Episode-1651- Listener Calls for 9-24-15 — 15 Comments

  1. On froglube: I don’t know how it is as a surface protectant, (I’m sure it’ll work fine), but as a lubricant in cold weather (>20°F) we have seen many ARs jammed up with froglube at Appleseed here in Alaska. now, when I shared this to a local group a guy came on screaming about WHEN PROPERLY APPLIED!!!!!, turns out he was the froglube dealer for the state ;), and we’ve only noticed the problem with ARs. If you cany conceive of going to the range when it’s that cold, carry on.

      • Good stuff, really would not effect a carry gun and we don’t have that many cold days down here, so I wouldn’t have known if you didn’t point this out.

        • We use a product called CorrosionX. This is a leave on, lube and corrosion arresting agent. No gumming and no more fingerprint rust.

          Also works on our airplane, cars, tools, and electronics somehow.

    • Exactly. I have had issues on my XDm with Froglube in very cold weather. Though it was to see if it would fail. I did apply it properly, according to manufactures specifications. I then put the pistol, unloaded, in the chest freezer for several hours. Put a mag in it, racked the slide. The slide did not return very well and did not close. I hit the back of the slide, pulled the trigger, and jammed. That said, Froglube is still an outstanding lubricant! And I do use it on this pistol and my carry pistol. The reason: It does get cold here, but it does not get to below 20°F on my hip. My rifles and shotguns, it does get that cold. So Gunzilla goes on those. Just my .02

  2. Had to laugh when Jack was talking about the Pope’s motorcade- should see the shenanigans when El Presidente comes Down Under.
    Secret service wandering around with no id, and over-ruling local LEO’s everywhere they go. No go areas declared at request of Secret Service, resulting in loss of business for local guys as people are not game to go anywhere near.
    Massive disruptions to air traffic control. “Green light corridors” created to speed motorcades through. etc.
    Many folks would much rather he stayed home.
    I mean, can’t the guy teleconference?

  3. Why would anyone walk for freedom out of Kentucky? Just curious.. I’ve posted on the site about how it’s nice here. I understand the lure of Florida but Kentucky is pretty great too. The only local government that really makes me mad is the game warden.

  4. Regarding Bamboo, my understanding is if you can get it cleared one time and then mow it consistently it will die out. However it does require a mower that will handle the mowing as it will be a tougher than regular grass. I have a walk behind DR Brush Mower and it will take down saplings. You can usually rent this type of mower.

  5. Going to completely agree with Jack on moving to Texas… you move to the highly ranked school districts and buy a McMansion and your property taxes will make you cry… but then again, the increase in my property tax does not come CLOSE to the income taxes I was paying in Illinois.

  6. Hey Jack, which Cabelas vacuum sealer do you own? I have a $149 Food saver that is hit and miss and really worries me storing my food stocks with it. Is the one that Brent linked to (in the comments above) the one that you were speaking of? Thanks for your work!!