Epsode-2080- Listener Calls for 9-7-17 — 9 Comments

  1. A friend of mine Shawn Kelly an X-Marine is trying to duplicate the Roman Concrete, you can check it out on his YouTube channel Corporals Corner , BTW he’s an instructor at the Pathfinder school in his spare time so he has a ton of great videos

  2. Regarding snake repellents. Powdered sulphur is used by old timers I knew in the Midwest to repel snakes, fleas and ticks.

    • I believe it will work on fleas and ticks, frankly chiggers too. But snakes, nope, they don’t care.

  3. Jack,
    I find it really disappointing that you have not taken this opportunity to deviate from your “standard” and quite frankly stale show format to address the hurricanes and wild fires that are affecting our nation at this time. An old school TSP show that addresses preparedness and why we do this would be a welcome change. I have listened to TSP since the beginning with the Jack rants in the Jetta and miss your earlier shows where you talk about preparedness instead of Cryptocurrency and the like. You could easily fill a show with information that people could do right now to prepare for what a lot of people are going to face in the coming days.

    • Scott as I have told you before, please feel free to find something else to listen to. And I noticed you have not contributed a single question about any of these issues to the show. Now kindly go bother someone else.

  4. Peter Schiff merged his company, SchiffGold, with Goldmoney. Goldmoney was bought by the BitGold founders and they kept the name Goldmoney.

    I don’t think there is a minimum for deposit, buts it’s def not $10k. Just for fun I wanted to use the service and have $100 in my account. I do not have a card though.

  5. I am adding in a bit of info regarding traveling with an RV or Travel trailer. I have been pulling rigs for most of my life from bumper pulls to large 38 ft LQ horse trailers with a semi truck.
    you might pick up a travel map that is specific to truckers it will show you routes that are large rig friendly.
    I rarely let my fuel get below 1/2 full especially when pulling on big grades and on less traveled hwys. Plan on this if you travel around in Idaho. I always pre-plan my fuel stops on my trips. Getting stranded with horses is not something I want to experience. I know my MPG on my trucks and base my stops on miles.
    Check your trailer over well before your trip, tires, wheel bearings, all electrical connections, hitch.
    Verify the condition of your spare tire.
    as you plan your stops/layovers ask questions regarding ingress-egress. I always tell my layover locations I am traveling with a very large rig and ask about access. Most of the time they have no idea in my experience and I have had some interesting adventures getting into spots.
    If I plan on going to an area for the first time I do a search on google earth to look at my route. This may sound like overkill, but it has saved me from some really sad situations. GPS tried to take me down a ditch road along a canal on one trip, translation something you would use an ATV on..what a mess that would have been.
    Carry some basic replacements in case of failures @ extra fuses and lights.
    Be sure your insurance will cover a tow if you need it. A tow truck that can handle a large rig or RV is not that common and your insurance might not be set up for that coverage.
    Have a fun trip and remember all those people driving around you are clueless about how long it takes for you to stop …just sayin!

  6. My mother swears by mothballs as a snake repellent. Personally, I think nothing works better than a shovel 🙂