Episode-1244- Listener Calls for 11-8-13 — 47 Comments

  1. On the chickens… As far as northern AZ goes, I don’t think fencing them in will work. One word. Hawks. Unless you’re covering them above.

    Also, you can grow some of your own feed by creating cover crop food plots of stuff like amaranth etc, then just harvest that and feed them.

    Just a few thoughts.

    • I want to grow some chicken food next year! I gave up on free range because dead chickens make me depressed.

    • We have hawks in Indiana too, Red Tails to be precise, which are protected under state law. They are an issue, and no the netting won’t protect the birds from hawks. It will protect them from canine predation, raccoons, etc. (if you recall he said they had coyote issues). This is why having a mobile coop is necessary to help protect the birds from hawks and owls. While it isn’t 100% effective all of the time (nothing is, something will always get your chickens) giving them cover to duck into is key to keeping them alive from any aerial predation. Chickens have keen sense of eyesight and know when something is wrong and run for cover when that occurs. So this isn’t a Northern Arizona issue and a portable coop is how you deal with hawks.

  2. I haven’t listened yet, but wanted to mention that I discovered egg-fried rice this week! I have chickens, but I don’t always want or have time for breakfast eggs. Next time, egg drop soup!

    • I want to second the egg drop soup. I make it all the time. Once I cook a partially eaten chicken down to bone broth I separate the chicken from the stock. I use two pots and split the stock between them. For the one I use for egg drop soup I put water in the stock, you don’t want to dilute it to much but you want some volume. The key to good egg drop soup is make a mixture of corn starch and water and add it to the stock. Then you slowly fork the scrambled eggs into the barley boiling stock, making egg filaments. Put in powdered ginger and chives. So good! The other pot of stock gets the chicken left overs, any veggies you want, I will put in corn, green beans and pes. Then some wild rice. Makes a wonderful chicken soup to warm the body.

  3. For Leslie in northern Calufornia: Is there any way you could set up a windmill for your well? It sounded like the well location was above the cabin. Maybe put in a storage tank at the well and then gravity feed down to a cistern at the cabin. Have an electric pump in the cistern to provide water pressure into the cabin. This would shorten the run for the power and provide storage capacity if the power is down. Just a thought.

    • My solution to this issue was a low-flow pump (purchased from SunPumps in Safford AZ) powered by a 200W PV panel. I’m pulling about 1 gal/min up about 125 feet into a cistern. No battery or inverted required – the system pumps whenever there is sunlight, until a float valve in the cistern signals it to stop. It’s a pretty inexpensive system, and it puts my well on a redundant power source. I can run it with a generator or battery if necessary, and an outage with my house power won’t cause any problems with the water supply.

    • Agree with Ian on the Sun Pumps…

      Leslie did not say how much on demand water he needed. He may find that its far cheaper to put in a large expansion tank/cistern and use the Sun Pumps powered by PV panels.

      The unit I have can support 230ft of head (SDS D series). I run it from their controller which has a voltage booster to get better flow from 12V. I have it in a 200ft deep well with 10ft static level. Pump is about 40ft down. My recharge rate is greater than 5GPM (more like 10) so the shallow install is not an issue. Mine is connected to a 35 gallon 60PSI expansion tank. It uses 5-11 amps @12V DC depending if the control box is “boosting” voltage or not.

      The one issue you may need to deal with is that they want you to use a 1/2 inch pipe to keep sediment from settling in the piping. Nothing that cant be “blown” out periodically with a larger pump I expect.

      good luck

  4. I think you should tell people to look deeper into their 401k. The 401k we have has both pre-tax and roth, but it also has a self-directed option that gives us the ability to buy and sell like any common online trading account. I think people just need to ask if they have that option, it isn’t necessarily advertised, but many times it can be staring people in the face in plain sight.

  5. Hey Jack, do you know what the estimated turn around time is on the TSP sentnel copper coins from MM? One podcast not long ago, you said they were same day shipping as ordered. I think you may have misspoke but I just wanna clarify before I decide on what to order. Thanks.

    Also just wanted to say I hope Rob makes it out of this if he is genuine. Hopefully I can get some sentinels in time for Xmas for gifts to people with the intent of teaching.

    • They were same day for a while but it looks like they went through that inventory. The mm website lists the products that are same day shipping and right now looks like only the older design TSP copper round is same day (along with a few other non TSP rounds).

  6. WOW! Fantastic podcast. I especially enjoyed the comments on Permaculture. I to am at a loss as the what to do next. Having real world experience through a Landscaping company would be good, as well as more in-depth coverage of how to properly design from that perspective. One other Permaculture question that is often bantered about on the forums is Business Plan training. When to charge, what to charge, how to charge. I know doing projects for free is recognized as an important step in acquiring that necessary experience and portfolio. I wish there was an internship that covered that. There may be. All good, brother, along with that stirring end. Cheers!

  7. give your neighbors a fresh snack and next thing you know they want to know more.

    teksupply has these little nipples that snap into the bottom of a bucket fill it and forget it like a ronco(chicken waterer)

    Why run power at all to pump water put in a PV direct system and a storage tank with a float switch, pump the water during the day and then let gravity do the work or use a low wattage pv direct surface pump.(this is how water is supplied to entire villages in many parts of the world it will work for you too.) You could also do this with AC current NEC code will allow direct bury cable at 18 inches or use pvc conduit and run THHN or USE2 in it. refer to the tables in 2011 NEC appendix 2 for pipe sizing don’t forget to multiple your peak current and multipy that by 1.56 for your ampacity factor and safety sizing. Voltage drop is not much of an issue with ac current. If you use the solar option then consider voltage drop in the wire sizing.

    So I had to buy a couple tires on the fly and I pull into one shop and tell the guy hey a got a couple firearms in the car is that a problem he asked me why i needed it. A few days later I bought two more from a different tire shop and told the guy there hey man I have a couple firearms in the car is that a problem? no not at all he responed do you need a minute to grab it before you go on the rack. I’ll do more business at the second shop because he was more comfortable with me bringing my firearm into his place of business than leaving it outside in the car.

    As far as fireplace goes, get a outdoor fireplace on wheels. Roll it into city halls lawn at midnight and have a Smores and weinie roast party on city hall lawn. Be sure to get shit faced drunk while your there so at least you have a real reason to get arrested. Might as well burn an American flag while your there at least ONE activity won’t be illegal.(DON’T GET ALL PISSED OFF I’M MAKING A POINT)

    I like Ron Paul at least he realized that the CONSTITUTION is not for wiping our asses. And Rand Paul can Fillibuster the way it was intended, BY TALKING!!!!!!

  8. Couple of comments… first, great podcast! I was surprised to hear that it’s difficult to roll up a cake though, but hollandaise sauce is easy? 🙂 Cake…put a clean dishtowel on a cutting board or upside down pan slightly larger than the cake pan. Sprinkle towel well with icing sugar. When the cake comes out of the oven, hold the ends of the towel tight to board and place it, sugar side down, on the cake and then flip everything upside down so the cake sits on the towelled cutting board. Lift the cakepan off the cake, leaving cake sitting on the icing sugared tea towel. If you’ve baked it with a foil lining, carefully peel off the foil. Then take the towel edge closest to you and roll the whole thing up towel and’s easier maybe rolling the long side – and you get more pieces that way. Let it cool and then unroll and fill the cake, then roll it back up this time keeping the towel out as the cake rolls up. ice it and you’re done. The icing sugar melts into the cake so doesn’t show even if you don’t ice it.

    The second thing was a resounding AGREE with everything both you and Ben Falk ? said about working with landscapers and the missing bits of a Permaculture design course. I just finished the design course with Geoff Lawton and my head is crammed with an immense amount of information but there’s no way on God’s green earth I am properly ready to set up shop as a designer. On some other forums I’ve heard some sad stories about people who have set themselves up as permaculture teachers.

    One showed up on a TED talk thread who I am fairly sure was a Monsanto employee but who claimed to be a permaculture practitioner and teacher for years then went on to say that much as it hurt her to admit it, permaculture couldn’t feed the world and we needed big ag. Pathetic.

  9. Great show brother!! Thanks for the kick in the ass!! I agree a hell of a lot more with your solution for the vineyard…

  10. Man oh man. Whenever you have chef Keith on, he just keeps going and going and all of his ideas are so amazing. Thanks for a great call in show, Jack.

  11. One thing I should probably mention after the call that I made today, is that I have walked to freedom. Granted, we are still in Colorado. But, we are in an area that is still free. I can hunt rabbits, coyotes, elk , and deer from my front porch. We are on 20 acres, greenhouse is going in, 25 chicks are in the garage under a heat lamp, quail are coming in two weeks. I have a guy coming out to do a sort of WWOOF type of program. I am designing the property centered around Lawton’s design, and incorporating my designing skills from the bases I designed in RC East of Afghanistan. SO we are already there, and it’s not that I believe that they will turn this around. I am secretly hoping they will so that I can go back to the racetrack. I really do miss only caring about what jetting to use at the drag strip, or what shocks to use on the special stage of a rallycross. I miss pitting for Top Alcohol Funny Cars and Super Stock cars in Indy. But I know that I can’t dump money into those sports anymore because of the huge financial burden that racing is. Because now that money has to go to everything else on the homestead. Pretty soon I’ll be unveiling a DVD that shares the knowledge and experience I have gained as a 51T, because at the time we were the best surveyors, designers, and CAD drafters in the Army.

  12. Awesome answer, thanks Jack. “I’m growing amazing food you can’t buy in a grocery store,” is going to be my new opening line when people ask why I’m building raised beds with a rotting timber core and spreading moldy hay and clover seeds around my lawn.
    My goal has always been to encourage more people to engage in permaculture/food growing in my little suburb street. Since this past year was year one for me my harvest wasn’t great so I didn’t have a lot to give away. This spring I plan to offer free strawberry runners in a box by the sidewalk. I’m also hoping to take what I learned this year and use it to get a bumper crop of tomatoes, squash, and peppers for next year. It seems like those are the most sought after veggies from a home garden.
    Thanks again, keep up the awesome work you do!

  13. I also walked to freedom, sort of. It is still necessary for us to make a living.

    We followed a major road from work towards the sticks, and we bought a home on a honkin’ big lot that was a reasonable commute out.

    We still have to deal with zoning and such, but I have turned our backyard into a micro-farm, and we are better set up than most. (We are talking about selling sweet corn in the farmers market next year.)
    You do not have to give EVERYTHING up to vote with your feet, which is good because the budget is tight, as always.

  14. First saw the 3 hour podcast and thought.. sweet, listening for all weekend. Turns out it was such a great show and I had enough deer to cut up I am done.

    Anyway just wanted to post a link for the guy asking about carrying in your house.

    I won’t narrate but as Jack indicated there are shitheads everywhere and only they control when they impose on our security. Also note that their was an electrician in the house also left without defense. Kinda 2 for 1 in why to carry.

    • It was me that called in the Carry Question.
      I’m easing the wife into the fact that when I’m walking around the house, I’m carrying. It’s IWB, and only prints when I bend over in the garden or to pick up my son. Occasionally the butt will show itself if my shirt slips behind it.
      She’s not against it. She’s just not used to it. Yet. She’s very glad that I have guns and the means to protect her and our son if something were to go down inside our house or while we’re out doing whatever.
      The “need” for a gun in the town we live in is small. But so is a seat belt. And a spare tire. And all of Jack’s other examples. Until the “Need” arises.
      Thugs are getting braver every day. And while I know it might take a too-close-to-home incident to make her realize the “need”, I don’t want to be unarmed if it’s my home where it occurs. I EDC a self-defense knife. And while it’s different in physical form, it’s no different in purpose. It’s a tool to assist me in my survival if I’m attacked. A gun is a tool with a similar purpose, but it’s the victim of the media’s agenda because guns are more effective in leveling the playing field, and if the ultimate goal of the establishment is to disarm the people, what better tool to demonize than the gun?
      Point being: the propaganda affects everybody to some extent. Especially those who haven’t “taken the red pill”. And to Jack: we took a road trip the other weekend, and had 12 hours of driving to do. I brought up Libertarianism and played a podcast for her, thinking it would help explain it better than I could. Well, she took control of the iphone and we spent the rest of the trip listening to TSP. She is hooked. And we’re going to buy each other MSB memberships for christmas. So yeah, she took the red pill. She’s fully on board with my preparedness.
      She’s going to take a gun safety course and get some range time in. She’ll be more comfortable after that, I am sure.

      The liberal media has done a fantastic job of putting the fear of guns into people. Last night we had this discussion. Why are people comfortable standing next to a cop, yet very uneasy when standing next to a guy with a gun on his hip? The only difference is a badge.

      • after re-reading my post:
        The “need” for carrying at home isn’t small. It’s huge. It’s the ultimate need. And while the chance that I’ll ever need to draw down on some MFer who kicks in the door is small, it’s still there. And it’s enough to warrant my carrying.

  15. on Mulligan Mint..
    (some crazy ideas)

    1) How about a ‘creditor discount’ for people with ‘trapped orders’?

    2) Could MM facilitate the sale of ‘trapped orders’? (Allow someone to buy the trapped order from the customer at a discount. And record that the new ‘owner’ of the order is the purchaser).

    This could be as simple as a legal form provided by MM that the current customer and potential purchaser sign/return. This would allow ‘trapped’ customers that don’t want to take the risk of a bankruptcy loss transfer that risk to someone who will take the risk for a possible discount.

    3) Are there any ‘known’ listeners/members that live near MM that would facilitate cash and carry sales? (We send them cash, they go to the mint, pay, and walk out with the bullion)

    My biggest regret in this debacle is that I ordered paradimes when they were released, and sentinel paradimes when they were released. The plan was to use them all over the place to promote MM/TSP/alt currencies, so I bought a lot, and I still don’t have a single paradime to show anyone (let alone to see for myself). =(

    Anyway.. any regular forum member that could facilitate cash & carry, please PM me in the forums.


      These decisions are 100% made by a bankruptcy judge in a court of law. The priority and rights of ALL CREDITORS are predetermined by law, there is no working around it, there is no reasoning with it.

      This is why Rob put this off for as long as he could. At this point some things are NO LONGER DETERMINED by the business or Rob. They are DETERMINED BY THE GOVERNMENT. Rob wasn’t even in charge of his own security guards at the Open House.

      Legal language is written with words like SHALL and SHALL NOT, while bureaucrats seem to have a hard time understanding them in the constitution in contract law they are pretty clear as to the unyielding nature they imply.

    • sorry, no reply button..

      None of those suggestions are in violation of, or precluded by, court order in a bankruptcy.

      The only one that could be ‘questioned’ by the court would be MM facilitating transfer of debt to new creditors (buying trapped orders). To my knowledge, there is no limitation to the sale of debts, by the creditors, that are ‘tied up’ in a bankruptcy. (The sale of debts is an ordinary part of regular business commerce)

      Of course.. I’m not a bankruptcy lawyer.. 😉

      • Law – written words that state what can and can’t be done.

        Court Order – statements by a court of what is going to be done, how it will be done and for how long, enforceable by law, see above.

  16. In response to Darby Simpson’s answer on free range chickens. In the very dry and sandy parts of the southwest electric fences do not work very well. dry sandy soil is a pretty good insulator and animals do not get shocked if they are standing on the dry soil. I don’t know where the callers property is, but lots of northern arizona has this problem. After a rain the electric fence works great, but not after months of dry weather. Also in northern Arizona there are quite a few grey fox, kit fox and bobcats that will also make short work of the free range chickens as well as the more common and much more obvious coyotes. If the property is close to a water source then racoons are a major issue, and believe it or not snakes will eat the eggs if they are laying around on the ground. In the southwest where reptiles are a large part of the animal population, they must be considered. I have caught bull snakes in a fully enclosed chicken coop that made it in through the chicken wire, ate an egg and could not get back out again until the egg was digested.

    • Excellent info and thanks for chiming in, these are the things that you don’t think about when you are in a different geographic location. Thank you very much for sharing, I’m certain it will help the caller out tremendously.

      We do experience the same issues here with dry weather and something we do is to soak the ground around the ground rod. This helps for the electricity to ground out better. Have you experimented with doing that in dry spells to see how much better the results are? It might not make enough of a difference, or it could. Just curious.

  17. Your ending comments made me think of H.L. Mencken, I’ve pasted a couple of gems. There is a wealth of libertarian philosophy in his writing. He’s right up there in the libertarian pantheon with Twain, Hemmingway, Rothbard, etc.

    “There was a time when the American citizen was an idealist himself. Now he is only idealism’s raw material, as a cow is the raw material of butter, ice-cream and custard pie – a stuff milked, tickled, clubbed and pulverized into beauty by ordained virtuosi. I am still so young that my toupee looks natural, yet I can remember when, if ordered to toe a mark or climb astraddle upon a rail, the Americano would resist with harsh words, and even with his fists. Now he leaps to position like a well-trained circus horse.”

    “School-days, I believe, are the unhappiest in the whole span of human existence. They are full of dull, unintelligible tasks, new and unpleasant ordinances, brutal violations of common sense and common decency. It doesn’t take a reasonably bright boy long to discover that most of what is rammed into him is nonsense, and that no one really cares very much whether he learns it or not. His parents, unless they are infantile in mind, tend to be bored by his lessons and labors, and are unable to conceal the fact from his sharp eyes. His first teachers he views simply as disagreeable policemen; his later ones he usually sets down, quite accurately, as asses.”

    “It is the fundamental theory of all the more recent American law…that the average citizen is half-witted, and hence not to be trusted to either his own devices or his own thoughts.”

  18. I got sidetracked reading Mencken quotes, this is the one your closing statement reminded me of…

    “Every American is taught in school that all Americans are free, and so he goes on believing it his whole life – overlooking the plain fact that no Negro is really free in the South, and no miner in Pennsylvania, and no radical in any of a dozen great States. He hears of equality before the law, and he accepts it as a reality, though it exists nowhere, and there are Federal laws which formally repudiate it. In the same way he is taught that religious toleration prevails among us, and uncritically swallows the lie. No such thing really exists. No such thing has ever existed.

  19. Hi Jack,
    I was wondering if you have looked into the LLC IRA where you can have physical PMs or whatever you want. I haven’t moved my IRA because I didn’t want to pay the tax & penalty. I also haven’t bought PMs in my IRA because I agree with you that would make no sense. BUT this LLC IRA is something I have just started reading about and it appears you can keep the IRA, avoid penalties and have direct possession instead of someone else holding your assets. Any thoughts on this?

    • Did a show on them with Rob Gray

      I still say NO PHYSICAL METAL IRAs. I don’t care if you have it in self direction, it is still taking the most anonymous and portable form of wealth on the planet and making it into the most publicly known, most controlled and most difficult to move.

      Too much trouble for too little of an advantage. Like we said in this episode, the ONLY reason you might do this is because you already have money inside an IRA. I would never ever put money into a tax deferred account in order to do this, and I mean EVER and is in NEVER. LOL

    • Hey Jack,

      I must be blessed on this because its never mentioned on your 401K rants. I actually have a 401K plan (traditional), but I am allowed for a fee, $100 a year to put 95% of my 401K assets into a brokerage account. In this account I can invest in basically anything. We have a 50% match to 6%. We have Fidelity.

  20. We found a great use for our hens eggs. Eggnog, my wife has been grabbing recipes off pintrest and making eggnog for the last few months. Scary thing is how white ours is versus the store’s yet our eggs have a way richer yolk.

  21. To your comment on moving. There is a series called The West by Ken Burns on Amazon Instant video. Those people made real sacrifices, you are right Jack. Watching these series by Ken Burns also makes you realize that our government has always done evil things. Whether its trying to put Jack Johnson in jail, slaughtering Indians, or selling you out to insurance companies, they have always been crooks.

    For me, I worked in Portland Oregon. We moved to WA when we picked our homestead. Much better than the city. Just recently I decided to get a new job closer to where I live. My current employer and I made a deal and I now work from home. I am not giving the city and state of Oregon my tax money (directly) anymore.

    Also, I had a small wood burning stove put in this year replacing our fireplace. It met the efficiency requirements of the state here. I decided to do it in case someone did something stupid like ban them. I also don’t have restrictions on buying a used one and just putting it in. I would also say Paul Wheaton has a podcast with Ernie and Erica on rocket mass heaters. They put one in a house in Portland (obviously not to code). The code enforcer looked the other way because he said “it was there only source of heating.” Of course, the couple spent like 2 years trying to get it through the code process 🙁 I like the solution of stop giving cities and states money that do things you don’t like.

  22. I was scribbling down Chef Keith Snow’s chocolate cake recipe as I haven’t had cake since going wheat-free and I got it all, but I don’t believe he said how much of the 60% chocolate to melt down.
    I also checked his website but no luck.
    Does anyone know?

  23. Regarding the “how to permaculture a vineyard” question, here’s a permaculture orchard that has gone the same route as Paul suggested in his answer. It is, on the other hand, 20 years old…
    Nice vid all the same.
    Thanks for the show, Jack.
    ps I think it can be called a permaculture (PC) orchard (even if it is an oxymoron) to better spread the word about PC

  24. I guess I’m a Conservative who is working toward Libertarianism. I’d like to understand the concepts of Libertarianism a bit more in “what does that look like” terms.
    Example: Here in WA, a couple years ago we passed a law banning smoking in bars, bowling alleys and basically anyplace that is visited by the public. I am not a smoker and I don’t care to be around it, but I thought the law wasn’t Constitutional.
    I tried to convince people, “That’s private property. Those business owners should be free to allow people to smoke and you are free to not go there. The free market will force them to change if they want to attract non-smokers.”

    I generally think people are supposed to be free to do things some of us might think is unwise or just plain stupid as long as they are not harming others. People all choosing to own, work at or visit a bar where there is smoking choose to do so.

    Jack mentioned three segregation issues from the 1950s.
    1. Signs in stores, “Blacks not welcome”.
    2. Sit in the back of the bus.
    3. Colored water fountains.

    I believe the government should be color blind and prevent #2 and #3 and any other establishment segregation. However, doesn’t the Libertarian position support a store owner’s freedom to be a bigoted jerk? I would not spend my money there, but if that merchant wants to only serve like-minded bigots, isn’t that his right regardless of how wrong we think it is?

    Is it appropriate for government to dictate with whom people are forced to do business?

    i.e. If a bakery doesn’t want to provide a same-sex wedding cake or photographer doesn’t want to shoot a same-sex wedding. You may think they are brain-dead religious bigots, but isn’t that their right?

  25. Concerning the question gaining medical experience…I would suggest a part-time job.

    I recently finished paramedic school after working as an engineer for 10 years. To make sure EMS was where I wanted to be, I started part time as an EMT. I had been an EMT at my fire company for many years, but the 2 years I spent working every Saturday night definitely improved my skills in preparation for medic school.

  26. Also re: the question on medical experience, here are a couple of thoughts based on the caller saying he had completed training but was looking for experience while taking into consideration his lack of time.

    Instead of looking at just local ambulance service and having to commit to a set number of hours for employment, ask if they have a ride-along or observer program. If so, you’re in, and if not, what would it take for them to start one as both a public relations tool for them and a way to kind of pre-interview potential employees. There are other benefits, too. If you need some talking points, feel free to email me off-site (email below).

    Also, ask them if there are any neighboring services that staff using volunteers. You may be able to pickup shifts that better meet your free-time availability. And while you are talking to them, ask if they have a schedule for continuing ed for their employees and if they allow outsiders to attend.

    Is there a volunteer fire department district covering your home or close by? If so, ask them if they have a first responder program that makes medical calls along with the ambulance service. If so, you can get involved doing that by making runs when you have a free hour and hear the alarm go off.

    Check your local hospital emergency room to see if they have a volunteer program and would allow you to observe or function at your training level (most states don’t allow this, but it’s worth a try).

    Depending upon the size of your city, there may be a Medical Reserve Corps made of volunteer medical professionals that train to provide care during disasters or when something happens to increase healthcare demand (flu, hospital evacuations). While you might not get as much hands-on training, you will be rubbing elbows with docs and nurses and learning from them both formally and informally. Check with the disaster person at your local health department or your county’s emergency management director for contact info.
    All of the above ideas also have the advantage of opening doors for you to get free training and also to kind of be in “the clique” if something bad happens in your community or region. For example, as an MRC member or member of a VFD you may get first dibbs on medications in an epidemic because groups are prioritized that are responsible for keeping the great machine running.

    Also, talk to your personal physician or a physician that specializes in an area you feel weak in, like orthopedics or OB/GYN. If you already know them to be a prepper then tell them that your of the same mindset and that you are looking for opportunities to keep your skills up and they will understand and may let you shadow them. If you aren’t sure of their mindset (or think they’d be turned off by prepping), just tell them your situation re: time constraints as you give to the community and family but that you also want hands-on time or to help out in their office as a form of continuing ed that is less of a scheduling problem (although you should be aware that the National Registry doesn’t allow you to use actual responses or care as credit for continuing ed, so you shoul be creative in how you document it and you can use the same activity to maintain your certification requirements).

    I agree with Kerry that there are a lot of on-line resources, but in the end it is just like firearms…you can read a lot of books or watch powerpoints and you tube videos, but you also MUST do some hands-on in the real world to really get a feel for walking the walk.

    Hope this helps, and again, you and anyone else are free to email me at if you need any more info. Stay safe!