Episode-1221- Listener Calls for 2-20-09 (orig epi 145) — 11 Comments

  1. excellent rerun. I didn’t get to read the show notes first but I recognized that first caller right away (even talking through that star he always has over his face).

  2. I was listening to reruns last two weeks and this one came up. I thought I recognized the voice. Love the books! Very well done!

  3. I like the idea of repeating some of the shows. It makes it easier for us old timers not to have to go digging for them and also brings newer listeners up to speed.

    • You are not sure what happened, let me tell you then, bitching isn’t really appreciated especially bitching about the fact that I am rerunning some older shows. If you don’t like them, don’t listen. But don’t go bitching in the comments about it like a spoiled child that didn’t get what he wanted for Christmas. So that is what happened to it.

      Now before you do something equally whinny like bitch about your “rights” see section four here,

  4. thanks for keeping this place bitch fest free Jack! too many sites out there are overloaded with a couple guys who cant be happy no matter what is done. On to other thing: I REALLY LOVE the idea of having these blasts from the past. It serves two purposes: 1) gives you the time off you deserve and 2) allow new-er people the opportunity to hear about the foundational information that was covered in past episodes and might seem too low level for a NEW episode but is still valid and necessary for folks just starting out in Prepping, Freedom, Homesteading etc. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hello Jack,

    The Like/Dislike feature is well-intentioned and well-implemented, but unfortunately the aggregate whinyness of the small cadre of assclowns seems to be outweighing the the aggregate voting of the more intelligent and more rational respondents.

    I’ve seen this phenomenon on other websites and forums and it always happens this way: the whiny jerkoffs who cannot defend themselves in writing, the idiots who due to lack of knowledge or experience or erudition or literacy cannot successfully broadcast their opinions resort to narrowcasting their opinions and multiclicking (through sockpuppetry and backchannel fellow moron community organization) on the like/dislike in such a way so as to engineer an idiot consensus.

    It’s a cheap psychological manipulation tactic and it has no place here in my opinion…pursuant to this, I’m wondering if you would consider removing the like/dislike function?

    • Well it is likely one hater using proxies to do it over and over and he likely thinks I give a shit, I don’t. I may see if I can disable the feature on the post as a whole as I only added it for some folks who wanted to rate comments.