Episode-1569- Listener Calls for 5-1-15 — 17 Comments

  1. I inferred, but did not say exactly, but the Grundig S450 AM/FM Shortwave radio in my blackout drawer DOES run on 4 D Cell batteries. So everything in the blackout drawer uses only 1 type of battery, and those are the D cell Alkaline Duracell batteries.

    Great SHOW !!!


  2. Hey Jack I am really interested in making swales with a plow. Any other info would be awesome.


  3. I will never understand open carry. If you have a gun exposed on your person, you afford those who would do harm to you the opportunity to (a) get the drop on you, (b) take out the known threat by putting a bullet in you before you ever knew what hit you, (c) disarming you at gunpoint. Open carry only makes sense to me in the outdoors but never in an urban or suburban setting. Concealed carry gives you the advantage over the wrongdoer and let’s you select the moment for an armed confrontation at a time that is of maximum advantage to you. Concealed carry also limits the stress to those who don’t care for guns to avoid having to see a .357 magnum when they are trying to enjoy breakfast at their local dining establishment.

    • I think I personally lean towards agreeing with you. The only meaningful counter argument I can think of, the nice thing about open carry is it does provide openness that somebody probably won’t take kindly to shenanigans. Most criminals aren’t really looking to get into a life and death gun battle/struggle so the likelihood of having your gun taken from you JUST because its on your hip, is probably unbelievably low. Now the chances it could be taken from you in a struggle is another situation.

      • Personally, if people want to “open carry, ” I’m ok with it. There is a certain percentage of the criminal element, however, that is not just criminally oriented, but they have bal*s… I used to work in the law enforcement profession and there are men out there who are not intimidated by firearms or those that possess them, i.e., your gun is only as good to you as your willingness to use it against them under lawful circumstances. If you pull your pistol or possess a pistol in their presence and they are of a mind to take it from you, you’d better be ready to use it or they will kill you with y our own firearm or whatever type of weapon they have on their person. This being said, concealed carry makes far more sense to me than open carry. Open carry telegraphs you as a threat to the evil doer and makes you a problem for them, potentially before you are ready to act. That’s just this man’s opinion. I’m no gun expert. I’m just a gun owner trying to use as much common sense as God has provided me.

        • This is why I like both. Your assessment of these thugs as fearless is totally misguided. You mistake confidence with fear. In other words I am confident I can get that gun before this guy shoots me. Either because he is weak and I can see it or he is in shitty shape and I am faster, etc.

          That thug in 99.9% of instances is still a coward if confidence in survival is low. So seeing a guy here and there with a gun and knowing many also carry concealed, goes into the head of these people. Sure that skinny old man with a 45 colt on his hip, I can bust his ass, take his gun and beat him with it, he can’t stop me. BUT if he has a gun, how many of these other people do too.

          The person who is so off the rails as to not fear death is irrelevant to this other than say with Bryan’s advice as to a retention holster. Frankly if you have ever played around with one, they are very effective. If you try to remove my gun from one, I am likely to cut your throat for your trouble and the gun will never be drawn. If your hand is on my gun, your body is open, so is your neck.

  4. Bees wax they have perfectly square silicone molds for more stack-able and slightly better looking wax molds.
    also bees wax is great to seal and protect iron tools. blacksmiths and love the stuff, just get the metal hot “no where near red” and rub on. you only need a very light coat… after it cools if you can see build up or flak it with a thumbnail you have too much. reheat it off and reapply or reheat and use a rag or paper towel to smooth out.

  5. Love the new format, honestly, I didn’t know how many members the expert council had.

  6. I’m just checking out of curiosity for reference… didn’t the MSB used to have a discount at 300$? I might have actually benefited from that one, highly unlikely I’ll be buying 500 or more in gold or silver at once for a long time.

    With the structure it’s at now the discounts are worth 1% at the points they first come online. It stands to reason more people might benefit from a simple [1% discount for purchases of over 500$, to a maximum of 10$ per order] rather than locking purchases into either 500$ or 1000$ blocks. [Unless of course the company is prepackaging those blocks. No clue of the MSB brings in enough business to make that worthwhile.]

  7. About the cedars. I would also wonder “what to do with the cedars” Meaning what can be done with the wood. I have a bunch on my property and before I cut them I need to do something with them. What are your ideas?

    • I had quite a few acres cleared of cedar tress but no erosion. I used a company called Cedar Eaters in Central TX. They used a big Cat with a drum grinder on it and ground down the trees to an inch below ground level. Now I have alot of mulch and shredded cedar that is decomposing. Not near as fine as chipping but much faster. 2-3min per tree. It is quite a sight to see.
      It was a bit more expensive but a much better alternative to dozing and burn piles….
      I had already spent days and days cutting with a pole saw and stacking in preparation for chipping. They accomplished the same amount in 15 minutes. Head slap moment….

      • I would hate to waste all that wood, I’m thinking of cutting it for firewood and selling it to yuppies in town for nice smelling outdoor firewood.

        Was also thinking of buying a personal saw mill and making planks for building around the farm like sheds and chicken coops.

        • It is fine for everything but reptiles, birds and amphibians. More proof that dinosaurs became birds.

  8. For the caller who asked about tent caterpillars here is my totally organic suggestion: Put up bluebird houses and establish a bluebird trail. Bluebirds LOVE to tear apart tent caterpillar nests and eat them up. Pretty soon you will not see anymore tent caterpillar nests as the bluebirds will eat the caterpillars before they get the tents made. I’m in year #7 of establishing a bluebird trail with the installation of bluebird houses and I haven’t seen a tent caterpillar nest in the walnut trees in at least 5 years.