Episode-885- Listener Calls for 4-20-12 — 26 Comments

    • Hi Brad, I store B99 and regular ULS Diesel. The research I’ve done shows that you can store all diesel almost indefinitely, as long as you keep it protected from light AND use a Biocide. If you don’t use a Biocide bacteria present in all diesel fuels will begin to replicate and consume the diesel producing a sludge/slime rendering the diesel useless in your engine(s). You can find diesel Biocide at Walmart and auto parts stores. Hope this helps

  1. Make that 48 other states…. You can’t buy a Berkey in Iowa because Iowa wants them to pay a fee to sell water filters or some such nonsense. Thankfully I have a sister-in-law in South Dakota.

  2. Clicked like yesterday and sent the info out to all in my email and facebook. Guess I will have to do it again today. 50 emails and to pass it on should have gotten more likes than that. It’s sad that with all the bad news, stupid videos that something like Bella Medical Ministries is having a hard time going viral. WTF?

    Come on people its just a click.

    Have a good weekend hope all is well with your wife.

  3. 🙂 Always funny to here how people from other countries think about your country. Most of it is true though, we are cheap, but messed up??? At least I am 🙂 But hey, lot’s of people from the US come here to be free since that’s is becoming quite impossible over there lately. But now we’re on that road…. in general we think of Belgians as stupid, Germans as stupid hole-diggers on our beache and bycicle thieves, South-Europeans as lazy, and people from the US as arrogant and ignorant

  4. I use the 275 gallon plastic tote that has the cage around them for water storage. Find them on craigslist for around 75-100 bucks. Paint them or wrap in plastic to inhibit algae growth. Have 4, stacked 2 high and connected to rain gutter. Got the idea from LDSPrepper on youtube.

  5. If yesterday’s listeners couldn’t tell, I (Brandon) was at a loss for words (that is rare, as I’m sure everyone noticed I can be a little talkative!) when Jack made his initial matching offer. Then the surprise of an increase on the FB “Like” offer on today’s show floored me/us! I just posted in yesterday’s show comments about BELLA’s feeling for this audience/community so I won’t double post. All I can say is thank you all from the bottom of my (and all of BELLA’s team members) heart! Please keep on spreading the word and helping us get to more locations to help more of His people. You guys are amazing. Thank you all & God bless!!

  6. On the feral hogs #1 check the liver if it is ok then go for it, but if you find it abnormal leave that hog lay, now that’s ok because you can kill as many as you wish well here in Texas any way.

    On the Stupid 3, Frank Sharp Jr., I have borrowed that saying for use when I have the bootcamp kids during the summer. I admit that I stole it, but it is for a good cause, you see I have court sentenced kids to bootcamp working on trails for a time each Summer and I tell them the stupid thing everyday. At last count the repeat rate dropped dramatically, they credit me , I credit stupid.

    Hope Dorothy is well and healing quickly, be well my brother.

    Great Day


    • Shorty, is that problem with the liver roundworm trichinosis? Would it be OK if you discarded the innards, froze the muscle meat of the hog for a month, and then cooked it above 400 degrees for an hour? Thanks.

      • Given the fact that I cook my own (I raised ’em) porkchops for about 6 minutes a side I am pretty sure there would be nothing left worth eating after 400 degrees for an hour.

      • Sorry to have taken so long. The liver is a signpost organ, should you see or feel anything abnormal with it there is a likely-hood that the meat may be contaminated with illness and should be left. The only way to tell is to lab test the meat. Cooking feral hog (pork), 400 degrees for an hour, may very well render a cinder, depending on the cut (lol), no honestly cook it as you normally would cook pork. As for the freezing – as normal.

  7. Hmm… “Dutch” ovens… gotta love ’em!!!
    agreed on the KSG.. Where THE HELL is it?

  8. One of my favorite uses for essential oils is pest control. I have a homemade bug spray that I use on people and surfaces inside, and then I’d make a stronger version (higher concentration) if I needed to deal with a problem like ant hills or other pests. The combo works great!

    Best of all, if you buy the component essential oils, you have control AND it always works out cheaper.

    FWIW, peppermint oil and spearmint oil are two magic bullets for ants.

  9. I love to hear that the gentleman found pre 1965 quarters. I have been searching through my change for the last week. I have come across two 1965 quarter. So Close 🙂

  10. Thank you for your continued excellence, Jack.

    Whatever happened to the swale/hugle culture update! I’ve been waiting with anticipation!!

  11. Jack,
    I usually agree with most everything you say, but as a designer of large, relocatable structures, I’ve got to take issue with the wide blanket you’re casting with the “anti-building code” rhetoric. While some aspects of building codes may seem over-the-top, the bulk of them are there for good reason. I have seen first-hand what happens when they are ignored. Here’s the Dallas Cowboys practice facility, built by one of our competitors, Summit Structures, LLC who thought cutting corners with regards to building codes would make them more profit. They had been doing it for years, so we were not surprised when this happened:

    It might seem like hooey to folks not in this line of work, but building codes are the reason that Bella Medical Ministries is raising money for Haiti and not south Florida.

  12. Comment for Tim AKA Old Grouch

    I have been VERY un-happy with the gas can’s I’ve been able to buy lately. I’m not as concerned about the fuel going bad in them as I rotate them quickly through tractors and lawn mowers, but the nozzles some government agency mandated a few years ago I consider un-usable. How well do the NATO Jerry cans you mentioned pour? Also will you be getting more in your store?

  13. What was the website that Old Grouch mentioned to find ethanol free gas? I expected to find it in the show notes but didn’t.

  14. Can’t help but feel the guy buying the quarters from the laundry mat is a little rude. If I’m trying to wash clothes and can’t because the quarter machine is empty then my life just got that much harder. If I owned the place then I need to go to the bank alot more often to get quarters and I lose business because my quarter machine is unreliable. I am all about using available resources but not so much at the expense of others.

  15. A bit late for the comment I know, but I’m getting caught up on shows.

    First on the less lethal ammo. The big reason LEO/mil people always advise against it is partially because it has absolutely no place in LEO/mil work. Either the tool is dedicated lethal or dedicated non lethal. I don’t know a single dept or agency that permits mixing of any sort. For home defense use there is a narrow use that people can consider, and that is front loading a shotgun so that a single less lethal round is in the chamber. You trade having a first round lethal shot for a margin of safety from kids or penetrating walls, and have the peace of mind of knowing you are shooting people too warped to back off after a first shoot has already been fired. I personally don’t do it, but I don’t discount the potential benefits either.

    On flying with potential improvised weapons, you want to have stuff that can cause damage, but isn’t / hasn’t / isn’t likely to ever be marketed as a weapon. That is just stupid given the language of the statutes. Ideal would be a nice metal pen. Even a plastic bic would make a decent weapon though so don’t discount whatever you happen to have. Something an executive type would carry is where you should be thinking though. The pharma promo pens tend to be about right. The viagra pen was one of my favorites. Big heavy metal body. Stiff as a… well I don’t think that was an accident… Whatever you do, don’t carry anything that says cold steel, S&W, kimber, etc. on it. That is just stupid. That silly little brand marking doesn’t make the pen any more or less of a weapon but it shows intent of carry. You want a 1x or 2x AA flashlight with a metal body. Something basic without the stupid tacticool beveled edges. Something in the 80 – 120 lumen range. I have two carabiners clipped to my carry on backpack. Generally speaking they are extra handles and something to clip water bottles to if I need them. They have never raised an eyebrow, but I certainly wouldn’t want to get punched in the face with one. 😉 I usually make a point of buying something in a glass bottle after I clear security. After I drink it, I refill it with water so I’m not carrying an empty bottle around. And if anything you have gets viewed as a weapon the response is something to the effect of “Really? Never thought of that. You need to take this?”. BFD if they take it.

    That all said, I’m not sure any of that will help you any without good solid training. If somebody were to try to mug you at your destination or cause trouble on the plane, your talisman won’t help you any if you can’t make good use of it, and I’m not sure how much worse off you are without your talisman if you have good solid training anyway.