Episode-1857- Listener Calls for 8-25-16 — 22 Comments

  1. Into The Wild was a good movie and the soundtrack was pretty awesome. It is based on a book written about Chris McCandless and is a nonfiction book. Won’t say much else other than I think it’s worth watching and reading.

    • Have not listen yet, (been doing job of our local leo’s..55416)

      Thanks for you comment, post episode will have movie playing while I finally get back to cutting metal.

      Does our mentor hear the free man screaming.


  2. On the email thing, if you have gmail, you can just append +[anything] to your email account. This lets you filter and find out who is selling your email account.

    For example, if I sign up for CNN daily updates (yeah, right), I would use I will then see who is sending to that address and can just move it all to trash via a rule. Really handy feature.

  3. If you are just defining the word, then perhaps that statement is true.

    But, if you believe in private property (and I know you do), then you believe in many rulers- ruling their property directly, and indirectly, the people who happen to be on it.

    What we have now is an absence of rulers and an enormous amount of rules. The owner’s wishes are subject to the bureaucrat; and the bureaucrats make rules with glee. An owner doesn’t make many rules, and often negotiates with people on an individual basis. Instead of the tons of paper necessary to print out the U.S. law code, we’d do business on the back of a napkin and/or with a handshake again.

    When Lou Rockwell came up with that statement he inadvertently described what we have now, rather than what we actually want.

    • I will just say to you what I say to anyone that is anti property. Fine, give me all your shit, since you don’t believe in ownership. Otherwise this incoherent blathering warrants no further response.

  4. If you are receiving spam phone calls to your cell phone you can install an app called Hiya that uses a list of phone numbers that are suspected spam that has been reported by all of the other users. It is free and has cut down on my spam phone calls by 95%.

  5. Jack,

    Please read my comment again. I am for private property. I am saying we, right now, live in a sea of rules, and statists come after us, not as rulers, but as ‘experts’, ‘politicians’, and bureaucrats- they use the rules they generate against us.
    I am also saying that if we were free, there would be many rulers- that is private property owners- and few rules, because we wouldn’t need them.

    • Okay that makes sense sort of but I don’t agree. Owning property doesn’t make you a ruler, no one is subject to your rules unless they are on your property.

      But I do get what you are trying to say.

      If I owned not 3 but say 3,000,000 acres I could in an anarchy create Spirkoville. I could happily run it as a dictator, and my reason to do so and do so well, would be simply if I don’t you will leave.

      There is a school of thought that limited dictatorships are the best governments, in an anarcho government I tend to agree.

  6. With google voice you can send calls directly to voice mail or Block the Caller: The caller will hear a “Number not in service” message and your phones will not ring. 🙂 I’ve used this feature many times.

  7. Jack I’m about your age, did you even hang out at Mr. Food on Route 61 when you were a teenager?

  8. Meh, “into the wild” will probably disappoint you jack. It did me. The dude was mental. He grew up affluent, and when he finally figures out the disparity and inequality in the world he takes all his trust fund money out and burns it (instead of, I dunno, sending it to an aid org in Africa where it could do some good?). See Robert Service’s “The Law of the Yukon”.

    P.S. Just this week they had to go rescue yet another guy out at the bus the guy in the movie died at. It’s a common occurrence. Seems the nuts attract other nuts to their doom. We Alaskans want the thing removed.

  9. If you have an iphone you can block calls. Granted this is after the fact, but it is useful to prevent repeated calls from a certain number. Just go to your recent calls, click the i on the right, scroll down, and select “Block this Caller”.

  10. For the caller asking about a first AR15, this is an option to consider.

    It’s an Aero Precision OEM gun, it’s the bare bones of an AR, but let’s you mount whatever you would want for a stock or rail system. It’s also only $559 currently.

    Aero is a high quality brand, has a mid length gas system, low profile gas block so you can mount a longer rail system for a long sight radius and be able to reach further out on the rifle for a more controlled firing position. It also has an A3 upper receiver, which is the full picatinny rail system for sights.

  11. I had to chuckle when Jack made reference to what his history teacher “taught” him years ago and how that stuck with him all these years. I remember a similar incidents too from teachers, and that was 30-40 yrs ago!

    Sadly, now with my own kids in government schools I completely understand that most of the teachers today just aren’t very bright and a lot of them are the biggest bullies you’ve ever seen. They pick on little kids and then when they are called on it, they lie and lie some more and nothing happens even when the evidence is overwhelming against them.

    We’ve moved around quite a bit and one thing we always did, but will do so no more, is look at the ratings of the school district. We always want to be in the “Best Schools” right??? and are willing to pay up for that privilege.

    Folks, trust me on this, we’ve been in the “Best Schools” for 15 yrs now. I can’t tell you how many insane teachers we’ve come across as well as principals. If you are looking to move, do not allow the school ratings to be the deciding factor. You will overpay for your home and then you’ll get so frustrated you’ll end of sending the kid to private or home schooling, both those options are fine, but you’ll still be paying the high property taxes.

  12. Very cool bit about the Donner Party. I delved deep into the subject, and it turns out, I do believe historians have since debunked the claim that anyone was boiling babies or chewing on femurs when they were found– much of it was stirred up by one of the survivors who had been demonized in the newspapers of the time, since they did indeed find him in camp with human bones. They were eating people after all! But it was hugely sensationalized.

    Inhuman things happened during the Donner party, including the murders of two native guides who were sent from the Fort to help the Donners — this is still given a pass in history as an act of desperation, since it was the survivors who made the claim that those guides were near to dying themselves. I find that hard to believe.

    Patrick Breen’s diary is available online, for history buffs who want to know, as he recorded the whole thing.

    And lastly, it is true the Donner Party and the Reeds would have made it to their destination faster due to several reasons, partly if they hadn’t been so tied to their stuff, and because they had bought into a “shortcut” that turned out to be bogus. The sad fact is, the Donners were quite well off, owned businesses, and had no need to leave their comfortable living conditions. There was no reason to make this trip, complete with ailing relatives and small children, risking life and limb to chase speculation. If there is a lesson in what happened, these people didn’t die in pursuit of a better life — they already had a good life, but lacked the sense to see it.

    Sorry to ramble, but I love this history shit, and in particular, the lessons of the Donner Party.

  13. Rule #1 – if I don’t know the number/caller, don’t answer.

    Rule #2 – (and this has saved my sanity somewhat from the robo that was pinging my number 3 times an hour) Most cell phones have a way to block a caller or to add a number to a “black list”. No more rings, at least from that number.

    • Agreed but the problem is a lot of Robo callers are from unknown numbers or marked private.

  14. So just so you know, the Do Not Call registry is a fine thing and I’ve registered all my numbers there. My state actually has it’s own registry that predates the Federal Registry.

    But, one thing you might want to know is that our lovely politicians exempted themselves and their political parties from it. They can still call you every though you’re on the list and have no prior relationship.

    I just don’t answer calls I don’t recognize… even for business.

  15. Hows it going Jack,

    Find it fascinating when you are saying, from your feedback. Many of youur listeners are unaware and unafraid of the robots taking over. What? how can this be. No one has heard of Moore’s law?

    Id recommend watching Blade Runner and reading Marshal McLuhan.

    I found a few good links on automation,
    Replaced by Robots: Imagining the Impact on Labor Markets and Society –

    Self-Driving Cars? Really? – Part 1 –

    The real reason this elephant chart is terrifying – Part 2 –

    CEO: Automation coming to Crayola –

  16. Keith’s problem was squirrels. I can pretty much guarantee it. I have a 5 in 1 apple tree int he back yard. I saw them in the tree and running across the lawn with apples in their mouth. Yes, before they were ripe. The problem with shooting them when you live in town is you really need to know your by-laws and neighbors before trying that.

    The animals were acting strange this summer. Something I have never seen before was a couple of rabbits. One was chewing on the top of an onion plant and the other was chewing on the leaf of a garlic plant. There are two plants they have never bothered before. It was a very dry summer.