Thursday, Nov. 8th –  Small-scale Agriculture and Aquaculture and High Density Food Production

Nicole Sauce Mistress of Ceremonies

  • Breakfast
  • Nick Ferguson and David Seigler on Back Yard Food Production
  • Jon Dowie – Micro-Greens Growing
  • Lunch
  • Jack Spirko – Aquaponics with Hands On Bed Construction
  • Panel Discussion (Nick Ferguson, Jon Dowie, David Seigler & Jack Spirko)
  • Tell Your Story in 5ish Minutes – Everyone
  • Dinner
  • Cole Risner concert (this guy rocks)

Friday Nov. 9th TSPC 10th Anniversary Celebration 2.0  – This day is going to be an all day social experience with lots of learning about good food and drink. 

Nicole Sauce Mistress of Ceremonies

  •  Breakfast
  •  David Seigler and Nicole Sauce -Bloody Mary history and Bloody Mary banquet bar
  • Jon Dowie: Micro green salads and coctails brought to you by the “Microgreen Mafia”
  • Jack Spirko – How to make ceviche, yes it is safe shut up and eat it.
  • David and Nicole –  Poinsettias (Bubbly, Cranberry and orange liqueur)
  • Jack and David Squash and apple soup and apple-pie flavored fuel discussion and sampling
  • Jack – Lets jerk the hell out of some chicken
  • David and Nicole – All about Old-Fashions
  • Jack – Sausage making and samples of Duck Sausage, Rabbit Sausage and Rattlesnake Sausage
  • David, Jack and Nicole: Martini University
  • Dinner – For the Protection of your liver we are serving up a carbtastic pasta dinner with free range Nine Mile Farm Turkey and Crack Bread.
  • Barter Blanket!!! – What happens on the blanket stays on the blanket.

Saturday – Nov. the 10th.  – Build your business for Better Self Reliance.

David Seigler – Master of Ceremonies

  • Breakfast
  • Jon Dowie – How the Microgreens Mafia pushes product
  • Nicole Sauce – Going from hobby to hustle.
  • Lunch
  • John Pugliano – All About Money
  • Jack  Spirko – An analysis of 4 successful internet businesses.
  • Panel Discussion Entrepreneurship – Jack Spirko, John Dowie, Patrick Roerhrman and Nichole Sauce.
  • 18:00 – 19:00 M. Jordon: High energy mead talk
  • 19:00 –20:00 Dinner
  • Jack Spirko, Michael Jordon and Nick Ferguson –  Mead, cider, beer social sampling circle.

Sunday – Nov. the 11th.  – You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.  Everyone off property and cleaned up by 11 AM.

Believe it or not that really isn’t everything but it gives  you a good idea of what we will be up to this time around.  Patrick Roerhman will also being doing a hands on build a knife workshop, for a very limited number of students, like say four.  And don’t forget the amazing SWAG Packs you can only get at this event.  If you have any questions just post them below.

This Video Gives you a Small Taste of What it will be Like.



Outdoor Edge RB-20 Razor Blaze Knife – Item of the Day

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Outdoor Edge RB-20 Razor Blaze Knife.  Man this thing is slick!  I picked on up right before last years deer hunt and  I’m glad I did.  I was hunting with about 14 other people at a ranch in the Texas Hill Country and was surprised to see about half the people there with one version of other of this knife.

The premise is simple your blade is always razor sharp because when it gets dull, you toss it out and replace it with a new one, new blades cost about $1.60 each.  The blades are made with an inexpensive steel called 420 J2, which has poor edge retention but sharpens very easily and is extremely resistant to corrosion and rust.   This steel until these knives came out had two primary uses.

  1.  It is used by many high end knife makers as liners, springs, etc in their folding knives, due to high corrosion resistance.
  2. It is used by many makers of surgical scalpels.  Generally scalpels must be incredibly sharp and are used one time in surgery and deposed of.  Inexpensive steel that stands up to harsh chemicals for sterilizing and gets incredibly sharp easily is perfect for this application.

Given the above I think 420 J2 is perfect for what Outdoor Edge is doing with this knife.  Let me tell you what everyone with one at this hunt had it primarily for, one thing, skinning.  I am big on not letting a knife get dull in the first place, using a good sharpening steel you can keep an edge for a very long time, if you are patient and keep touching it up.

However in the real world hunting makes a man tired, stuff slips and next thing you know it is 9PM, you haven’t had dinner yet, you have a half skinned deer or hog and dull ass knife.  In a word this SUCKS!  If someone said, here is a razor sharp blade for a buck 60 you can have right now, you’d hand him a 5 and tell him to keep the change!

While I didn’t charge the guy this did happen at this last hunt.  I met a really cool guy who had brought his God Son on a hunt with him.  The boy shot a beautiful Aoudad, really beautiful.  The man was really taking his time skinning this animal because it was going to be mounted.  I could tell that it was really important to him to do a good job.  I could also tell his knife was getting dull but noticed a Outdoor Edge Knife sitting on the ledge next to him.

When I asked him about it he said they were great but he forgot to get extra blades.  I asked if he wanted a blade for it and thought he was gonna stop and hug me he was so happy.  He finished up and we talked while he did.  Turns out this guy is the type that hunts all over the world, hunting is pretty much all he does.  He is retired very young, mid thirties.  He invented a stem cell technology that he sold to Cancer Treatment Centers of America and well, he is set for life.

He had just come back from Tajikistan from a sheep hunt that is considered one of the most challenging hunts in the world.  He has hunted in New Zealand, Australia, Russia, etc.  And yea for skinning he carries a 35 dollar knife with a disposable blade!  Why?  It works and it always works.

Just unlike him pick up a pack or two of extra blades!  They are only 9.99 with free shipping on prime.

Let me be clear, you can absolutely use this knife for anything you’d use any similar knife for.  It simply though screams out, use me for skinning, and that is why I have one.  Skinning is hard on an edge and you simply need a razor sharp knife to do it right.  With this you always have one.  Again I know how to sharpen knives and do a good job of it, but at 9:30 PM on a hunt, I want to be kicking back at the fire with a beer and belly full of deer heart off the gill, not sharpening a knife and looking at a half skinned animal.

So check out the Outdoor Edge RB-20 Razor Blaze Knife all the other hunters in camp that had them, loved them, and I think you will too.  I find the knife a great deal with 6 blades included for only $34.95.

Remember you can always find the TSP Amazon Item of the day by just going to and by shopping at anytime you shop online you help support TSP and the work we do here no matter what you buy.

P.S. – The other knife I considered for this use was a Havalon Piranta but I felt the blade shape just wasn’t enough like a “regular knife”.  The blades cost less for sure in fact about half the price but again they are not optimal in my personal view.

One gentleman in our camp had both the Outdoor Edge and the Havalon Piranta and said he preferred the Outdoor Edge for a few reasons.  One is the over all feel when cutting, related to the blade shape.  The other is that the blade is much easier to change in Outdoor Edge and you are likely to cut yourself changing the blade in the Piranta.

The thing he liked better about the Piranta is it is easier to clean.  I can seen in the design why this is so.  However when I got home, I just removed the blade from my knife, tossed the frame into the silverware thing on the dishwasher and it came out clean as new!  I personally prefer the Outdoor Edge but wanted to bring the Piranta to your attention because the long term cost is lower.  However how many big game animals do you skin in a year?

Optional Swag Pack Announced for the Fall Workshop

As previously announced the fall workshop at Nine Mile Farm will be from Nov. 7-11 this year.  Tickets will go on sale on Saturday Sept. 29th at 8 AM Central.  See the video below for a run down on how awesome it will be.  Go here for full details on how to get tickets.

Now onto the Swag Pack!  This year I will have a special Swag Pack for students.  The cost is going to be 50 dollars a set.  You can buy as many as you want but they must be pre ordered on the day you make your deposit.

When you sign up for your tickets there will simply be a box to check that says, “I want a swag pack” for 50 dollars extra.  There will be a place for notes if you want more than one set just tell me how many you want.

First up every student this year gets one of the Stainless Steel Shot Glasses for free.  These are the same ones we gave out at the 10 Year Party.

A 50 dollar “Swag Pack” will consist of

  • 2 Shot Glasses
  • 1 Hip Flask
  • 1 Custom Shaker

At 50 bucks unless damn near everyone orders one and gets me enough quantity for a price break I am selling them near at my cost as a set.  I will not be doing these designs again, and I will not ship them.  I feel holding some stuff like this only for people that come to events is another perk to coming to events.

We may have some extras, it all depends on how many people order sets and where my price breaks are.  I can guarantee extra shot glasses but shakers and flasks are unknown at the current time.

For those that don’t preorder depending on availability I will likely sell extras at the event one off as follows….

  • Shot Glasses – 10 dollars
  • Flasks – 15 dollars
  • Shakers – 25 dollars

Those that buy a Swag Pack can buy extra shot glasses for 5 bucks a piece.  We gave away 12 flasks to special folks at the Anniversary Party and they are really nice.  After doing so I realized I didn’t even keep one for myself.  I will fix that this time around.

The shakers are super nice.  These are not 10 dollar cheapo Walmart shakers.  They are thick stainless steel and the lids are gasketed so you won’t go spraying booze all over even if you are a few rounds into your Martinis.  They also are large, with a capacity of 24ozs, so you can mix up 4 or more drinks at a time.

Again you can reserve yours when you put a deposit on your tickets on Sept 29th.  You don’t need to do anything right now but if you know you will be adding one comment below, it will help me plan.

Also instructors and staff that won’t be buying a ticket, if you want to buy a set or two let me know.  Lastly if you are not coming but know someone who is, talk to them about bringing a set back for you.  Again anyone attending can buy as many sets as they want.  And one last time, no I won’t ship and once these are gone, I won’t be doing them with this design again.  I have a feeling they will command a premium on future barter blankets.