Episode-2286- Listener Calls for 9-6-18 — 4 Comments

  1. Jack you must be thinking of Eastern Washington.

    The caller didn’t specify, but Western Washington (possibly excluding the Olympic Peninsula Rain Shadow) is under vast cloud cover most of the time from some time in September (maybe early October very rarely) to May.

    To put it in perspective my town gets an average of 141 sunny days per year, and those are Heavily concentrated in the Mediterranean-esque dry summer.

    Now it is true that in the winter our cloudy nights are the mild ones and it’s the rare clear sky nights where we need all the heat we can get.

  2. One thing about validating bullshit with google… it seems to me that liberals have discovered SEO and are using it to burry stories they don’t like. There have been a few front page news stories I have gone back and tried to find lately that just aren’t there anymore. My google-fu is decent too. That doesn’t mean bullshit isn’t bullshit…. but only that you may not be able to validate the truth quickly either.

    • You know I am not buying it, sure everyone does SEO but I have yet to find a story that smelled like bullshit that took more than 2 minutes to validate or invalidate.

  3. In response to the caller that builds firearms.

    I’m a bladesmith who produces mostly working tools at reasonable prices.
    On occasion however, I’ve made knives that are explicitly weapons.
    On such pieces I intentionally use materials and design elements that raise the value considerably. Putting the finished knife in the category of an investment, I feel, limits the prospect of it ever being used in a criminal manner.
    Jack’s comment that you make bolt-action rifles could equate to my “working knives”. Not sure what the corollary to investment grade would be but it could be the answer you looking for.

    I hope that’s relatable.
    Have fun.