Episode-856- Listener Calls for 3-9-12 — 85 Comments

  1. Interesting point about households “doubling up”. I’ve been thinking of it in the reverse of the caller on the show-so many of our older generation are living independently–all alone in a big house because they have been able to afford that luxury. I can see that parents are going to have to start moving in with their kids as money continues to get tight (or their pensions are cut, or taxes go up, or whatever).

    While in the long run I think a multigenerational home will be very helpful for the family unit-I think that psychologically there are going to be some big issues-both on the part of the older parent who expected to be independent and now can’t, and for the kids who thought that they were going to have their home to themselves and now have Mom (or MIL) underfoot. Especially if the ladies of the house don’t get along.

    I know that this is not related to the school tax issue–but its part & parcel of the whole doubling up.

  2. Great advice on the credit card. Glad to know at least some can use common sense and basic math. It’s following blindly without looking at and understanding all the options with pros and cons that get you in to money troubles. Good for you and good for the caller!

  3. I am glad somebody else said the Patriots book was a horribly awesome book. I Read the book based on your recommendation and I liked it but, it just didn’t flow and just wasn’t written well, and the book just didn’t work. Thanks for the show…

  4. Speaking of rattlesnakes, there was an interview yesterday on How To Do Everything with someone who catches rattlesnakes with his mouth and alleges he has been bitten the most.

    The KelTec is a great recommendation for a small, lightweight gun when running!

  5. Quick warning on using a zero interest card to pay off other debt. Do not use the card for any other transaction ever besides the first payoff. Even if you get gas on the card for $50 they will begin charging you a high interest on the 50, until you have paid the initial amount off. It works on a First in first out method. The transfer check is zero% interest but further purchases are not. The only way out if you make this mistake is rolling the entire balance of this card into a different zero interest transfer. Hope this helps someone out there.

  6. Hello Jack,

    I think who is elected President most certainly makes a difference. If you want an example, look at how the Heller vs DC case went, and that the narrow majority (5 votes) were all from Justices that were nominated by Republican Presidents. All of them nominated by Democrats voted against the 2nd Amendment being an individual right.
    Do you think Two Justices Nominated by President Kerry would have stood on the side of the 2nd Amendment?

    It seems you’re not taking into account where the main drivers of our debt came from in the first place, and under what President these systems came about. What are the major drivers of our debt? Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid (defense is another one). What party did the Presidents who passed those programs belong to? Are you willing to say that it didn’t matter what President was in office that allowed those things to pass?

    So, I can’t agree with your logic that only one President mattered. Eisenhower might not have caused damage, but you can’t ignore the fact of who CAUSED the damage in the first place that is plaguing us today–the main drivers of that being FDR and Johnson.

    You mentioned Obamacare not being repealed by Romney (should he win). That might be true. But, isn’t the relevant question whether it would have existed in the first place had Obama NOT been elected? Would McCain have eliminated our Debt problems, or IMPROVED our personal liberty? Highly unlikely. But we probably wouldn’t have this Healthcare Law we do now either.

    Remember the circles of concern vs circles of influence? Well, I’m CONCERNED about the fact that we’re in debt spiral. That’s outside of my influence to correct, if Ron Paul isn’t the Nominee (and perhaps not even then). What I CAN influence is what additional damage is done. Unfortunately, the reality is that the choice is between X damage or something less than X damage.

    The choice the American public made in Electing FDR (or Johnson via Kennedy) had a massive influence on our Debt Today, and that we elected Obama (one of the biggest spenders ever) will have an effect on our Debt Tomorrow. The Magnitude of damage is Compounded going forward, so even though McCain might not have REVERSED course, it isn’t likely we’d have this large of an expansion either.

    It ALL matters in my view, and most people are impacted by these thousands of actions of Each President in various ways.

    • @KAM and if the politicians piss in your boot and say it is rain you will believe that too right?

      Who did W try to put on the court? Harriet Meyers remember that one? Seriously if you think that anything is going to change you just are not paying attention to reality here. For each and EVERY place things might be different and slightly better under a republican there will be another place where far worse.

      Get it thought your head man, LIBERTY is or is not. Just because the R attacks liberty on one front and the D attacks it on another doesn’t make any difference. One may be more of a threat to the 2nd amendment the other the 1st. So which frikening rite do I shit on to protect the other?

      No more. Like I said you do what you want but I will never vote for a traitor to the constitution for any political office. All of the current front runners are just that. Romney is a traitor to the constitution as is Newt as is Rick so go ahead vote for a traitor and tell me how that is going to help us out.

      Revolutions require sacrifice, not a willingness to accept one slave master who is more kind to you than the other.

      • @Jack,

        You wanted an example–I gave you several. You want to argue with historical events, go ahead. There are differences. That’s not me ACCEPTING what they do as good–its acknowledging factual events.

        Just to be clear–I’m not asking you to vote for Romney or anyone else. I’m telling you that I think you are wrong if you think that who is elected doesn’t make a difference. History and fact tell me otherwise.

        Also, you seem to be under the impression that I’m tolerant of someone who attacks one right and not the other. You’d be incorrect.

        How will it help voting for a “traitor.” Well, it won’t. The question is which traitor will harm me more.

        Revolution? Slave Master? Unless you’re wholly independent of government, and I doubt you are (I’m certainly not), then we’re going to be “accepting” the same slave master regardless of how you or I choose to vote.

        I’m fully aware that I’m going to be getting the lesser of two evils. That is better than getting the worst of two evils.

        Are you more principled than I am? Maybe you are. But I think you’re wrong if you claim that who gets elected makes no difference.

        • @both of you, Think about this, if the votes come in and the vote is split 3 ways, no matter who wins the people will have spoken and shown their displeasure of the 2 candidates by voting for a 3rd candidate.
          That is how the “change” will begin, there really is no other way to open up the eyes of those who “stick with the establishmentn.

  7. Great show Jack! It’s amazing what a community can accomplish when they work together and are free from government interferences.

  8. a little thought experiment.. which do you think would make a bigger difference:

    – voting for {the other party} (the opposite of the one ‘in power’)
    – if 30% of the population voted for a libertarian or other ‘3rd party’ candidate (even if they didn’t win)

    • @Insidious 30% would, it would make many of the others realize there is hope, that they are not alone, etc.

      I wish they had an option for NONE OF THE ABOVE on the ballot. If none wins the majority the whole thing is a do over and we get a new group of candidates to vote for.

    • Adding to your thought experiment, if NONE was an option on the ballot how many people that currently don’t vote because they know their vote is wasted anyway might come out and vote?

    • as long as I’ve been eligible to vote, I’ve felt that my options were:

      the serial rapist
      the mass murderer

      hmm.. which one to choose.. don’t want to ‘throw away’ my vote!

      who should I choose, hitler or stalin?

      If ‘None of the Above’ is the only honorable choice, then how can it be the wrong one?

    • how many people cast their vote in the last presidential election? roughly 40% of the population of the US. Look at the primary vote in Missouri. Santorum won with 138,957 votes. That is 2.5% of the population of Missouri. What a joke!! Paul got 30,641 votes. All we needed was 2% of voters to vote for what they believe and the game completely changes, but people are too busy saying there vote doesn’t count. If people want their vote to count the primary elections are the place to do it. your voice is much louder in a smaller crowd.

      • turn off Fox News people!!! all that fair and balanced bs. they show you prelim results in percentages because they don’t want you to feel like you count. that is also why they don’t tell you how many people the polled when they came up with those percentages either, because its statistically insignificant, the significance is that people buy that crap. its all about the numbers

  9. .
    Great episode today! Three quick points.

    On snakes.
    I wondered why you didn’t keep the snake that bit you in PA. and take it to the hospital for staff verification.
    And, would it have been possible to use the venom from that very snake that bit you to make the anti-venom for you, or is it more complex than I’m making it?

    On voting (with great respect)-
    As for ME personally, I agree with our Founders- who basically said, ‘a two-party system would kill the Republic’.
    And “I” MYSELF am FIERCELY Independent! (No ‘D’ or ‘R’).
    I’m not trying to sway YOUR vote either. But sadly , I will pull the lever for the friken’ “R”, -but ONLY- ONLY because their is no “C” (constitution) party-YET.
    I think “perhaps” what the caller (BOB?) meant was, as you well know, we’re now trapped in a vicious terrible cycle…
    ….and yes, herded like cattle to pick one side or the other,
    ….and yes, our “choice” is already made for us by the time we even get to vote.
    ….and yes, we could – SHOULD- have stood up 20+ years ago.
    But we are TOO close to complete and utter destruction- WORLD WIDE- to risk Obama getting reelected, and we must stop him at ANY cost when it comes to the election.
    …And yes, even holding our nose and voting for some “assclown” we may not completely agree with in order to save what’s left of the Republic and our Constitution.
    Because, how can a house divided stand? – meaning, spreading our vote so Obama wins?
    I share you DISDAIN for ALL politicians, BUT, I can not in good conscience sacrifice what little we have left.

    On public filming of public servants.-
    I had a “fireman” actually tell me to stop videoing and taking pictures of a pickup truck that crashed in my own front yard (no victims inside) –
    What is it with the “public servants” mind set?? I guess it’s the old axiom “Power corrupts…”

    • you may want to check this out:

      how will ‘more of the same’, ‘save us’ from the consequences of our actions?

      the herd is thundering towards a cliff. its time to leave the herd.. and all you have to do to accomplish that is stop. right where you are.

    • @TrekFanDan

      1. Snakes – Mostly I didn’t take the damn thing to the hospital because I was a stupid kid and gambled that the docs would listen to and believe my ID on the snake. Fortunately it paid off and they did. The doc was a country boy and knew another one when he saw one. It was a STUPID risk, because they may have postponed treatment in another circumstance. Mainly I did it because I don’t like senseless deaths and I knew they would kill the snake. On the Crofab (anti venom) it is rare for it to be given for a copper head bite to begin with and no you can’t do it that way. It is a long complicated process.

      2. You are wasting you vote dude. But that is your right. The R won’t be any better. Not even a LITTLE BIT this time around not even in the few areas where the R is usually better. The current group are traitors and thieves even more so than in the past. I would take Billy C or Jimmy C over any of these idiots and I hated both of them. The current election is nothing but a WWE Wrestling match. Theater for the masses, it won’t change anything unless we change our behavior and break the cycle.

      3. I hope you filmed on anyway. If I am ever arrested in my life it is likely to be over this issue. I will never back down on it. I will submit to arrest but I won’t turn the camera off.

    • @ Insidious

      I’m not saying you or Jack are wrong, hardley. I am with you.
      All I’m saying is if we all vote our personal favorite this election the WORST will happen.
      We have a tiger by the tail in our 2 party system, and if we let go…we all get eaten.
      Sadly I’d rather hang on until we as constitutionalists are better organized around one candadate.

      i.e. -If I vote for Ted Nugent, you vote for Rand Paul(or whomever), Jack votes for Ron Paul, etc. – then that horses ass Obama wins by default (or OUR FAULT) –
      -then we can all stand around and point blame each other while the country goes to hell- and ALL of OUR rights are trampled further into the dirt.
      (And yes I actually wrote in Ted once, for a local office)- and I also voted for a third party option for president in the past, … it FELT GOOD , but got us nowhere.
      I still respect you both for your choices- that is what freedom is all about.

      • @TrekFanDan

        Tell me one thing that Romney’s record shows he would do different than Obama? One?

        • @ Jack

          I don’t like Romney either Jack. I’m not sure who would be “the guy”- or gal, that’s for the Constitution- “maybe” Judge Napolitano ? I like him a lot , but he’s not running.
          Truth be told – last go-round I voted for Palin- NOT McCain, now even Palin is saying seemingly wacky things.
          I like many things Ron Paul says, some others not so much.

      • @ TrekFanDan

        Ask yourself:
        > How many people don’t vote because they feel their vote makes no difference (the candidates are indistinguishable and equally repugnant)?
        > How many people vote for clown, D or R, because for ‘this election’ they are the least repugnant?
        > Is there any difference (to the outcome) between a ‘real vote’ (you wholly support the candidate) and a ‘no choice’ vote (you feel they are the least repugnant)

        If you truly believe there is any difference between Obama and Obama lite, vote your belief.

        But don’t do it saying ‘I have no choice but to..’ that’s BS. You do have a choice. You can choose to play ‘their game’ or you can choose not to.

        You can choose to believe their ‘story’ about what the election of puppet ‘D’ or puppet ‘R’ will ‘mean’ to the United States and the world.

        Or you can realize that its just a fairy tale designed to scare you into a cycle of hope and fear. Hope and fear, hope and fear, over and over.

        What do you need THEM for? Really? Is that true?

        I’m in agreement that we’re hurtling towards a cliff, but I don’t believe ANY solution is going to come from THEM.

        So I’m not going to endorse either fascist. I’m withholding my energy and my approval from the entire circus.

        I’d rather do that than hear a newly elected candidate crowing over how my vote has handed him ‘a mandate of the people’.

        [sry for the soapbox. can’t take ‘we have to..’ talk. its a lie.]

    • @ Insidious

      Maybe you should read my posts a little slower- we are in agreement for the most part.
      I never said ‘we have to’ anywhere in my posts.
      What I said was ‘if we do’ , that’s a statement in fact.
      “If we DO” spread out our vote – Obama wins- period.

      I guess you are referring to my original post…
      “….and yes, we could – SHOULD- have stood up 20+ years ago.
      But we are TOO close to complete and utter destruction- WORLD WIDE- to risk Obama getting reelected, and we must stop him at ANY cost when it comes to the election.
      …And yes, even holding our nose and voting for some “assclown” we may not completely agree with in order to save what’s left of the Republic and our Constitution.
      Because, how can a house divided stand? – meaning, spreading our vote so Obama wins?
      I share you DISDAIN for ALL politicians, BUT, I can not in good conscience sacrifice what little we have left…”
      I am heavily in to knowing what’s going on in politics, and I hate the system more than you can possibly imagine. And I’m not going to list my reasons here.
      Just remember-
      ‘… all that evil needs to endure – is that good men do nothing’

      Vote or don’t vote, the way you choose.
      But please dont put words in my mouth.

      Boy, they even have like minded people going at each other.

      • @ TrekFanDan

        Yes. I should read more slowly, and probably ponder for a while before firing off heated replies.

        And I’m not in anyway attacking you or your views.

        What I hear you saying is:
        – We are close to destruction
        – Obama is the problem. If he is elected we will be destroyed
        – If someone else is elected we will not be destroyed
        – Therefore, we must all collectively vote for not-Obama

        Where we differ is that I don’t believe that Obama is THE problem (just a symptom). Nor do I believe that any of the Republican candidates (excluding Paul) are anything but Obama clones. So I don’t believe that voting for any of them will be an improve our odds of avoiding destruction.

        my apologies if you feel i’m putting words in your mouth, it was not my intention.


        p.s. don’t know if you’ve read the hunger games.. but if so ‘remember who the enemy is..’ is excellent advice. neither you, nor anyone else expressing their opinions here is ‘the enemy’ [not even you KAM! =) ] I’d be glad to argue over a beer with any of you anytime.


        • @insidious,

          HAHA! Not even me. Well, thanks. 🙂
          I guess I’m the “Establishment” member of the community.

          Its amazing that we’ve got people that are probably on the same page in most things being so seemingly in disagreement.

          I’m finding myself in closer agreement with TrekFanDan, and less with what Jack and you have expressed.

          I think the only real difference is that you and Jack seem to be more focused on the overall trajectory, but I am looking at the smaller ups and downs on the way.

          I think we all agree Romney isn’t going to make the fundamental CORRECTIONS needed to save the Country. However, I happen to think that what happens WITHIN this decline is important and effects us all. Simply stated, I just don’t see it as all or nothing.

          It’s funny that in Jack’s words I’m “accepting a slave master.” To people in other places, I’m a “radical for liberty.”

          I know what Jack is saying when he says he isn’t going to vote for these schmucks on principle. That’s great, but votes win elections. It is a harshly practical matter.

          The real question is how to get libertarian (notice the small l) candidates to win. We simply aren’t there. I’d be you can get every single “unprincipled” voter (like me) who prefers a libertarian, and I’m doubtful we’d have enough votes.

          Despite coming in 3rd and 4th Ron Paul is actually making amazing strides forward, but it still isn’t enough to get elected.

      • ‘It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.’
        – W. Edwards Deming

    • .
      @ Insidious,

      I too must apologize, …I didn’t mean to get so verbose here today.
      And perhaps I vented a little too much.
      You were ‘basically’ correct what you were hearing me say. And you certainly have the right to express your point of view._ Sorry if I took it the wrong way.
      Obama may be an overall symptom, But he IS the one bypassing the Constitution, congress etc., ….I guess I’d just rather take the “slower” path to destruction.

      … My youngest daughter knows I am a SciFi & Fantasy nut and mentioned “the hunger games” to me a while back.
      I havent had a chance to start reading it yet, and now there’s a movie ?- I guess I’d better read fast 😉

      • @TrekFanDan,

        I’m with you on the “slower path to destruction.” It sucks to realize that there is no one that’s going to be elected that is going to reverse course as needed.

        There’s another aspect to this however. I don’t see ANY politician (Ron Paul included) as the SOLUTION. All politicians are a “necessary evil” in my view. So even Ron Paul is the lesser of X evils when it comes down to it.

        But as much as my PRINCIPLES would direct me otherwise, I’m still subject to the constraints of living under this government, and as much as I’d like it, we aren’t likely to have a Libertarian Revolution on a national scale.

        What I’m not going to do is say that someone isn’t “libertarian enough” or make enemies out of people that agree with me 90+% of the time. I’ve got plenty of “enemies” who are opposed to nearly everything I believe in to battle.

        Insidious is right–we aren’t enemies here.

        • @KAM

          I’m with ya KAM-
          no enemies here, the enemy is not us- it’s them-
          Those who try to usurp the Constitution by trampling on the Greatest Document ever created by man.
          Unfortunatly, they are the lying -thieving scumbags in the Whitehouse/Congress and passing laws written by others- without reading them first.

          And I hate labels. -Save one –
          … a “Constitutionalist”! That’s what we ALL should be.

          …..liberal, libertarian, conservative, moderate.
          Look at history, liberal used to mean an entirely different thing- until the progressives renamed themselves liberal.

          I ended up having to describe myself as a….
          “Moderately- liberal- conservative” -ridiculous.
          I am a Constitutionalist, or at the very least a Libertarian.
          (I know I’m preaching to the choir.)
          I’d gladly have a cold beer with you and anyone else here.

  10. I’ve been griping about the “stop resisting!!!” for years.

    You know darn well that if someone were REALLY resisting then there wouldn’t be 10 cops yelling “stop resisting.”

    • @Andrew’ Stop resisting should tip off any jury member to bullshit. I have seen people actual resist arrest when it happens the cops never and I mean never say “stop resisting”, the put the assclown on his face and cuff him.

      I saw two cops bust a guy (who needed it at DFW Airport) this was before 911 and I was inside the terminal waiting on a fried to come in. Some drunk tool comes running with two cops in pursuit. They tackled him, hand cuffed him and put his arms at a 90 degree angle to the ground, with that he stopped resisting.

      When a good cop feels a person is really honestly resisting a legit arrest they take them down. When a cop starts shoving and pushing and shouting and saying “stop resisting” in my experience it is a bullshit arrest.

      See the issue is a cop has no right to tell you to stop filming, there is nothing illegal about doing it. So when you say no they “invent a charge”, and let me tell you I have heard more than one cop say that before. If you commit a crime in public the cops can, do and should use any video or recording against you. No warrant is needed as no expectation of privacy exists in public. LEOs that don’t get it already need to learn it is a two way street. Being an officer is an honor and a privilege but it doesn’t grant privilege or require others to honor you when you are acting like an asshole and breaking your oath.

    • I 100% agree that LEOs need to be held accountable for their actions and that we have a right to videotape or photograph them in public. That being said, I believe you’re missing a very important perspective. Criminals are not stupid and they have taken to using tactics involving cameras against Law Enforcement. I’ve seen “training videos” showing footage taken during encounters in which the guy goes back over the video showing weak points when the officer could be attacked and such. There have been instances when cameras were used as a distraction to take the officers attention off the true threat. Most of my experiences, though, have been with what I like to call “As Seen on TV Lawyers” that come wielding a camera trying to provoke an officer or trying to claim what the officer is doing is unlawful or unconstitutional based on what they saw on some fictional TV show. The best way to handle these people is to dismantle their arguments by knowing the law and the Constitution very well. For some reason these videos don’t make it to YouTube and not because I took the camera and erased them. I’d like to urge people that if they do decide videotape all their encounters with police please do so with the same level of respect that they would normally exhibit (unless the LEO is in fact doing something illegal or immoral) and keep the officer’s safety in mind. I say this because most people tend to turn into total ass clowns just because the film is rolling as if they have to show off for their buddies. In regards to safety, the officer has no idea what your intentions are unless you tell him. Let him know that you’re just videotaping, maintain a safe distance and refrain from yelling obscenities at him while he is trying to do his job. Just my 2 cents.

  11. Hey Eric,
    Not to undermine Victory Seeds, but I trade and grow out tobacco seeds every year on the… I have virginia gold and red russian and would be happy to send some to you for free… or better if you have some seed of any kind to trade. email me at!

    FYI, the next year, tobacco seeds make a great barter item for all kinds of other seeds. I have personally traded with people from almost every continent on the Earth!

    • @Clayton, hell you ain’t undermining anyone you are a huge part of this community too.

    • Thanks Jack and Clayton, since I left that message I actually found some on Craigslist for less than $10. I will be exploring both Victory and heirloom seed swap for the other vegetables I’ll be growing this year.

      I was more disappointed than anything the day I called.. I was so excited looking forward to going into the co-op, buying a few seeds, and talk shop with local homesteaders. I couldn’t believe everything there was GMO, and nothing for a homesteader there.

      Jack I love the show! I listen more for the politics, but I am a homesteader too. I’m more in to permaculture with my orchard and vineyard, but I have about 1.5 acres now for farming too. 2 years ago it was all sand with a 4.0 Ph, now I’m looking at 6.5 Ph after 2 years of lime. I can’t wait to see my crops grow!

      Thanks again to you both,

  12. Jack,
    Thanks for the comment on snakes. Killing ANYTHING without understanding and respecting its place in the ecosystem is NOT permaculture.

    I added a nice big rock pile for my snakes.

    I would however love to know what grasshoppers provide, besides snake and bird food (they can’t be ALL bad). Of course that’s also a larger grasshopper vs. ants question, so ’emergency protein’ may make some people squeamish.


    • @Insidious, with wings picked off and legs plucked off roasted grasshopper isn’t even half bad. You want to roast them till they are crispy. Yes I am serious we used to cook them while fishing when I was a kid, a better use is bait and cook the fish but honestly most people would like it if they got past the yuck factor. Don’t eat them big legs though, man they get stuck in your craw and smaller is better. Little ones say an inch or inch and a half the insides roast dry, bigger ones, uh, lets just say they create a “reaction” when you bite into them.

      Now the best use of a grasshopper is likely turkey food, turkeys LOVE THEM and about 7 kilos of grasshopper converts to 1 kilo of turkey according to Bill Mollison.

      Funny thing is we have lots of hopppers here and they don’t really bother my crops at all. Now them fricken tomato worms and squash bugs those are an issue. I don’t understand what purpose squash bugs and vine borers serve myself but I know they serve some purpose.

    • @ Insidious
      Agreed, I’m in my forties, and I have only killed two deliberately my whole life. The rest I leave alone. They serve a purpose too.

      One cottonmouth, and one 5 1/2 foot eastern rattler.
      The former was right off a heavily used trail in a campground (Lots of kids),… the rattler was in a pre-development area where I was frequently land surveying on a daily basis, my rodman almost stepped on it. If I wasn’t on the clock I would have relocated it.
      But, I took the rattler home and cleaned it, (and to my suprise found a squirrel in its stomach with half the fur missing)- I ate the snake, but buried the squirrel.

    • Grasshoppers can be roasted dry, pounded with a rock – then made into a tea (and for what it is worth – it is the only way I have found to make termites and ants tasty enough to consume).

  13. Oh yeah, and Jack… I couldn’t agree more with you.
    Leave the fricken SNAKES alone… Unless you want to be up to your knees in rats, mice, and other vermin! I will move snakes to the hay shed an make it cozy for them!

    • Agree completely. Leave the snakes alone. There is rarely a need to kill a snake.

      It drives me nuts. I had a black rat snake crawling across my yard. My dogs found it, but I was there, so kept them away. I allowed it safe passage. Talking to my neighbor the next day I found that he saw it (or one just like it) in his yard. He killed it with a shovel. His reason? He didn’t want it to hurt his 8 y.o. daughter. I tried to explain that it was no threat to his daughter, but it mostly fell on deaf ears.

  14. Just found your blog last week, and I must say the common sense and blunt Truth you dish out has earned my respect and support.

    Thank you for your explanation on why voting Republican is not a wise conservative choice. Ron Paul is the only choice.

  15. In Libertarian Party internal elections, there is always the choice of NOTA– None of the Above. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could do that in a general election, to vote None of the Freaking Above Assclowns? Then a lot of non-voters would vote, just to vote against the statists like Romney/ Gingrich/ Santorum/ Obama. BTW do not take this as an endorsement of the LP candidate (who will, unfortunately, probably be a carpetbagger) or of the LP. After 11 years of activism there, I’ve left the Party entirely, and am currently a Colorado Independent.

  16. Two more comments– back in 1999 I rather stupidly killed a bullsnake. When we donated the body to the Pueblo Raptor Center and they identified it, the lady at the center cried over the snake. I felt terrible. Stopped by the bookstore on the way back, and my friend Kuma said “Heck, you got more to worry about with hantavirus in your deer mice, and last I reckoned, snakes EAT mice.” True words I’ve not forgotten, and a snake ID book got bought that day. I still don’t like snakes, but we at least know more of what we have, and no, we haven’t killed another. Sometimes take pictures, though.

    Also on the squash borers– try rat-tail radish. They are supposed to help repel squash borer. I’ve only had that problem one year, so I haven’t tried this idea for myself. The deal is, you have to let the radish bloom. That’s why I recommend rat-tails– they are bred for their unripe seed pods, so they can be mature enough to provide protection.

  17. I’m glad after I was a guest on the show I came over here and talked to the listeners. Jack was in Vegas and I wanted to connect with the audience. I just wanted to support the show and answer questions, but I didn’t want it to look like I was trying to push myself on your listeners, Jack, so your comment about guests supporting the community made me smile.

    Although I’m busy on my own site doing my own thing, I will always be a TSP listener and I love you guys.

    Ps don’t forget to change the clocks Sat night.

    TSP is a special place and people need to realize how special this community is. These things don’t just happen. Jack works his tail off to make this site the phenomenon it is, and make no mistake…this site is phenomenal.



    • @Dan I don’t think I said it because I went into travel mode but THANK YOU for valuing the community enough to answer comments in your episode.

  18. Jack,

    In my daily email update from GB, I saw you(Modern Survivalist) was doing an interview tonight. Outstanding. I hope your are reaching new crowds. I dont pay for GBTV, but its nice to see more common sense being promoted.

    • (O.K., This is getting weird,

      first, I am a suscriber to GBTV- how did I not know this?-

      I was just telling my wife, last night I think, “I wish that Glenn would get rid of the hollywood BS-like Independance USA – and hire REAL preppers like Jack and certain others on you tube, and have a weekly show called “Preppers Weekly”- or “Preppers Daily”, heck anything without doomsday in the title.”

      ….sorry for butting in – it just felt like a Twilight Zone moment.)

  19. On water quality from wells – bore holes are potential downward migration pathways for contaminants. Not all bore holes for wells are cemented in place properly; runoff can migrate between the casing and the wall of the bore. Not all abandoned well bores are plugged properly; runoff can migrate down these bore holes. Not all owners of wells keep nasty chemicals away from their well heads. Not all aquifers have a suitable aquaclude to prevent surface water in-migration from the soil layers above, no matter the depth to water (e.g. alluvial soils and sands, no matter how thick, will not prevent contaminants from entering an aquifer below without a sufficient aquaclude.) Not all aquifers are the same regarding water transport times (sand vs. fractured limestone, for example.)

    Not all livestock are kept at a 50-foot distance from a potable water well head. People who live in rural areas with large cattle populations and who use groundwater from a well might consider increasing the frequency with which they test for coliform bacteria and other critters (or concentrate their expanded testing after springtime runoff events.)

    Water wells which are susceptible to surface water runoff contribute to Groundwater Under Direct Influence of Surface Water (do a search for “GWUDI”.) Groundwater Under Direct Influence of surface water can include aquifers which have ‘breaches’ to the surface, shallow aquifers, and Karst (broken/fractured) limestone aquifers to name just a few examples.

    I spent many, many, many hours in the early-90’s investigating and documenting the aquaclude (thickness of clay layer) boundaries of most all of the public water supply wells in Texas for an EPA-funded program. BTW, a 50-foot aggregate of clay layers between the surface and the water-bearing strata was considered a sufficient aquaclude (also referred to as an aquatard.)

    The primary lesson I took from that three-year experience (apart from the attendant disgust for “our” “government” in “action”) is to always test your potable water sources … rigorously … from multiple POE’s (points of entry = well-head, pressure tank, faucets, spigots, sinks, taps) … that is the only way to track down contamination infiltration. Secondary lesson learned – clean and/or replace your filtration media as prescribed by the manufacturer … and be diligent about it.

    I presently use well water that I have tested twice per year. You better believe I looked up the driller’s log for my well and have assured myself that it is rather well protected with a thick aquaclude. The water is not perfect, so I found a very affordable Terminox filter and built my own mini-water treatment shed. The raw water from my well has sulfur and iron bacteria. But my water treatment facility is more than adequate to make my household water quite acceptable. But it is impossible to know the status of the well bores drilled into this same strata and if there might be any groundwater intrusion of contaminants, so I will always err on the side of safety with my water. I’ve owned my Berkey water filter system since 2003 and I plan on buying another one later this year. I’ve have yet to find a fault with my Berkey filtration system. It gives me total confidence in the quality of the water that goes into my body. No affiliation with Berkey or any distributors … just a happy prepper in the water filtration department.

  20. @KAM starting a new tree as we went pretty far on the last one. In your last reply you stated,

    “I think the only real difference is that you and Jack seem to be more focused on the overall trajectory, but I am looking at the smaller ups and downs on the way.”

    Yep and that is the point! If people actually started even a few at a time to think for themselves and VOTE FOR WHAT THEY BELIEVE we could effect the long term trajectory. You are advocating the concept of driving at the cliff at 50 MPH on a 60 degree angle instead of at 65 MPH at a 75 degree angle and actually saying you see the cliff but trying to also say it really matters which angle and how fast we are going when we turn in turn into Wile-E-Coyote and plummet into a puff at the bottom of a 8000 foot cliff.

    I and others are now waking up to the cliff and saying slowing down a bit and changing the angle of impact isn’t good enough. So how many people need to acknowledge the cliff and push the break before you will too? Specifically since you see the cliff? When will you join us hitting the break?

    Consider the nation a train. Most of the people are bitching about whether there is white or red wine for dinner as thought it will make a difference when we hit the end of the tracks at the rim of the grand canyon. What you are saying to me is, well yea we are screwed but at least the red wine will make the plummet feel better. I invite you to join us (the few sane people) and begin to scream to the other bystanders by taking a stand and saying to them HEY AHOLES THE CLIFF IS COMING. You don’t do that by debating the angle and speed we travel to our demise at.

    • @Jack,

      Well, there is very little light between us on this issue. I’m not disagreeing about where we are heading or even SAYING we aren’t.

      Believe me when I say, people who know me, understand that I’m an ADVOCATE for libertarianism, and I HAVE sounded the alarm about the cliff–in my circle of influence.

      However, I don’t agree that the differences are as trivial as Red or white wine. Going back 100 years a different choice along they way COULD have changed where we are today. The rate of the decline IS important to me, and a very practical issue. I’m NOT ready for this cliff. I can’t afford to give up that extra 2, 3-4 years, or even one.

      You’re farther along the path of personal independence/liberty than I am. I’m playing catch-up. It isn’t a matter of disagreement, its a matter of hard practical matters.

      I respect the choice you’re making with your vote, but even if you disagree with my reasoning or think I’m making a mistake, I know you respect the right for every individual to make their own choice.

  21. @KAM & @TrekFanDan

    My concern & focus is on US Government 2.0

    As you know, Congress just passed HR 347 (no protest near Secret Service) with a vote of 388 to 3. Now I see that law as blatantly against what ‘our government’ is supposed to stand for (as detailed in the constitution). As a percentage, 99.2% of congress voted AGAINST the constitution.

    This is of course, one case. But I think its indicative of the level of rot and corruption in the national government.

    In my limited understanding of history, when a government reaches a certain level of rot/weakness, or the people reach a point where their lives are unbearable and they can’t take it anymore, the government is replaced.

    My concern, is with what. A refresh of constitutional values, or a Hitler?

    In my opinion, when its time to make that decision, there should be no compromise. We should know, and be living and demonstrating what sort of communal life we want.

    We’ll need strong men of integrity who haven’t compromised their values out of ‘political expediency’ or for anything else.

    Now is the time to set the example for those future leaders. Not by being ‘pragmatic’, but by being uncompromising, stubborn and pigheaded. By doing nothing but what we believe is ‘right’.

    completely and totally IMHO. =) [not there myself, so I’m a hypocrite. but i’m working on it]

    • @insidious,

      Well, I’ve been of the mind that our politicians have been violating the Constitution for 20 years or so. 20 years later, here we are. Wouldn’t it be simpler in some ways if the world REALIZED this is where we are, so we could begin to resolve it? We aren’t there, or even close.

      Honestly, I’m really not placing much faith in the effect of an effort to vote for Ron Paul, if he isn’t on the ballot (or even if he is, and doesn’t win). Does anyone remember Ross Perot? He won almost 19% of the Popular Vote in 1992. While he didn’t parallel Ron Paul’s views, he was an anti-establishment vote.

      What was the result? Well, likely Bill Clinton was elected (and we got an “assault weapons ban”) instead of Bush Sr. But did it change the shape of American politics? I don’t think it did. 20% of the vote AGAINST the Republican and Democrat and nothing changed.

      Exactly what are you expecting is going to change if Ron Paul gets 10% of the vote, or even 20%? Is there even a coherent set of principles that Ron Paul voters share? Do we have a Revolution in Thought approaching 20 million people or are we a collection of people ranging from Anti-War to Pro-Pot to Anti-Fed to Pro Liberty, to simple contrarian?

      And you know–Ron Paul is still a compromise. If we’re talking about principles, he’s not my idealogical twin. Is he closer than the others–darn right, but a compromise is still a compromise. He’s still the best amongst imperfect choices.

      As I said before–Ron Paul is still a politician, and I don’t look at ANY politician as my savior. They are all necessary evils in my view. I think way too much emphasis has been put on Ron Paul, and what happens when he doesn’t win (Jack has actually talked about this a bit).

      I guess bottom line–I think we’re fooling ourselves if we think that EVERY election isn’t some form of compromise. I don’t like it, but unfortunately, I think it is true.

      In any case–I appreciate all of you fellow’s thoughtfulness on this issue. I’d rather stand beside any of you guys than the best politician out there.

      • @KAM actually Perot is a perfect example of what COULD have been a great move for the nation. If Perot had run a intelligent campaign the second time around instead of the in and out and in and out that killed off his campaign. Or had he stepped aside and brought in a solid candidate to run for the party the third party would have gotten more than 15% of the vote two cycles in a row.

        Do you have any idea what that would have done? It would have made the American Independent Party a full party and it would have allowed federal election funding of the Party. In short we were a hair away from a legitimate and fully functional third party choice.

        You are also assuming that Bush Sr. would not have signed the AWB, he likely would have. He son said he would have if the bill came to his desk for renewal.

        • @Jack,

          Well, yes, I am aware of what could have been (but wasn’t). What did happen, is that it fell apart–DESPITE coming that far.

          If I’m not mistaken, the Reform Party DID receive Federal Election money (checked quickly–12.6 Million) for Buchanan’s run for President. Of course, by today’s standard, that’s nothing.

          The Reform party quickly descended into chaos, and infighting. I suspect this is because they had little binding it together other than dislike of Republicans and Democrats, and were just a group of people that were dissatisfied (for good reason perhaps).

          Dissatisfaction (by this example) is apparently not enough to make a third party take off–even when you attract 20% of the popular vote.

          I mentioned this, because it is important to avoid the mistakes the Reform party made if a viable third party is EVER to exist. I don’t consider it likely, but still hold onto some hope that the current two-party monopoly can be broken.

  22. Jack,
    Haven’t gotten through the whole show yet because there is so much to take in. Thanks for that. I paused at the point where you were talking about school taxes. I live in New York State and it seems that we have the same or similar school tax systems. I am wondering, is it different in different states? Also, I believe this is the best country in the world, however hypothetically is there another country where the school systems are not socialized?

  23. Jack,
    A comment about poison control: A few years ago when my daughter was about 1 she got ahold of her diaper cream and ate it. I called poison control immediately as suggested by the container. I was told, “Don’t worry, it’s not toxic.” WTF! Anyway, I didn’t really have a point here. Just thought it would be interesting.

  24. Great ammo podcast. By far the best explanation I’ve EVER come across, thanks!

  25. Jack,
    You might want to check with Jeff, but the last time I checked, the Berkey filters are not approved for sale in the Peoples Republic of California. There are sellers that will ship them here, but Jeff will not, or at least would not when I bought mine. We wound up picking up ours when visiting relatives in another state.

    We love our Berkey Light, and use it daily!

  26. As a retired 20 year veteran of LA & San Diego Sheriff’s Depts. I think you are right on about rogue cops, documenting their public actions and who is responsible for correcting them. I will only add that when I hear/ see the citizen abuse (which is definitely on the rise for several reasons) my first thought is piss poor management and supervisors. Rogue cops always have a history of that abuse, and continue only because management allows it. If I was abused I would pray for someone to video it, and I would go after the cops history in my complaint, and not let up on the pressure if they try and sluff me off.

  27. Jack,

    I would like to share your rant about voting with friends, as many of them feel the same way that you and I do. I think this would be a good way to help get them interested in your show. Could you make a clip of the call, and your response for me to share on facebook, etc. Or if you already have, could you point me to it?

  28. G’day,

    Two points about snakes:

    1. Snakes are good tucker – an excellent reason to kill them.
    2. There are poisonous snakes (the Rhabdophis Keelback for example).

    Thanks for the show.

    • What the hell is tuker, if you mean eating I take no exception with killing a snake to eat it. I take huge exception to killing simply because it is a snake.

      Two the keelback is the ONLY exception and irrelevant in the US.

  29. Thanks for another great show. I hope that you do use other “experts” within the TSP community to help answer listener questions. I think that it will help elevate the show even more by using guests that are obviously in-sync with the audience.

    I also do appreciate your support of those in law enforcement who do their job and do take their oath as a public servant seriously.

  30. on the wasted vote call, I stopped what I was doing and just sat and waited for the rant. My father and I have been having the same “discussions”. Comments on both sides could have come straight off my facebook page. “But, but this time is worse”, “a vote for Paul won’t do anything”, and my favorite “not voting is a vote for Obama”. Yeah right, the results of voting for the lesser of two evils will be my fault if I don’t vote for the lesser of two evils. Change will never ever be brought about by people doing the same thing over and over; it won’t. At some point people have to start doing the right thing – instead of what is safe, politic, and popular.

  31. Re: jogging guns
    I often run with a Smith and Wesson 442 (hammerless 5-shot .38sp) in a small SmartCarry marsupial holster. Conceals very well, very stable, and doesn’t interfere with your workout. Also would work well for either gender.
    This is similar to the .357mag that Jack mentioned. Out of the 1.8″ barrel, the .357mag offers no significant advantage as a round, and the gun is more expensive. Just a thought. The .357mag models are built a little beefier, but on the other hand you still probably want one of the aluminum alloy frames anyway. They make some very light variants. The 442/642 are in the middle of the price/weight trade-off, and are very popular for a reason.

  32. Jogging Guns:
    I am happy with my muy-reliable ultralight Ruger LCR (38+P) with added Crimson Trace laser grips. Less expensive then S&W, super light weight, hammerless, and a very popular cop backup gun with Speer LE hollow points.

  33. I read a book that supports your discussion related to the generational morals swing over a three generation period. It is titled, The Fourth Turning by William Strauss.

    I like the idea of the expert panel., brings variety to an already well structured format. Also, I find that over time your oratory skills have become very polished, but I suppose that they have always been with you, being one who has advised Trump.

    Great shows.

  34. Re: Multi Generational Living- We currently have three generations on our 5 acres. Its worked out wonderfully. By pooling to generations worth of resources its allowed us access to land that would have been otherwise un reachable in our area.

    Re Voting- Can’t agree more. I have been voting outside the two party system for many years now. In fact I am going to start using the word “Delusional” in my arguments with friends on the matter. I’d like nothing more than to see spirited debates between the Libertarian Party and the Constitutional Party on exactly how far to go and how fast we can make government smaller.

    Re: Jogging while armed- I have a Kel Tec .32 with a waist band clip on it that clips to my jogging shorts or pants and it light enough to not be a hindrance. And after Jack’s recent show in the small differences in ballistics and can now tell .32 detractors to pound sand.

    Great show!

  35. Good show, good advice all around.

    We have black rat snakes in our attic and walls, they love to kill off the mice that come in from the countryside. When we first moved into our place, we found an old shed skin in the attic, took it to our local experts just to make sure, and sure enough, we have some interesting neighbors making good use of space we don’t. Only down side has been when one of their babies did not have the sense to not take a nap wrapped around the refrigerator compressor fan…

    On carry, I too will mention very specifically the KelTec P32, but for a different reason. Far more options. The only times i’ve considered a snake a possible threat (possible, never had to shoot) is very similar to what Jack’s saying here, it’ll be close enough to hit it. The only times I’ve found myself in that situation i did not always have optimum mobility and draw. In this case, the KelTec P11 is rough if you have to fire off hand, it’s trigger is stiffer than their other pistols. The PF9 is very snappy to the point of almost jumping out of your off hand if you are really not ready for it when fired off handed with one hand. The P3AT I cannot vouch for, but my trusty P32 fits beautifully with me when I sleep outdoors, fits well in the special stuff pocket of my sleeping bag, and it’s so damn easy to shoot that off hand is smooth, easy and just as accurate even for many beginner shooters as the primary hand. That belt clip or the lanyard both keep it available and give you many options of where to put it as your situations change throughout the day and night. Never have I owned such a versatile carry piece.

    Voting, spot on Jack.

    On cops: there’s a simple reality here. Police are people. If you can put 1000 people in a room and tell me that there is not one who is problematic, I’d call you a liar. Now consider there’s hundreds of thousands of officers out there, and you have a reality.

  36. It was great seeing your interview on GBTV! My two shows I listen to daily are yours and GBTV.

  37. If one was to read a speech by Obama/Romney/Santorum/Gingrich with names, parties, and mainstream/election year talking points removed, you cound not tell me which one actually said it.

    There’s a reason that law abiding and pro police citizens are still leary of them(police).

  38. Snakes. I’m against copperheads in my yard. Years back back youngest was in the backyard and her older brother told her to freeze, she almost stepped on a copperhead. He pinned it down with a stick then chopped it’s head off with a shovel. Then he said let me find the other one. Seems they travel in 2’s. Not the first nor last time they’ve been in our yard. Not the same as out jogging but I don’t want copperheads in my yard, nor do I want to pick them up and relocate them. Rat snakes and others we leave alone.

    Then there are those who see any snake in the road and make sure they run over it several times.

  39. I agree with using the 0% card & the logic. As an added step I’d suggest close the card account after the transfer. That way, you won’t be tempted to buy more shit with it.

  40. I one of the reasons I bought my Ruger LCP because I heard Texas Gov Rick Perry carries one while jogging. He actually dispatched a coyote with one while jogging. So I thought if he carries one while jogging, I can carry it all day and I can. Sometimes I forget I am carrying it.
    All of the small 380s would fit the bill.

  41. Jack,
    Is there a link to the episode involving the fellows which were arrested for questioning the judge, which you referred to in this episode?


  42. re: photos of the police in action.
    For those that still don’t believe.
    Here is the URL of a popular blogger/photographer that was falsely arrested in Miami while covering OWS actions and the police response. He was not resisting and the wrongs done by the police are completely transparent. And ALL of this was caught on video.
    Certainly not a proud moment for the police and the arresting officer was latter ridiculed by other officers in internal newsletters.
    Very revealing.
    Thanks for everything you do.
    Jim in Ca.

  43. Just the push the concept of bad cop a little further. Any police officer that arrests someone for something that isn’t against the non-aggression principle is committing kidnapping. So lets make an example. A police officer that arrests a nonviolent drug offender. The law itself is unjust and so a cop that arrests someone for that just because it’s the “law” is non thinking and no more human because we need to think for ourselves and do what is right.

    I will defend the cops sometimes they probably don’t even know if the person is innocent or not since a bureaucrat could have signed a peace of paper to bring that person in. But it is the policeman’s duty to look at the piece of paper to determine if it is a just arrest. Liberty dictates that we are all responsible for our own actions.

    As for voting third party. What’s it really matter. If our local governments are fascists then how do we expect to change some government in some far off land? First, start with yourself, your family, your community, your larger community, your state, then maybe we can talk about the federal government. Oh, wait, if we start with the individual and the local governments first there will be no need to change the federal government because we will all be ignoring them by that point and they will have no more power.