Episode-1866- Listener Calls for 9-8-16 — 9 Comments

  1. Jack, RE: Anchor Babies,

    Please consider the plight of the illegitimate children born in Korea who were fathered by American GI’s, and whose mothers were Korean nationals. They were born in the 1950’s (and onward because the USA has a huge military presence there to this day) and were grossly mistreated and neglected for decades, denied citizenship in Korea, and even denied access to Korean schools. The Korean government said that a child’s nationality is determined by the nation his father comes from, so they insisted the children were American and needed to be shipped off to America. But the American government said a child’s nationality is determined by the nation upon whose soil the child was born, so America said the kids needed to stay in Korea. Those children were finally given American amnesty in the 1980’s. But for 30 years they remained a lost generation, caught between two opposing philosophies of how to determine citizenship.

    I do recognize the abuse of the current system, where some immigrants do whatever they can to have a child on American soil in order to remain here. But the whole issue has many facets to it, as the 30-year plight of our Korean-American war babies demonstrated.

    • Different issue, these are children of US citizens, no one is describing that when they use the term anchor baby, NO ONE I know of anyway.

  2. Mulberries, before I had a chance to plant any, a volunteer mulberry came up. Not in a bad spot, but not one I’d have picked.

    Very happy tree and we got a couple handful of berries already (2nd year?). My husband fell in love with the berries, better than blueberries and blackberries, and told me to plant many more of them. And why aren’t they sold in farmer’s markets, stores, etc. I’ll have to find some dried ones for him too.

    Thinking there is a market. If I didn’t have a friend where I could get all the starts I wanted, he’d be buying trees and berries.

  3. Does the external circuit breaker get fitted to the input DC side of the inverter or to the output ac side of the inverter? Or is either OR both an option? Can common house mcb & rcb breakers be used or even a combi one normally seen in a house for an electric shower? I was thinking of mounting both the inverter and breaker switch box on a plywood board.

  4. I’m an unapologetic progressive lefty and (aside from a two hiking buddies and my partner) most of the people in my life who are concerned with environmental issues, or are at least interested in them are republicans/right-leaning. This is just anecdotal, but that anti-environmental stereotype the left paints of the right has always bothered me. We should be standing together.

  5. To the listener from Plano:

    I have a lot of family around there. With Toyota coming in on Legacy Dr in Frisco, etc.. There MIGHT be some justification. Keep in mind I am in Spicewood just outside Austin and my home in the Plano area would be ~1/2 the price(or less)… We’re still growing so fast it’s ridiculous

  6. Jack, you mentioned making a video of your new sprouting system. Where can I find it?

    I just bought a 40 lb bag of sunflower seeds & can’t wait to get started.

    Thanks for all you do.