Episode-1110- Listener Calls for 4-12-13 — 35 Comments

  1. It looks like the tsp mint is still closed. Too bad, there’s a sale price this weekend.

    • I saw that too. I wondered if it came up and promptly went back down based on silver pricing on Friday. Anyone know if that’s the case or if it never came up?

      • TSPMint will reopen on the 15th. I have split skulls, busted asses and opened a patented can of Spirko Whoopass on AOCS to insure that we take care of you guys. I wanted all back orders filled before the site came back up, the decision to keep it closed was mine as I insist on top notch service for my audience.

    • I checked this morning and they were still having problems. Can’t checkout after putting items in your basket.

  2. If the city that is the source of the sewage sludge (Milwaukee in the case of milorganite) has lot of metal plating companies. Heavy metal contamination is a real concern. I would not use it and I have no problem with using humanure.

  3. One tool that dispatches rabbits is “The Rabbit Wringer.” There may be others. I’ve seen one that a person made that was simply a board with an appropriate sized “V” cut into the end of the board.

  4. Just to comment on the above Milorganite sewage sludge from Milwaukee. I have tried it, but I must say that when wet it smells VERY much like what it is. And my olfactory sense is not that acute. Personal preference I guess, but I prefer the essence of cow, sheep, chicken, or horse manure to human or pig manure. Also, there is a lot of prescription and non-prescription drugs, medical waste, etc. being dumped into the sewage system I think – which makes one wonder —

    • You know what, Old Hickory makes a great inexpensive easy to care for knife, I should have mentioned them too. Thanks!

      • I liked that you mentioned Cutco, they make quality knives plus they are American made and carry lifetime warranty. I have used my Cutco Fillet knife on more deer and fish than I can count. Ebay is a great place to pick up some cutco products.

  5. Oh my gosh, Jack. I just heard you say that you thought a lot of us would love to have you come consult at our house (permaculture design), and I started laughing because I had that DREAM the other night. 🙂

    I know very little about gardening. And because I’m blind, I can’t just watch a video and get it right. So then I ask my neighbors who have successful gardens, but they’re all the “till, spray poison” folks, and when I say stuff like, “Couldn’t I use some mulch from Company Z on my garden,”, they say, “Oh, you can’t do that. That mulch is for trees and flowers. You don’t put thick wood mulch on food.”

    It’s really frustrating sometimes to know enough to be dangerous while lacking the skills to implement what you know is the right thing to do in your gut. Damn straight I’d love to hav eyou at my property, Brother! Maybe some day when I win the lottery, but then again, I probably wouldn’t stay here if that happened. 🙂

  6. Jack, regarding your comments in the beginning of the show I have this to say. I have been a a member for a little over a year now and you have proven yourself to be a trustworthy and dependable business unit. Not once have I felt I was being sold a product just to make a buck, it always sounds and feels like a person with true passion and dedication for the product he puts out. Thanks for what you do, its helped me more than you could ever know.

  7. I was missing John in WV too! LOVE his accent and his questions! It seems like he is always asking questions I have.

  8. Galvanized stock tanks for container gardening. Oh man, I like that. I could litter the yard with those, but at $200 a piece, maybe not. Ok, just one. One could also hoop house those so you would not have to dig the hoop endtrails out of the snow to harvest. And galvanized means years of rust free operation..

    • A drive around farm country will often find dozens of them doing nothing that can be had for pennies on the dollar. Also does Canada have something akin to Craig’s list. I see tanks on sale on CL all the time.

      • Yes we do Jack, as well as Kijiji and a local site I’ve searched all of them to no avail. I’ve tried ‘stock tank’, ‘cattle tank’ , ‘watering tank’ etc. I have been to the local farmers coop here and have seen them but didn’t price them and it never dawned on me to use them as containers. Our local Home Hardware (Canada) has them, but they are pricey. It’s just one of those things where you remain patient and they will show up. But, what a great idea. Also as I approach *50*, something up higher off the ground makes sense. And since I live alone, I can do with my property as I please. I could have just one dedicated to Jalapenos. And even if I dropped $200 bucks, that is galvanized man, that will outlive me. I could put straw bales around it in the winter; particularly if I sow carrots. Mind spinning..

        • Let me add cinder blocks are about 1.50 a piece and 6 inches high. Take 12 bucks worth of them and even the bigger 2 foot tanks are now 30 inches high at the top. Talk about no bending. You also get some really cool “storage” space under there where almost no one would ever look.

  9. Regarding using railroad ties as fence posts: They make GREAT corner posts that will last you a lifetime. Yes, it’s a PITA to dig the holes, (I’ve used both manual post hole diggers and hydraulic), but if you only use them for the corners, they are wonderful.

  10. Money is fluid it’s always moving somewhere. If banks are not making money from lending then they have to invest somewhere, maybe the stock market. Coal is still being mined but being sold to China. Question what can compete with the BRICS maybe a North American currency. Three countries with lots of energy resources, farmland, mining, labor, capital markets, and military power, sounds like a good combination.

    • Really are you really advocating for the Amero or is that just sarcasm we can’t hear though the text.

  11. Not advocating always thinking of what could be in order to plan out possible investing ideas. I think about what could be a backup plan to a currency crisis. I think about the dollar not being the world reserve currency. In a crisis people are willing to do things they normally wouldn’t.

    • The problem with the Amero theory is Mexico has zero economic power and Canada is a fraction of what the US is. There is no economic advantage to an Amero at all, it could be sold as such but it just isn’t the case.

  12. Off subject but its been buggin the hell out of me. What is that two word frase for someone who lives in the present and isn’t worried about the future?

    • I think being present is a joy! It lets us take a breath and relaxes us to further our goals for the future. It’s that time of day when we’re in our garden or enjoying the basics of life that fills us with ecstasy about being alive. It makes us cherish life, and at those moments we don’t really care who is president. From that state of bliss, we calm ourselves, bolden the love of ourselves and others and our country. From that state of bliss there is a surge of ideas and motivations which allows us to create a better future for what we love.

      • Jack had a show a while back about a fictional story of people who lived down stream from a dam, the dam was going to break and flood all the people who lived there. But the people dindt care because it was so far away into the future. I think the phrase was something like “____ bias”. It’ll come to me thanks anyways.

  13. Mexico has mining, oil and gas, farmland, and labor force. Canada has mining, oil and gas, stable economy. About 500 million people all together. Hard assets to back a currency. Not promoting just looking at things from a different view.

    • Expecting a US merger with Canada and Mexico to correct US economic weakness is like expecting that Bank of America could be bailed out by merging with the Mayberry Credit Union.

  14. Jack, do you know where the food forest in Helena will be located at? You may not know the area well enough to give such a specific answer but I live in the Helena area and hadn’t heard anything about it except through TSP! Unfortunately, I just bought an 11 acre plot with a house that needs a lot of work so I probably won’t be able to make it for the actual event but I would to see the results afterward.

  15. Yes, I am using the RR ties for Corner posts in some very mucky soil and I want something as stable and long lived as possible. I am doing some stretches of high tensile and want solid corners to pull against.

    It just got me thinking when Jack made some comments about the dyed mulch, and I am looking at 5 of the Dye IBC’s in my yard that we are using as rain barrels. Currently, I use them to water areas we have mulched so I am essentially adding more dye to the already mulched areas but at some point, as I consider them well enough rinsed, I will use them to water the gardens, woody beds, mushroom beds etc.

    That thought led to thinking about the RR ties, and then thinking of the beds at Jack’s house that I had seen, and some former comments about a shooting berm I think it was, or something utilizing RR ties.

    Like so many things on the show, even if I don’t always agree, I am certainly learning, and sometimes, I find that things I don’t agree with, after I study on it a bit, and am open to other ideas, maybe a different way is better.

    Thanks so much for all you do Jack.

  16. Yo Eric from Long Island… If you’re coming south for your move, I’d be more than happy to hold on to everything for you till you ‘escape form new york’. I’m in south east PA. Holler if you don’t have another or better option!


  17. Just wanted to mention that I have a friend that runs a deer processing business and he uses Victorinox blades for his butchering needs. Usually they aren’t that expensive and have good quality.