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  1. Jack in the My Planned Forest Garden – With Planned Aquaponics video you stated that you can have a “fast flow” from the 1500 gallon tank the lowest tank. I am not sure how fast it would need to be but I would suggest testing this in advance if it is critical. I have a 3000 gallon tank and when it was full I opened up a valve on the bottom and it was pushed the water out in a stream with a lot of pressure. I hooked a water hose up to the same and it was downhill about a foot. I opened the valve again and it was a trickle. friction i guess. I am still bewildered. btw the water hose was about 60 feet long.

  2. Be careful introducing new chickens into an existing flock, they do have a pecking order and I have seen normally sweet chickens gang up and kill new birds, Jack told a story once where they culled their flock on occasion, usually this is done to start over will all new hens so they won’t fight as much.

  3. Just a comment on Steven Harris’s section on the 12v dc generator, if you’re going to do this (I was thinking about trying it awhile ago for my camper trailer) you should do some research on the rpm of the engine at whatever throttle you want to have set and what a alternator’s optimal rpm is for output. If I remember correctly the optimum rpm for a GM single wire alternator was 2000-3000 rpm. The predator 212 look like they will go to 2500 rpm but that wasn’t the case for a lot of the motors I looked at so you’d have to step up with a 3:1 or a 2:1 pulley system so it will rotate at a more optimal rpm. personally if you were off grid and on a 12v system I would think this is a great idea.

  4. Jack,

    At 01:55:45 you give the answer concerning the online version of the Australian book about making your own alcohol. You expressed valid concerns about when an author’s copyright has been violated, and you elaborated on the ethics of copyright violation. As you elaborated on it all, I believe the answer you gave wasn’t complete, and was missing possible legal details of the sort capable of getting some people in trouble.

    Basically, you spoke about some people choosing to buy the actual legitimate hardcover book, but then also those same people assuming that since that legitimately bought the hardcopy, then they now have a “right” to have a bootleg electronic copy on a memory stick (but NOT on their hard drive), and you spoke about such people tucking that memory stick away somewhere in case of SHTF. But I think it’s pertinent that people understand that said memory stick is technically illegal.

    If I could explain further, it’s actually illegal to make photocopies of a book that you already own. And while I don’t know off hand of any cases where someone was successfully prosecuted for such photocopies, the real point here is that the exclusive right of a copyright holder to make a “copy” of his creative work is the very thing which is protected by US copyright law. And electronic copies are the same thing. A copy is a copy is a copy.

    As far as how much real life application this all has, my real fear is when persecution might befall someone. If a federal authority wanted to inflict someone with a truly difficult legal nightmare, tossing in the whole US copyright violation thing would be a deeply frightening route for that fed to go down. US copyright law is enforced by US marshals. And a warrant can be issued whereby all “infringing materials” which are (supposedly) violating the author’s copyright can be seized by a team of US marshals who can come onto your property and start seizing. They can seize computers and memory sticks and anything at all which can be deemed “infringing” to the copyright.

    These kinds of gestapo-style raids on behalf of copyright violations are rare, but they do happen. I can give you the name of a Hollywood entertainment lawyer who gleefully gave an account about how he walked at the front of a pack of US marshals into a small film production company in Los Angeles, waiving the warrant on behalf of his client, and he stood back in delight and watched those marshals seize every computer, every photocopier, every floppy disk, every video cassette, every DVD. All the “infringing materials” were seized in a matter of hours, and then that production company had nothing left.

  5. Yes it would be great to see some of Steve Harris’s photos on his own set up’s he currently uses and used in the past.

  6. I am a cop’s daughter. We learned a healthy respect for guns. Have to teach that respect young and kids won’t pick up guns. We grew up watching the same cartoons, and they didn’t cause us to pick up guns. Agree w/Jack, need to discuss early. I never owned guns when kids were little, but they also respect firearms thanks to frank discussions and their grandfather!

  7. Hey Jack,
    Just a some quick info on Zimmerman. Florida doesn’t have voluntary and involuntary manslaughter. They have manslaughter, which is an unjustified killing and aggravated manslaughter which is an unjustified killing of a class of people (children, police etc). It doesn’t make any big difference though.

    I appreciate your view on the case.

  8. Another way to use older birds.. Vietnamese Pho. The mature birds add such a depth of flavor. Especially when using the feet as well in the pot.

  9. Great show. Great insight into the callers concern about “exposing” his daughter to guns. I am with jack. I regularly take the kids out back, and shoot balloons with the Crosman pumpmaster. But safety is always enforced and demanded. My son is scared of loud noises, but I am about to take him shooting the 22 at a local range. More than safety I’ve had to convince him the noise isn’t bad and the recoil isn’t bad. I could get my 4 year old daughter out with the 22 tomorrow but she hasn’t learned the safety principles well enough… yet. I have a scope on my Glenfield 22 but think a iron sight 22 maybe worth the investment to teach the kids.

    Anyway I wanted to post about the caller w/ a 3 year old hen not laying. Up to you. I am more into eating the chickens e raise over eating their eggs but if you can… give them a month or two. we’ve had older chickens come back after a “hiatus” and give us lots of eggs. I know time needed to get new layers so o think it might be worthwhile to let them be and see if they come around. Just a thought.

  10. Jack,

    Your take on the Trayvon thing is way overblown. I’m with you that the NBC tape-altering thing was basically a criminal act, and I’d be all for jailing the perpetrators. But your suggestion that this entire controversy can be traced back to that single incident is just delusional. For one thing—clinchingly, I’d submit—there were protests, and angry ones, long, long before NBC doctored that tape. For another, the doctored 911 tape was aired precisely ONCE, one time, on one Today show segment, whereas the NEWS of the doctoring, and the producer’s subsequent firing, was covered round the clock, for days, by every news major new outlet—and yes, even those ones that comprise dreaded “mainstream media.” The notion that Zimmerman followed Martin because he was black derives not from that one (1) early morning news segment, but from Zimmerman’s past history of 911 calls, the bulk of which were about “suspicious” black males (one of them with the further identifying detail “approx 7-9 years old”) and from the plain fact that Zimmerman mysteriously diagnosed Martin as a “punk” who needed to be followed based on…well, based on what? The angle at which he held his Snapple?

    I agreed with the jury’s verdict in this case and, again, I agree with you that what NBC did went beyond negligence, or even mischief, into criminal behavior. But trying to dismiss this whole affair as a mainstream-media hoax just isn’t going to fly, no matter how badly the terrified old white men in your audience would love it to be true.

    Keep up the great work. This issue aside, I think the show’s just getting better and better.



    ps Are you standing by your contention that President Obama was behind the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups? As that story continues to crumble, like Benghazi before it, I’m still waiting for your correction. I think one day you may figure out that while the system may suck, this guy’s as good as presidents get.

    • Given that the doctored tape was the VERY first national exposure to the entire thing, your entire comment is simply inaccurate. No there were not protests before the tape came out, the tape was the lead into the entire story line. It was the very first piece of national news broken that made America aware of the case, it came out the day after the incident.

      • Jack,

        Thanks for not calling me an asshat, but your timeline is simply wrong. The shooting was Feb 26th. The first organized protests in Florida were mid-March, followed by the “Million Hoodie March” in New York on March 21st. Obama’s “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon” comment, an attempt to defuse the increasingly angry protests, came March 23rd.

        The doctored NBC tape wasn’t aired until March 27th, more than a month after the shooting, and well after the protests had begun. As I wrote earlier, the doctored tape aired precisely once, and when the fact of its doctoring came to light, that fact was reported widely and repeatedly by the mainstream media, even by NBC, which fired the people responsible.

        If I have any of facts wrong, please illuminate me, and I apologize for having researched so sloppily. If I have them right, then the obligation to correct is on you. You don’t have an NBC-sized audience, but it’s passionate, and it’s growing, and it relies on you for good information. If TSP stands for anything, beyond the wisdom of storing water in used 2-liter soda bottles, it surely stands for truth and honor. Your call.

        Thanks again for encouraging this sincere dissent, and for everything else you do,


        • Well shit it sounds like I am wrong but I guarantee there were not a million hoddies marching and frankly it was that tape that blew the damn thing up. I never even heard about the damn thing until that tape.

    • @Damon

      What? You can’t be serious right? Equating President Obama “as good as presidents get”? After everything Obama and his administration have done from assassinating citizens to basically handing America over to health insurance companies (little exaggerated but whatever). Really that claim is so wrong, it should make your skin crawl.

  11. I have had terriers for over 10 years now. An older dog would be hard to introduce chickens to. That is why I do not have chickens.

    On the other hand, a puppy could easily be raised to be around small livestock, chickens included. Most terriers were bred to be farm/hunting/rodent killing animals and can do them all equally well.

    I chose not to try introducing chickens to my cairns, but I would not hesitate to bring a new puppy into the home (or farm) that I could train and raise up around livestock.

    Joe n TN

  12. On the Trayvon call, the question was what was learned. The caller said he had a CCW. As do I. The take from this should be 1) educate yourself. Know what you can do. But more than that know what you SHOULD do. The two are not always the same, as you alluded to Jack. 2) educate yourself (again) to other forms of self defense. They say if your a hammer, every problem is a nail. If Zimmerman had known some form of self defense other than a gun, this would’ve been less likely to have occurred. 3) carry more than one type of weapon. Before this happened I would carry a gun & a knife daily. One on each side of my body. Should I be attacked, an arm trapped, the other could get to the alternate weapon. I even used a sponsor of the show, to get an assisted open blade so I could open it with one hand under duress. But post Zimmerman I am looking long and hard at adding a less than lethal choice. Both the gun & blade put Zimmerman in the same spot. If he educated himself, got some grappling skills, and/or had pepper spray or a tazer, the storyline changes.

    Just thought I’d share what a fellow CCW/thinker got from all this…

  13. ..but Zimmerman isn’t even white. He’s hispanic I believe. How did this become a white vs black thing?

  14. A few years back I bought “Alaska Bootleggers Bible” in hard copy. I’m an avide Kindle Reader user, but this seemed appropriate to have in paper.

    Even if you never plan on distilling, the writing style is very entertaining. There are some very resourceful tips on how to substitute gear and ingredients, should you ever be forced to brew or distill without a home brew supply store available.

    I’d highly recommend it to anyone who’s a fan of alcohol and a DIY type of person.

  15. Jack, c’mon. When there are protests about something in all our major cities, and the President of the United States has to weigh in to try and calm the situation, I think it’s safe to say the thing has already “blown up,” whether or not you, Jack Spirko, have yet heard about it yourself.

    And is it possible that when you did tune in you got your info from Fox News? And that they told you the real story here was NBC doctoring a 911 tape? Cause you know how they are, and that they have an agenda. Any chance Fox gets to spin a regular news story—”X happened”—as “‘Some say’ President Obama is exploiting the fact that X happened for nefarious ends Y…”, or “President Obama could have prevented X happening but chose not to…” or “You may be hearing from the ‘mainstream media’ that X happened. Turns out, there’s more to the story…” they’re going to take it. Day in day out. This is their role in our discourse as well as their business model, and there’s an argument to be made that they’re making a healthy contribution. But you absolutely cannot trust Fox to play it straight. They’re successful because they stay on message: “the Democrats and the media are intentionally destroying America.” You don’t have to be a Democrat—and I’m not—to know that isn’t true.

    Anyway. Thanks for replying. What I said about the show being better than ever was not smoke-blowing. Ep. 1166 gave me chills.



    • You really are an assclown I haven’t watched Fox News for years. Just because someone disagrees with you don’t mean they listen to Fox, stop BUYING INTO THE DICHOTOMY, you can get all t he chills you want listening to me but if you still buy into the left and right paradigm it doesn’t actually mean a fing thing!

  16. Every time I try and give a fair shake to the other news outlets all I see is one side. Even if the Dem gets overwhelmed, at least he gets on the program on Fox. They’re all slanted, but I’m going to stick with the one that at least invites the opposition on. And let’s them speak with out derisive name calling like Piers Morgan ala Larry Pratt.

  17. “When there are protests about something in all our major cities, and the President of the United States has to weigh in to try and calm the situation, I think it’s safe to say the thing has already “blown up,””

    Not true, We’ve seen over and over again that protests are often staged and/or greatly exaggerated for effect.

    You could be right, but pointing to a few protests, and Obama efforts to defuse (or inflame) the situation does not offer much in terms of an argument. The fact this “blew up” could be because it A: was an unprecedented case with serious legal, political, racial, ramifications, or B: because it was intentionally blown WAY out of proportion for specific purposes. Given that option A seems pretty absurd, I tend toward B. The fact that the initially reported story of what happened turned out to be almost completely false, and that the media was caught lying and suppressing exculpatory evidence further suggests B.

    I suspect this was a case of a pre-scripted controversy in search of an event on which to attach itself. When the first convenient event didn’t quite align with the desired narrative the facts were changed or suppressed as needed to make it fit. The fact people in New York were protesting over the shooting of a 17 year old young man in FLORIDA, when such things happen in their own backyard far more often, doesn’t exactly lead me to think this whole controversy developed and spread organically.

  18. my 6 year old walked in while you were talking about the first question and boldly exclaimed “a gun is not a toy!” I teach him to shoot.

    It is really important to remember when using and alternator you still need a charge controller and a car battery as a pass through other wise you will cook your deep cycles. You can also do this from your car if needed for critical loads.

    I hate the fact that in todays world if you criticize any person that is not the same color as you are your called a racist. Bullshit.

    I have had fewer problems with basic revolver ammo (357,38 special, 45 LC etc.) even during the shortages. Shotgun ammo either , slugs were kind hard to get but still around,or 30-30 ammo a 30 caliber of varies types can do just about whatever you need within 200 yrds.

    my lab backed off my duck after the ducks wing slapped her a few times and locked breeks on her nose.

    I never have to F with my small set up. I have Tilipa, goldfish, crayfish, and minos. the fish shit collects in the recycled brewing tank and I drain it off to make fertilizer for my gardens.