Episode-1724- Listener Calls for 2-4-16 — 27 Comments

  1. Can’t wait to listen to the Briggs-Meyers part.

    We have this ‘What is your colour’ thing I had to do an online survey for. The group meeting is tomorrow. Luckily we are getting 40cms of snow (16″) so I hope it is delayed. I’m weird enough compared to my ‘townie’ co-workers. So, I’d rather not be put on ‘a list’

    • I endorse the Briggs-Myers test. My wife and I are not the same type of personality. Our personalities complement each other. I don’t want to call certain aspects of our personalities weak or strong but in the areas where I prefer to dominate, she couldn’t care less, and where she prefers to dominate, I’m happy to let her do so. Together we get most things done automatically.

      We do have areas of conflict. At those times we work it out this way…

      Whenever we must make a decision, we discuss it. If my wife agrees with my solution, we do things MY way. If she disagrees with my solution, we do things HER way.

      See? Nice and even. 🙂

      Alex Shrugged

      • For what it is worth INTJ are the most likely profile to be upset by an ESTP.

        Also I definitely am and Aspie which is odd to be an E with, but I trained myself to be so. The STP was hard wired, ISTP is a difficult cross to bear. The personality assessments make it sound great, trust me it ain’t.

        Imagine being everything I am and being but being an introvert! All the knowledge to share, the ideas to reveal and having people tell you to follow the rules, what you want to do won’t work, not be taken seriously.

        That is the life an ISTP which means you can indeed change your personality type if you really want to.

        Briggs-Meyer’s Jung says they are all equal, no, no they are not. None alone may make you a better man than the next but some traits are like oil and water, they do not merge together well.

  2. Jase Robertson is right handed and as a child he was the worst shot in the Duck Dynasty clan, they took him to an eye doctor and discovered he was left eye dominate.
    He switched to shooting left handed and in just a couple of years he was and still is the best shot out of all of them

  3. Jack,
    I heard your suggestion on training your off hand during the cross dominate shooting question and thought I throw in one more thought. There is reasonable belief that handedness is a major factor in both behavior and learning with some in the psychology field. Learned about that 10 years ago in college, but I imagine good info is available on the web.

    From that I took it upon myself to become as good with my left hand as my right, and while I failed I can eat with both hands relativity well and even use chopsticks with both. It’s a great trick whenever we go out for Chinese. I don’t know if it has helped, but I sure have not regretted it.

    So I throw a full endorsement for anyone trying improve function in his/her off hand.


  4. Little Boxes written by Malvina Reynolds for her friend Pete Seeger, who popularized it.

    • Yea I found that when I dug into it, I played the Walk of the Earth version because the person who sent it to me mentioned them.

      FWIW Weeds played Malvina’s version at first and over the series started playing tons of different versions including the one I played on air, there are even some with a metal tone believe it or not.

      That song was the only good thing about my wife watching that stupid series.

  5. Hey Jack, I really appreciated your explanation of the NAP with respect to a Nation. It brought up a lot of things I hadn’t considered and moved it in another direction with respect to taxes.

    What I was curious about specifically, is how the NAP functions with respect to violence, the progression/escalation/ and use of violence, on individual levels up to a National level. I have a hard time wrapping my head around this as it involves more than an individual.

    I should have been more specific in my original question, but you took it in a unexpected but informative way regardless. Maybe this would be a show unto itself, I am not sure. Thanks for your time.

    • The basics of the NAP are you use only sufficient force for defense.

      You push me, I am not really harmed I deescalate and defuse with a clear message that that better be the end. You come at me again, I use enough force based on the situation to counter your aggression. Not to sound to geeky but the way a Shaolin monk fights. They will kill you, but if one does, you had it coming.

      You should call back in for next Friday that is a good angle to explore as well.

      For now think about it this way, imagine a society where 85% are committed to the NAP, would you even need a police force? Even the shoving above, imaging you shove me, everyone in the area says “hey you can’t do that, you need to leave now”. What real potential for escalation of violence exists there? Keep in mind the others follow the NAP as well, only force sufficient to respond to the threat. You don’t lynch a guy for shoving someone.

    • The prime example of state vs nation is the state Israel vs the Jewish people. Judaism is a nation with an official religion. You follow the religion, or you don’t follow the religion, but you are still part of the People of Israel…. a nation. Since 1948, a state of Israel exists. As a Jew I can make a claim to citizenship in the state of Israel… or not. My choice.

      There are Jewish laws, and Israeli state laws. Israeli laws only apply to me when I am in the state of Israel. Jewish laws apply to me wherever I am. Most of them make sense. Some do not. It is like being in the military. The commanding officer says to do it that way so you do it that way, if for no other reason than for good order and discipline. Military laws apply to the military wherever they go. Any military personnel traveling in the United States civilian areas must comply with the civilian laws… like the local traffic laws for example.

      Are all Jews supposed to follow Jewish laws? Yes.

      Are all Jews compelled to follow Jewish laws? No.

      Are there laws for non-Jews? Yes. A few. If you are living in a state with civilian laws and judges you already have most of it covered. If you are following the 10 Commandments, even better. Just don’t eat a living animal and you got it.

      Are non-Jews compelled to follow these basic laws? No.

      Of course in the state of Israel if you try to blow people up they’ll shoot you dead in the street and some Israelis will feel really bad about it… later…. much later. So don’t try to blow people up in the state of Israel. Outside of the state Israel, the basic rules of state self-defense apply. As individuals, the accepted laws of personal self-defense apply.

      It can work because it has worked.

      (FYI, I am not promoting Judaism. I am using it as an example. It really is like signing up with the military. Most of the terms that Christianity and Judaism use are actually old military terms… like “holy” which is a defensive battlement and “commandment” which implies a military command of 1,000 men.)

      We return you to your regularly scheduled program.

      Alex Shrugged

    • To clarify… courts of law are needed for basic order. If someone murders my brother, I am NOT allowed to track down the murderer and shoot him dead. I need a court of law. The same applies to laws of equity. If I believe I am owed money but the guy who owes it to me will not pay, I need a court of law to compel him or decide he doesn’t owe the money. I can’t just go over there and take it out of his hide.

      So… some state services are needed in any well-organized society. How we pay for them is another matter. In Jewish law such things are paid for in property taxes… a sort of tithe…. 10% of the corner of our fields and whatever the harvesters drop goes to the poor. If the community needed more for a temporary emergency, they borrowed the money, and paid it back.

      You can see problems with this system, no doubt, but there are ways to abuse any system. The limit on the abuse of power is good character. No law can turn a bad man into good. However, one can use a man’s bad character to do good. That is allowed.

      Alex Shrugged

  6. To add to your commentary on the Jung test, I took the test a year ago(intj) and I believe it helped me make sense of the questions I had of myself. But, more importantly, I had my wife take the test(esfj) and it helped us better understand what makes each other tick.

  7. Children should take Meyers Brigg test and parents would be able to help and guide them according to the test results.

  8. Jack,

    A note on Cross-eye dominance.

    For pistol, it’s very trainable to continue shooting with your dominant hand, and shifting the sights cross-body to your dominant eye. It sounds extreme but it is a very slight adjustment and once trained, your body sees it as natural. I am a testament to this and was given this instruction around 2004. Additionally, since switching I can now keep both eyes open when using pistol.

    Doesn’t work with a rifle and as you stated, shooting right handed (left eye dominant) I HAVE to close my left eye or it will take over the focus and I’ll be looking sideways at my rifle sights. When I shoot rifle left handed (with left eye dominance), I can keep both eyes open.

    P.S. If you are using a red dot sight, be it pistol or rifle, eye dominance doesn’t matter as long as you can see the dot and place it on the target, that’s where the bullet will go.

  9. Listening to the comments about stop loss, I was kind of taken aback. I’d heard nothing about it and all I could find was this article about it.

    Its interesting that I hadn’t heard anything from my brokerage about this, especially since I have some standing orders.

    This article
    seems to suggest that the exchange can do what it wants, but lots of brokerages monitor and submit the order to the exchange as a market order when the limit is reached. So this may be much ado about nothing, although Merrill Lynch and company may not take them anymore… others may.

  10. Regarding right-left eye dominance. I have neither. It is a defect. I have compensated but I largely have double-vision that is corrected using prisms in my glasses. The fact that I have no eye dominance is either a fortuitous accident or an adaptation as I was growing up. I was simply ignoring what I was seeing in one eye while looking through the other and I switched back and forth. I was told that if I had not done exactly that, I would have gone blind in one eye as my brain shut off the offending vision.

    In my 30s, the eye doctor finally caught the discrepancy in my vision when she asked me, “How many lights do you see?” I saw five lights. There were actually three.

    “There… Are… Four… Lights!” shouted Captain Picard in defiance of his captors.

    Alex Shrugged

  11. For Rich (Rick?) who was looking at land in Valley Forge, PA…
    Come up 476 a bit to the Lansdale area! I just bought a house here about 6 months ago and was amazed at the differences in law in different areas of PA. In the next town over from me, Hatfield, you need a permit to paint a shed in your backyard. Me? I need a permit to build a house or barn. Taxes are also lower.
    Land up here isn’t cheap, but it’s less so than Valley Forge (we looked there, too), and there are at least three places on my street available right now. Two full houses and an empty plot of land. All of which would work as small farmsteads.

  12. I’m an INTP. Sometimes it helps to know that and sometimes it doesn’t. The weaknesses seem to ring true more than anything and it helps to know what those are. I guess it can also make you feel a little less freakish when there’s a name for what you are. What’s probably the most useful is knowing what your significant other is and how it relates to your type. I definitely have problems with the test but still think it’s worth taking.

  13. John from Illinois,
    I’m right handed and WAS left eye dominant. I wore a contact lens in just my right eye and dominant eye switched after 30 days or so. You still have to know how to shoot left handed though. It’s not just a matter of mirroring what you do right handed either. Everything is a little different when you switch sides because of where the ejection port is in relation to your Sagittal plane and where your hands are placed on the guns.

  14. Regarding working with the offhand, I’m going to start using my trackball with my off hand. Since I sit at a computer all day anyway.