Episode-1575- Listener Calls and Questions 5-15-15 — 27 Comments

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      • I wonder if Monsanto Hackers conspire against us. First you are white listed so it should not be an issue but I just checks all folders, all I have is our discussions about it and your daylish emails. Resend I will play yours on Monday and your next one on Friday if you keep doing them.

        • I resent it to you twice yesterday. Plus other emails saying “did you get this?” Send me an email with your different email addresses, maybe one will work better than the others.

  1. Hey Jack, I heard you ask for people to get with you to tell you about how some preparedness “groups” work/get along in different ways. See if you can swing an interview with Charley Hogwood, the author of The Survival Group Handbook The Survival Group Handbook: How to Plan, Organize and Lead People For a Short or Long Term Survival Situation He works with tons of groups all over the place, including some community that he hasn’t released the location of yet. Definitely a subject matter expert. I will send him the interview submission page too.

  2. Karen from the high-desert of California – Are you on the forum? If so, please PM me. We met and spent some time together at PV1. I’d love to reconnect with you and talk about your question about forming a community. My name is Christina and I’m on the forum as Ms. Albatross.

  3. Steven your math confirmed I have a 33 year supply of Zippo flints !
    I really need to stop buying things by the gross…

    My preps also include about 40,000 matches that were on deep deep serious discounted closeout – I raked every box off the shelf into my grocery cart.

    As a smoker I’ve also got a boatload of Zippo fluid, but am going to back it up with Bic lighters.
    Adding white gas to the mix is a great idea, thank you for testing it.

    Any thoughts on whether Aladdin lamp oil would work too since I have cases of that ?

    You also finally put me over the edge to get one of your rocket stoves to supplement the Kelly Kettle.

    • Jake, you and I must have been separated at birth. I have two totes of matches LOL. Not as many zippo flints. But quite a few candles as well. Oh, and about 1000 tealights…

      • LOL I think so, and yep I’ve have candles too… lots of candles. In practically every room and a ginormous 3 wick in the living room that’s bigger than my head.

        Was very disappointed in my tea lights when I got some out to use in our new Weihnachtspyramiden last year. They were all crumbled and powdery. Had to toss over 500 of them 🙁

  4. Hi Jack,
    Love your podcast; always something useful. Here’s some more info for the gentleman from NH who interested in grapes. Most of NH is in Zone 5 and lots of grape varieties grow in that Zone (same as where I live). But there are quite a few choices for Zone 4 or even 3 (not Riesling, though). Beta is one super-hardy variety, for example.
    However, growing grapes on trees is a non-starter; bad for the tree and terrible for yield. Jack, you had the right word: training. Grapevines that aren’t pruned hard don’t make grapes. (Kiwis seem to do fine without it.)
    If the problem is lack of space, besides growing grapes on an existing fence, there’s the old-fashioned arbor. Or there’s the “umbrella Kniffen” (kind of a weeping form) that just needs one good heavy T-post for each vine.
    If the questioner is in Zone 5, Concord, Niagara and Catawba all grow well. Those varieties are also very reasonably priced: n reason not to try, especially in a protected spot.
    Thanks again, Jack, and good luck to the grape man (sorry I didn’t catch his name.

  5. The two bottom plow for swales thing reminded me, does anybody know ho much force it takes to pull a two bottom plow. And I know it depends. I’m just looking for a ball park figure and I keep finding irrelevant info. Looking to do some mad science.
    Also, has anyone open sourced “beyond organic” before someone trademarks it and tries to punish all who dare to use such a description?
    The insurrection is on, LETS STROLL!!! (snicker…)

    • Jeff, you would need a Steve Harris to figure the amount of force it would take, however, a a 50 hp tractor with regular tractor tires is about the minimum size tractor to pull a two bottom plow. Anything much less than that will not allow the plow to operate properly and possibly damage the engine and drive train of the equipment pulling the implement.

  6. I must be blind because I cant seem to locate the expert council members list.

  7. My father has a 10 foot wire fence around his garden held up with 6 inch wooden posts. He has a few kiwi vines on one side that now completely cover it. The weight of the vines and a strong wind from a storm have brought that fence down a couple feet. Still does its job, but doesn’t look as pretty now. And the solution is unclear. Build new stronger stakes and pull it back up and risk breaking the vines? Or build new stronger stakes and support it but leave as is?

    Main point is that kiwi’s can get really big and heavy. Depending on the fence… adding extra supports might be a good idea.

  8. Hip Replacement- Jack in reference to your comment on medical procedures, you are correct…medical tourism will be a big business and might even occur on Indian Reservations. Are you familiar with the Surgery Center of Oklahoma? They list all their prices online so that you can compare and know what you’re getting into. A hip replacement there costs: $19,400.

    • Great show today!
      Question for John,
      I just checked with my mortgage company and my interest is daily but calculated monthly. Is it still smart to make twice monthly payments with this setup?

      • Hi Dave, I’m assuming that they mean it’s “accruing” daily, so yes it should save you money to pay twice a month. Try it for a few months and look at your principle, it should be declining more in the months that you pay twice.

        • Hey John, I’m wondering here…

          On the ‘pay the same amount but pay less by structuring your payments in a Daily Accrual Loan’ can’t you get a better result by front-stacking your payments?

          Pay a single payment the day the new month starts, roughly 30 days early.

          Obviously this requires coming up with double the payment at once the month you intend to start the routine, but it seems more effective than bimonthly payments.

  9. Jack,

    Thanks for helping with my question about the medical folder. I was so nervous when I called! I wonder if Nurse Amy could help with the medical question??

    Anyway, the complication of this heart issue is that she has other medical issues including food allergies. We have had terrible experiences with doctors. My daughter was actually labeled as a head case before they diagnosed her with the real issues (after a stay at the hospital). That is what they do with your kids now…they are all head cases, suicidal, or on drugs. It has been terribly frustrating to say the least.

  10. When we were in India earlier this year, my husband had problems with a tooth. He saw a friend’s family dentist. No problem getting in the next morning. It needed a root canal but we weren’t staying long enough to have it fixed there. The visit, xrays, meds ran a total of about $20. If they had done the root canal it would have been $200.
    We learned that many take medical vacations to India (especially those from India working in the US) because it costs less out of pocket to fly there and have the work done, than to have the surgery done in the US, even with insurance

    • I saw an article years back about clinic in India who does heart surgery for something like 2-3K USD per (talking about procedures that would run 6 figures in the US). Plus has a HIGHER success rate than typical here in the US. One of the interesting things they were doing was having their surgeons highly specialized not only in a single specific procedure but a single portion of said procedure, so the patient might have one person do the initial prep, another open them up, a 3rd perform the bypass or whatever, and a 4th put them back together. This allows each surgeon to get very highly skilled in their specific task as well as increasing how many patients can be treated by their team.

      Of course, as soon as “medical tourism” becomes more mainstream you’ll start seeing efforts to prevent it. Can’t have people spending their own money to care for their own bodies as they think best can we? That $$$ and those lives are needed to keep the machine grinding away, life liberty and property not withstanding.

  11. This comment is for Karen who called about not having people to work with. I live about 30 miles from the high desert and would not mind getting to know you and helping with your projects. If interested get in touch with me on the forum raginrick, or via email my family and I prep and are trying to learn more every day.

  12. In regards to the smart meters, one big reason for them is the trend of automation. The power company is happy to lay off all the meter readers and let the smart meter report in.

  13. John pugliano and Steve Harris are a real value to this audience!!

  14. Tomato Worms:
    A master gardener recommended to rotate your vegetable beds in a 3 year rotation. The bugs that attack one veggie variety, when they come out of the ground next year, will find a totally different plant growing and won’t be interested.