Episode-2720- Matt Derosier from the Casual Conspiracy Podcast — 8 Comments

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  2. Why shouldn’t conspiracy research be a somewhat serious endeavour ? After 911 I was trying to make sense out of what happened that made little sense .. it is all part of politics and can make for difficult discussions but all aspects of politics appeal to many people that they have an opinion.

    The implications of many conspiracies have large scale implications on our world. Not all conspiracies are true but if a few of the more significant ones are true then we have big problems which seems to be the case

    • We do have serious moments on the show. Like when we were talking about Epstein and pedophilia. But other parts of the episode had a much lighter and fun conversation.

      Our next episode will be on 9/11. I’d love to hear from you on what you’ve found.

  3. I find your take of the shooting the more convincing one thus far. But the “Fog of Bullshit” being expelled from the media orifice is still too thick to get an accurate sense of things, so I find it reasonable to withhold judgement and have a wait-and-see position.

    But what I think doesn’t matter to the vast majority who’ve already made up their minds, and whichever way the facts lay out won’t change their position. People are not inherently rational, and they tend to be even less so when stressed or under attack (or perceived to be). They will make blindly make heroes of the one(s) involved “on their side”, no matter what their sordid past was or how stupid they were by putting themselves in that situation. If this isn’t the trigger equivalent to the self-immolation that kicked off the Arab Spring, IMO it’s at least likely to inspire the imminent event that WILL be.

    So in the larger picture of American society, it doesn’t matter whether it was really self-defense or murder. The ball is already rolling, and this kid’s innocence or guilt won’t change what’s coming. I see a lot on both sides working themselves up to dehumanize the other, and the madness of crowds is picking up steam.

    Watching this from abroad, it’s kinda like seeing one’s hometown in a f***ed up reality show. My heart breaks seeing it, yet I am beyond grateful that I’m not IN it…

  4. I’d been so busy living and ignoring news I had no idea what you were talking about a shooting.  Viewing the videos, all I could think about is how all involved were just “useful idiots” in someone else’s orchestrated grand production.

    Whenever you openly display a firearm at a protest, rally or riot zone, you shouldn’t be at all surprised when you start taking fire from triggered opposition.   You may certainly have the Constitutional right to be there and carry but that won’t help you much when you are convicted, branded the instigator, and found guilty by the court of public opinion.  After that you’ll be in prison or broke from legal fees required to stay free.