Episode-708- Listener Calls for 7-22-11 — 26 Comments

    • @bantamangeltx,

      Yes but you were beaten to it and you are supposed to email me not post a forum comment. LOL.

  1. This is for the first caller on todays show, I bought one of these copper bars just for the fun of it and who knows what it will be worth when I hit 70 years old.. Its kinda pricey but it sure looks nice on the mantel on the display stand you can buy extra for a few bucks.. I myself bought the 5 kilo bar and the stand and it pretty cool just dont handle it with your bare hands because it will tarnish.. Cya Brent

  2. Jack FYI I have squash vine borers in Conway, AR.

    My zuchs and yellow squash are dong fine despite them. Acorn squash got hit hard. I thought my butternuts made it without damage, but just the other day I found some sign, but overall the butternuts are still doing good.

    I cut out quite a few larvae in early July.

      • I think it would also be beneficial to point out that there is currently no replacement for bitcoin in the market that it is taking up; which is anonymous/online transactions. I’m not saying Bitcoin will always be the strongest currency occupying this market, but a currency like it that fills its role, will always exist. The USD through PayPal or any other middleman is not capable of competing with Bitcoin in this market, so it has strong footing unlike any other currency that I know of. It’s also still new.

        If your audience is interested in making anonymous online purchases (or accepting), I think Bitcoin is their best bet (if done properly). Beyond that, we’ll have to wait for more signs that it’s being successful outside of this market before we pay much attention to it.

        I currently mine Bitcoin with a 7Ghash/network. It generates $50 worth of Bitcoin a day and I sell them immediately on the open market. I am not in the business, nor do I recommend anyone else be in the business, of speculating on the future value of Bitcoin.

        I hope that helped Jack, great shows!

  3. Jack, thanks for talking about the vine bores. I just lost one of my squash plants to the little guys this week – just like you said I thought it was dehydrated until I saw the plant nearly cut in half. I was hoping for a less labor intensive solution, but I might just have to try DE next year.

  4. That was great advice you gave that young boy Jack, I do have a little rant that I know is not all younger people then myself 45, I have seen more parents now and days bail there kids out by giving them tons of money or buy them a home.. I don’t understand why so many parents don’t let these kids fall on there face and brush them selfs off and get back up and learn from that lesson.. I dont understand it because wife and I never had a saftey net Oh well, great advice and great show keep it up..

  5. Jack-

    The subject of NBC (or CBR) is something that folks don’t discuss much anymore because they think “the Cold War is over, what me worry?

    A great resource for a show would be Sharon Packer, Executive Director of The American Civil Defense Association (TACDA).
    Sharon also owns a company called Utah Shelter Systems and is extremely knowledgeable on the subject.

    Tons of information is available at TACDA Academy on our website at


  6. I often hear you mentioning that you need to listen to your gut instinct. There is a book that I would like to recommend by Gavin de Becker called “The gift of Fear” that speaks to that

  7. On the subject of a nuclear detonation. About a month ago History International reran a program about a nuke going off in DC. They put the center at the capitol building. . I think it was called After Armageddon. They said anyone within 2 miles would be crispy. Within a 20 mile radius will have to deal with fallout and chaos would ensue. (obviously).

  8. Hi Jack
    Great show…

    I heard of a natural mosquito replant for standing water..barley.there is even barley cakes.

    And group that sang 99 red balloons is the group Berlin.

  9. Hey, Jack,

    That fellow Ian with the machine gun question? I kinda got the impression you were taking his claims of being out of debt and having all his ducks in a row with a grain of salt. I know him, and just wanted to say he wasn’t blowing smoke. He paid off his student loan in an amazingly short time, has no other debt, has all the expensive bits of his BOL done and ready to go, and is just generally an amazingly focused young man.

    He also likes guns like a mathematician likes numbers, and his claim of primarily wanting the machinegun as an investment are BS. :^)

    But I thought your answer was quite well thought-out and balanced. I just wanted you to know that except as noted, he really wasn’t blowing smoke.

    • @Joel, no on the contrary I took him fully at his word. I was only being very strict on what “prepared means” for those who I figured would run to their wives and say something like “Jack Spirko says we should by a machine gun as an investment”.

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  11. I happen to be in the same county as the guy that called about the “boil order”.
    That day was really a challenge for business owners as no restaurant in the area could serve any drinks containing tap water or ice. We had a filtration system and stored water for home drinking water.

    In listening to the caller, though, my first thought was “that guy is from my same county!” I was wondering how others on this forum were able to get in contact with people from the same area.

  12. Jack, you missed the opportunity to plug Berkey water filters to filter the rain barrel water for drinking.

  13. When the recession began, I lost my business and house and was forced to file bankruptcy. At the time I was devastated, but 4 years later I’m so much better off than I was before the “disaster” because I made plans in the event that happened. Prepare for the crisis, but don’t fear it. There will always be a tomorrow with new opportunities.