Episode-870- Listener Calls for 3-30-12 — 25 Comments

  1. My experience with quail is with Scaled Quail, not Gambel’s or CA Quail, which is what the caller has. They are, however in the same genus (Callipepla) My experience is that feeding birdseed (yes millet blend) does a huge amount towards keeping them happy. I absolutely endorse feeding them into happiness– they will still get into a garden, even with a fence, but then they will primarily eat INSECTS not PLANTS. The quail then turn into a HUGE asset. I am actually DEPENDING on my quail as my primary “pesticide”. I’ve been conditioning my quail all winter with birdseed. “PE-cos!” is a sweet call to my ears.

    Clarification as asked for. I stated medicinal herbs as compared to culinary herbs (oh, I have 60-70 parsley going, lots of chives and garlic, plenty of other culinary and some sage) as the majority of my culinary herbs are going into other beds per companion guilding. Saffron is an interesting thought, as are lemongrass (in pot, for me) and feverfew. Lavender is probably going to my north slope (seeds from my mom’s lavender, and hopefully cuttings and baby lavenders soon), and echinacea is on my east slope. Ginseng won’t grow here. Dandelion is something I am considering. Mints prefer more humidity than I can seem to offer.

    Another leach field question. Is there a way to play on the edges of a leach field for a pure windbreak (no edible portion) tree that is full-sized and able to deal with the wind? How far from the edge of the leach must I go, and will there be an edge where the trees would still get the additional water and nutrients but not screw up the field? I’m all too aware of the expense of re-digging a leach but ours is currently certified as fully operational. I’ve had plants as tall as (wild “Maximillan” sunflower) on there without trouble.

    • Thanks for the thoughts on quail. I finally ended up putting bird netting over my beds, and that solved the problem. I’m using the Dalen brand netting, you can find on Amazon.

      Of course I can’t net up my whole yard, so I’m still having problems with them eating other things that are not in my main beds. Interestingly, the HOA I’m in recently added a ban on feeding millet to birds, I guess due to the high pigeon population. I’ll try it anyway though – can always apologize later if caught I suppose. Hopefully they switch to eating bugs soon…

  2. @Jack,

    I think a series on the Constitution would be interesting. I’m not for a Audio-Version however.

    A show focusing on an Amendment (acknowledging a given right(s)) and some historical perspective on the origin, and then the way the government is treating these prohibitions today–violations, key cases, etc would be instructive.

    Similarly, you could talk about the Enumerated powers, the background and how those have been exceeded. The Commerce Clause alone could probably fill a dozen shows.

    You mentioned the current Obamacare case that was before the court this week. There is a lot of talk about other cases, and precedent and such, but a lot of that is very misleading. Just because a particular court violated or allowed the violation of Constitution in the past is not a good reason to keep doing it.

    A few case studies of how liberty is eroded step by step (often via court cases) and how generation after generation is inured to these violations would also be instructive.

  3. Someone sent me a video of a lecture given by Allan Savory and that’s where I first heard about how ruminant animals could be the solution of desertification of the land. Shows examples of what they’ve done in Africa and Mexico.
    The 12min extracts of the lecture, but if you have the time for the hour long version there is a link in the description of that one.

    • It would be nice if Jack could interview someone from the Savory Institute on this topic. Years ago I saw slides of the changes in Zimbabwe that were very impressive. I seem to remember him building wooden walls to prevent predators from seeing his cattle at night and to concentrate manure. He had slides of an elephant viewing bunker that is no longer in use because the elephants don’t come to that watering hole anymore. If I remember correctly, he had water 1 km higher on his land than they had ever had before so the elephants have other options. The pictures of his fence lines were also impressive.

  4. Jack,

    Thanks for answering the chop and drop question. You affirmed the approach I had planned (and wanted) to take. FYI, the invasive species in question are multiflora and bush (amur) honeysuckle. The honeysuckle was brought into the midwest as a landscaping shrub. It is everywhere and has nearly taken over. It if had more redeeming qualities, I wouldn’t care so much. But it has non-edible berries with little wildlife value, and it’s choking out my wild raspberries, elderberries, and blackberries.

    So at least there’s “good stuff” waiting in the wings if I can beat back the honeysuckle.

  5. On an audio version of the Constitution, just Google audiobook us constitution and you can find many to choose from, both free and $$.

  6. Jack I know you can get an audio version of the constitution and declaration of independence anywhere, but I’d much rather hear it from you! Maybe some comentary on the amendments between each amendment? Also focusing on the amendments from 1913.

  7. I have been through a long, grueling process in buying a house. The majority of my investments are in precious metal. The lenders HATE THAT. There is a great local metals provider (Royal Metals) that I buy from and they had to jump through all kinds of hoops to help me prove how much metal I have. Since it’s not “paper” (ie: electronic funds) the banksters can’t steal it (like they did in 2008…thank you Lehman Brothers & evil friends). I had some cash on hand but was NOT allowed to use that because I had no proof where it came from!!! How insane is that?

  8. Jack,
    Loved the comments on ‘chop and drop’. Its amazing how beautifully and perfectly nature works when you stop and think instead of just doing what ‘you’ve been told’. The comments about ‘drop it when its going to stay wet’ was a big ‘duh’ for me. =)

    Q) Would there be any value in sowing an annual at the same time you’re doing the chop and drop to out compete any seeds dropped by the ‘chop’? (Thinking some fast growing nitrogen fixer)

  9. Michael Badnarik is THE Constitution man. Go to Constitution Preservation plus there are multiple listings on Google. I have been to his class and it was one of the greatest experiences of my entire life. I cannot say enough good about this man. Check into him. Plus he would be a superior guest for this show. I have encouraged this before, but now that it has be addressed, I must express again that everyone would benefit by having Michael as a guest. <classes; his website

  10. I love the idea of the reading of the declaration of independence and/or constitution. However I think it should be a stand-alone show or shows for the purposes of future download or search.

  11. Jack, I’d love to hear you read the Declaration and share your interpretations and understandings of it. I’m a direct descendent of a Signer, Carter Braxton. In another time, that would be enough to get me a phoney baloney civil service job from Virginia, but alas, those days are long gone and I need to actually bust my hump.

    I think the Constitution has potential, but the listeners would be better entertained and informed by you breaking it up into sections, perhaps a show a week.

    Keep up the great work!

  12. Great show. I’m a new listener, but wanted to say something in response to the chop and drop portion of the show. I am a forestry student about to graduate, and a few other students and I have somewhat made a pack to use herbicides as little as possible. Especially glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round Up. I agree 100% on a more natural approach of removing undesirables. Glyphosate has such a devastating effect on every living thing it comes in contact with, especially the soil. Which is very much alive and will remain so even with heavy applications of the herbicide. Like you said in the show, there is a natural laying effect of plant life, and if one doesn’t fill a void in that order, nature will. The same is true in the soil. Glyphosate kills the beneficial bacteria and fungus networks and creates a void. But since nature rarely leaves a void, “bad” or undesirable bacteria fill in. We’ve seen this on a massive scale in our agriculture. From the crops to the animals, us included, are all experiencing the effects of its use on our health. Basically, the use of these products to remove an “undesirable” species, could potently create an undesirable, below the forest floor.
    Just wanted you to know that there are, at least a few, new foresters about to enter the woods that will at least offer the land owner an alternative to chemicals.

    Thanks for doing what you do.

    • @ Joseph,

      Glad you commented on that, Joseph. On one hand, the forester was all about letting nature do it’s thing rather than fighting it. But his recommend of using glyphosphate wasn’t an isolated one…it came up several times as a means to get rid of invasives and also for site-preparation (e.g., to kill grass) before planing new trees. I asked about using cardboard and wood chip mulch, and he said you could do that on small areas, but warned me that mice and voles may invade and gird the roots of newly planted trees.

  13. I think that going through the constitution a piece at a time would be great. So few people have taken the time to really understand our founding documents.

  14. Jared; I agree with you and I think that it is our Politicians who haven’t heard the word constitution since high school

  15. I bought my home late last year with only 5% down, and bought out the PMI fees UP FRONT. Buying it all at once at closing was much much cheaper than paying for it in payments. If you can or feel you must put 20% down great, but there are options. For us living in our crumby apartment for another year or more was a greater burden than the extra cash to have a home and breathing room. I have no regrets for that decision.

  16. Btr constitutional radio has a podcast where he went through the constitution with comments and what the language of the times ment it’s on itunes