Catch Me Live on the Vin Armani Show at 1PM — 3 Comments

  1. Jack I really appreciate you turning me onto Vin’s show. I’ve become a regular weekly listener. It’s an entertaining, informative and insightful show.

    Vin has really started to go into crypto currencies and bitcoin a lot lately and I’ve really learned a lot and I’m excited about the future of this space.

    As an aside, I also listened to John Pugliano’s latest podcast in which he talked about bitcoins and crypto.

    John and Vin have two very different takes on the subject. It was a good perspective to listen to their podcasts back-to-back.

    • John will be on the show in June we plan to discuss this. John sees BTC in a bubble, which to an extent is true, but I don’t think he comprehends the long term play.

      Further he does see how it is a threat to the Global Banks and Government so he is sure at some point they will “shut it down”, he fails to see, they can’t, it doesn’t work that way. The only way to “shut it down” is to shut down the entire internet. That isn’t going to happen.

      The banksters are now going to have to compete with private money for the first time in history, and they won’t do well in trying to do that.

      Add in things like DASH that make doing business 100% private and it is game over. Sure they can run stings and get people for giving a ride to a person on or something but how long can you do stuff like that?

      The agora is here and it is more here every day.