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  1. love your show, always gives me good ideas….also starting 299 days, love how youre in it….hahahaha, keep up the good work…..

  2. We had tons of moles, not sure if they work the same as gophers. I have gotten most of them off the property. I have dogs that dig up the holes. Then I put the dog’s poop in the holes and cover the holes back up. I’ll also open their mounds up if the dogs don’t, and put poop down it. The other thing that seems to work is swales. Every time I try to cut a swale, I hit one or two if the tunnels. When it rains it fills the tunnels up with water, which I figure is good too.

    • They don’t work the same way. Aside from eating some earthworms (though they also eat a lot of harmful invertebrates) moles are totally harmless to gardens.

        • Hook up a hose to the exhaust on a car, mower, etc. take a plastic tub, cut hole in bottom for hose, invert tub over hole for better seal. Gas them out, this works. Farmers out west use this for large gopher infestations.

        • I heard from a guy on a farm that I volunteer for that planting castor works well to get rid of the gophers. It supposedly releases toxins that the gopher doesn’t like.

  3. I have to agree with you Jack on Chris Kyle..A jury of his peers agreed he lied to sell books..and why would you think he was right by punching a 60 something old man and running away…look at the interview with Bill O’Reilly he admitted he hit him and ran? Hero? was he a great sniper? yes…DO I hate him no…I respect him for his service…did he lie…until proven otherwise Yes, he did…He said 4 Seals saw it…and NONE of them would lie under oath…Just saying …if you want to go even father into it…he said he was going to give every penny he made from that book to fallen seals…the court record showed he gave 4% of the money he made…do the research…he lied

  4. My mother bought 2 solar powered ultrasonic gopher repellant things that plug into the ground, worked great for her. On the other hand I have twice as many (we live about 150′ away from each other). If I can remember, I’ll be ordering soon, if anyone needs any tips on any ineffective tips on hunting, trapping, or poisoning gophers, I’ve pretty much tried them all.

    • I have a suggestion from a friend of mine who was a pretty smart guy. I’ve never tried it myself, so I don’t know one way or the other. But it might be worth a shot.
      You fill in every hole you can find, and then place a stick of Wrigley’s Spearmint gum (most sugar, at least it was) on top of each hole.
      You know the gophers will be there uncovering their hole, they’re attracted to the sugar in the gum, but can’t digest the gum. Supposedly they die after the digestive system gets clogged

  5. Another official option for student loan forgiveness is the Income Based Repayment plan (IBR). After 25 years of payments (which can be as little as zero depending on income, all outstanding debt is forgiven. The catch though is that the amount forgiven is counted as taxable income by the IRS for that tax year.

  6. Thanks for answering my question about a processing facility Jack.

    After hearing your opinion I think you are spot-on about letting a professional do it. I outsource some things for my other businesses and the farm would be no different when it comes to profitability.

    But my main desire to do the farmstead processing facility was mainly for my families use. I was just toying around with the idea of it being an inspected facility.

    Maybe this would be better as a modern version of the old-time summer kitchen. A dedicated space just to make it easier/more efficient for the processing of our own food we raise. A butchering/canning/veggie-fruit processing/creamery/honey/maple syrup facility all wrapped into one. Easy to clean (i.e. hose down), dedicated fridge/freezer space, lots of counter-top.

    I still may do it just because I like the idea of it:)

    What does everyone else think about it?

  7. I have had the best results with the gophinator trap from it comes in 2 sizes so during the summer when tunnels are smaller due to the juvenile gophers I can still get a trap in. I tried the macabee style you can get at the big box but found clumps of hair in the jaws with no gopher.

    • Yep, those are the same style traps I grew up using in MN.

      Also, the caller should check with the county/city there may be a reward for killing gophers. Way back when I was trapping them (in the 80’s, I feel old now) the city/county was paying .10 per set of front gopher feet. It was my job to set the traps and clear them so I got to keep the money I earned.

  8. In areas with gopher infestation control is all about eradication and protecting your plants roots. For me, the best way to eradicate has been the use of traps. Understanding a few things about gophers makes this easier. 1. Gophers do not like an open hole. It invites predators to their hole. 2. Gophers do not like sunlight. Covering traps with a small sheet of plywood or other cover will prompt them to act faster to fill an open hole during the day. 3. Gophers are masters of tunnel/water management and very rarely will be flooded out. 4. It is uncommon for Gophers to dig deeper than 18 inches. Theoretically an area could be bordered by a 2 foot barrier similar to Bamboo Barrier that would prevent them from entering. The solar powered noise makers do seem to help but don’t completely drive them away.

  9. How to pick one idea for a business: be dead ass broke with no hope other than the business and nobody to answer to other than yourself.

    • Mostly the various members of this audience building businesses, chasing and accomplishing their dreams, getting shit done for themselves and their families. I have come to the realization that most of our heroes of note are created and often only so that they can be destroyed later. When I see Jen Mendez building something like Permiekids I find that heroic because it is by my choice not because the TV told me so. Patrick at MT Knives is a hero to me, taking a risk with so many children and building something real with steel here in America. Doing it right, doing it ethically and unapologetically. There are more, some I know the names some just stories. The callers who say in three years we paid off all debt bought the place of our dreams and now home school our kids there, those are heroes to me.

      If any of them fail, they are no less heroes either. There is no talking head in a suit who helped to create their mythology to pull them back down and ruin everything. Since there is nothing fake there is nothing to expose. These people are flawed just like we all are, we have no illusions about who and what they are but they DO SHIT, they get shit done and they do it for the right reasons and that is enough.

      Geoff Lawton is a hero of mine and one of my greatest teachers. But not the Geoff you guys see in video the man who has taken time to know me an help me personally one on one. It is very nice that he is the same guy in both places but it is the one I KNOW as a man that is my hero and teacher. The day he pointed to me and said to his daughter “look there is uncle Jack” was one hell of a great day.

      Dave Duffy is a hero for starting Backwoods Home from nothing as a desktop publisher about 30 years ago when there was no internet. But again the Dave I met in person, shook hands with, that is the guy I mean, not the idea I had of him from his name on an article. The Dave I invited to share a stage with me, who politely declined due to being a bit to shy for that type of thing, he is my hero. Because THAT GUY who is too shy to sit and talk to people at an expo on a panel had to overcome that reality and still have the spine and determination to build something that has employed dozens and inspired tens of thousands.

      Bryan Black is a hero to me. Not the former Navy guy that is known for great articles and cool ass designs on his website. No the younger contemporary who 5 years ago sent me a simple email saying, “I am doing something a lot like you, but it is a lot different too. We don’t live far away could we meet for a drink and talk a bit”. That guy that took and sought my advice and council where it made sense and did what he saw as best otherwise and simply ignored me on those issues. The guy I told years ago, keep doing what you are doing and I can tell you that your site will be bigger than my own. When I told him that I saw that he doubted it but some part believed it, now ITS is a bigger site than TSP. The Bryan who got his wife out of corporate prison one year after I did, continues to kick ass and take names, yea that is hero to me.

      Jake Robinson who is a bit too concerned about large scale politics is a hero of mine too, though he’d be shocked to hear it. Because he is real and genuine and while he is too worried about Obama his real activism is local where it matters. This is a guy that reads text books and gets them the hell out of schools when they are spreading false bullshit and does other things like that. A guy that stepped up and served on the CAC board, worked as a woofer at the PermaEthos farm and just does all he can to help people, yea, that is a hero in my book.

      Steven Harris who can wear me out at times but is dedicated beyond words to helping people and preventing them from being ripped off. A guy that will spend 4 hours researching one question to get it dead bang on when he could answer it in 5 minutes off the top of his head and still do better than 90% who would try, a guy that also helped build CAC, serves in local volunteer law enforcement and feels that the greatest thing you can do for the world is teach and spread knowledge, yea that is heroic.

      The young man on the air last week that has been raising Yaks and Pigs on his own since before he could get a drivers license and understands anarchism philosophy better then most who claim to be an anarchist at 17, that is a hero. John Pugliano who asked me what to do to start a podcast and I responded with “shut up, make no excuses and just do it” and instead of getting pissy he just did it, did it well and started changing lives, he is a hero. Cedar on Zello that answers so many questions for people even though she has never even heard an episode of TSP, she is a hero.

      The list could go on, I have done many a disservice by leaving so many off this list but I can’t name them all. Who are my heroes, you guys, that is who, you get shit done, you don’t make excuses and you know what matters in your life. My neighbor that is a good man, that wants some chickens to “countryfie his daughters a bit more before they grow up too much” he is a hero. Ron Finley that said screw it and started gardening in LA, is my hero. The Urban Farming Guys are my heroes for taking one of the worst neighborhoods in the nation and doing this with it,

      You see I don’t need the TV, the Radio and talking heads or history books to tell me who my heroes are. I like sports but stats don’t make a person my hero. Somewhere along the way I got lucky enough to have the courage to do what I love and be myself. In the beginning I thought it was about me, along the way I learned it was about others. I learned the sheer wonderful reality by finally being real and living in the real world.

      The media and the government want us to believe that heroes are few and far between. That they are to be worshiped and admired and praised. That anyone speaking ill of them is wrong and should be shamed for doing so. Of course until they themselves bring them down, then they are to be scorned. But yes there are only a few, a few special people who can do what others and of course what you cannot.

      When you live in the real world you see this bullshit soup for what it is, bullshit! You realize something so amazing, heroes are not rare, they are common, they are everywhere. One need only look at the work and impact of others to see it in them. The day you do that, nothing sold to you buy media and the power elite will have any shine to it ever again. I call that liberty.

  10. When I was a kid, my buddy and I would take smoke bombs (from last years July 4th) and be would smoke the lil bastards. We went around and plugged most of the gopher holes and then dropped in a couple of smoke bombs into a couple of the open holes. The dogs either chased down the ones that actually escaped or we did with shovels. And the ones that didn’t get a chance to escape were always found dead at the exits that we had covered up. When we ran out of smoke bombs, we used my Mom’s bee smoker. Pretty effective and really entertaining.

  11. My good friend says he found a very effective way to deal with gophers.
    Obtain a large CO2 fire extinguisher, find a new mound/hole, fill with co2. The co2 is colorless, odorless, heaver than air, will not soak into the ground and will stay in the hole long enough to suffocate any gophers. Watch and repeat if needed.

    We do not have gophers and I personally have not tried this.

    Hope this helps,

  12. I am NOT a Chris Kyle fan at all. I don’t tend to worship war heros anyways because I’m not a fan of killing…but since watching Wag the Dog I have a totally different perspective. I hadn’t seen that movie until 3 weeks ago when my husband turned it on. Good movie and it really does seem to depict how wars are sold to the American people. Art imitates life. Plus, I’m not a big fan of liars and Chris Kyle has lied far too many times and got caught in those lies. I wonder if the soldier with PTSD that shot Kyle was pissed at his lying? Or was he pissed that Kyle was proud of what he did in the war and this poor soldier with PTSD was so overcome with sadness for what he did in the war that he couldn’t take Kyle’s actions any longer? We’ll never know. But to many people, Kyle’s legacy will be more about lying than about killing people with snipers.

  13. Regarding whether the fascist, Benito Mussolini, held Jews in concentration camps… well… he certainly resisted Hitler when it came to rounding up Jews for mass murder (he sent only 7,000 Jews to their deaths) but here is what he did do…

    1. Stripped Jews of their Italian citizenship.
    2. Prohibited intermarriage between Jews and Italians.
    3. Removed Jews from critical government positions.

    Did he do this because he didn’t like Jews? Heck no. He was humping the heck out of a Jewish woman, Margherita Sarfatti, who was called “The Jewish Mother of Fascism”. He seemed to like Jews just fine, but he wanted an alliance with Hitler.

    7,000 Jews were deported by train out of Italy to be murdered by Hitler.

    So… Jews did better in Italy than in Germany or Poland, but “better” is a relative term. If you were one of the 7,000, it was 100% bad.

    Alex Shrugged

  14. Rebecca Kolls, who had a HGTV show Rebecca’s Garden related a solution she faced during the filming of her show. A local exterminator told her to have her husband “water the garden at night”. this should work for deer problems too.

  15. I imagine most everyone has seen this one, but Jack’s commends on how we’re a ‘microwave’ society and everybody expects this and that so quickly reminded me of the guy on the airplane when the internet goes down.

    If you haven’t see it, a must, if you have, you know you’ll enjoy it again: :Louis CK; Everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy.