Episode-941- Listener Calls for 7-13-12 — 24 Comments

  1. Thanks Jack.
    Still patiently waiting for a nice beekeeping interview. Maybe you can find someone at the expo. Whenever the interview happens, try to also cover determining quality of honey, and benefits of raw vs processed. Thanks.

    • @Gunter we have about a dozen lined up though the rest of the year, Phil Chandler (barefoot beekeeper) will be on next week.

      • Very cool! Can’t wait.

        I hope you can also get Matt from on the show. I encouraged him to fill out the guest form. That guy has taken me from zero to bee keeper hero at record speed. He is a wealth of knowledge, and excellent teacher, and I know he’ll resonate well with the audience.

  2. .

    Damn bro, sorry to hear about the property falling through.

    Sounds like the sellers pulled an “Andy Farmer” (at the end of the movie “Funny Farm”.)

    Well, there’s plenty more out there – hopefully even better.
    Hang in there.

    • @TrekFan well we are now in version 2.0 the seller is back we offered the full offer and to close on Sept 21 to give them more time to move etc. We shall see but I refuse to get excited again until we hear back. These people have a nice property but seem a bit slow in the head.

  3. re: property

    My wife is a realtor and has seen this phenomenon quite a few times. There is a lot of emotion on both sides of any real estate transaction, thats for sure.

    Sorry to hear it.

    We looked for about 18months before we found a keeper property.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Jack/Community,

    Instagram is great. I’ve been thinking about asking you about it myself. It’s basically a visual twitter. For instance, if I were to put #tsp in front of a picture of my garden it would collect with any other pictures that had #tsp in the comments. It could become almost a daily revolution 2.0 picture feed.

    If anyone else uses instagram and wants to start a survival podcast hashtag I’m down. Use #thesurvivalpodcast

    Heres my instagram page

  5. On treaties usurping the Constitution:

    Congress can constitutionally enact a statute to enforce a treaty even if the statute by itself is unconstitutional. The Tenth Amendment is irrelevant here because the power to make treaties is delegated expressly. Under the Constitution, the President has the power to make treaties, which then become part of the supreme law of the land. If a treaty is valid, Congress has the power to enact legislation that is a necessary and proper means to enforce the treaty under the Necessary and Proper Clause. Acts of Congress are the supreme law of the land when made in pursuance of the Constitution.

  6. Jack,
    Any chance the speech will get recorded for a podcast for those of us who are not able to attend? oh, another thought, any chance of getting your wife Dorothy to be interviewed on how and what she does with prepping?

    Thanks and safe travels to and from the event.

  7. Jack, you pissed me off one time in the three years I have been listening. I even stopped listening for a week or so. I couldn’t stay mad, though. And, I am sure glad I didn’t.

    Just thought I would share that, because the opening of the show (policies and disclaimers) made me laugh.

    Thanks for the show!

  8. It,s funny that you mention the UN treaty will get Romney elected because of Obama,s record well if that,s true then they are both two little peas in a pod.

    • @Dan Hunter OF COURSE THEY ARE but such are the sheep and the NRAs we are “all in on Romney” stance. Also do note though I said it is an attempt to get Romney elected, not that it would work.

      Now I actually can make a case to vote for Romney for those (not me) that want to vote in the general election for a mainstream candidate. The case is simply all the lies that Obama has told, all the promises broken. If you do plan to vote in this election for someone other then say Gary Johnson well Romney is the better choice, not because he is a great guy. Simply because Obama made dozens of broken promises.

      In fact the truth is the people who should be most opposed to Obama are the people who supported him the first time around.

      • @

        One of my favorite quotes from “If I wanted to save america.”…

        “…a law is only a written command by another man…”

        …and is exactly the way I feel about ALL of the elites.

        I will most likely hold my nose,….again, and vote against obama.
        But,- Screw all of them.

        -Until they prove themselves worthy, “I will not comply!” has become my new motto.

        …history repeats, only it’s not “kings” this time……It’s presidents, senators, congressmen, traitorous supreme court judges.

      • good point about those who should be most upset at Obama… that’s me. While I am still proud to be able to say i voted for the first president of color, the best part is he proved that racism is stupid- color of skin has no bearing on a man’s character – because he has shown that a black man can be as bad a leader as a white man. Hopefully now, people will never have to mention a candidate’s skin color [i know, yeah right!]

  9. Jack thanks so much for your take on trying to move right now. I think due to the fact we’d have to lose to much principle to move my wife and I are gonna agressively pay down this mortgage and castle up here for the forseeable future. Thank God for real we have no HOA and decent neighbors. Thanks again for your work!

  10. Sorry to hear about the property. My wife and I are starting to look for a better place ourselves. The house we have in Tucson went from the 20 year house, to the five year house, to the “We would leave tomorrow if we could” house. Its amazing how what you want from a home changes as your goals change. Fortunately, we have the ability to move anywhere. Unfortunately, that leaves a lot of ground to look over. Good luck.

  11. Hey Jack,

    Great program as always. I always feel like I want to add to the discussion, but my understanding is quite lacking in most prepping areas.

    However, the subject of gasoline supply in IBC’s is something where I can add to the discussion. First of all, IBC stands for “Intermediate Bulk Container”. It is something that comes from shipping hazardous materials. The designation is quite technical so I will not go into that.

    As far as the issue with the bottom valve, yes that can be be a problem. Most likely, the caller bought an IBC that was designed for water or food application and not chemicals. What happens is that the ball valves have a seat in them. Chemicals will be absorbed into the seat and cause them to swell or even fail. This will make it difficult or impossible to turn. When buying the IBC’s for gasoline, you need to specify that fluid with the manufacturer. The supplier will recommend a compatible ball valve.

    The lid can also be a problem. He will have to get a cap that vents the gases or the plastic IBC’s can bulge and fail. They are not designed to hold pressure. The correct type of cap is a venting cap. Of course, this will be the same sort of problem as the plastic gas cans made for consumers. When it gets hot, they vent gas. When it cools down, they suck air into them.

    All around, I would not recommend plastic IBC’s for gas tanks. I would go with a metal tank specifically designed for that purpose. You have to be careful to paint and prevent corrosion and leaks, but metal tanks are the best for this application.

  12. I would have to agree that Instagram is pretty awesome. I don’t edit my photos, but I post a fair amount.. People post some dumb stuff, but it is cool to see what folks are working on. Most of the folks I follow post car, dog, and craftbeer pics. That just happens to be 3 of my favorite things. If you want to follow me on instagram follow Humblemechanic.

  13. Thanks Jack for such a good show. Well rounded.

    I did order Chef Keith’s cookbook and it is fabulous. Can’t say enough good about it. Plus you are correct about his steak rub. I mixed his chicken, steak and Italian rubs all together and marinated my chicken in that. Oh man was THAT ever fabulous. Num, num, num!!!

  14. Hey jack! im the one who asked the question about instagram! what you do is go to the app store on your iphone and download the app. its something you do from your smartphone not on your pc. I LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!!!!! thanks for all you do! You can find me on instagram at tommysabbah