Episode-1638- Listener Calls for 9-3-15 — 12 Comments

  1. 45:50 You’re a liar. You’re a liar. Your nose is growing, and your ass is on fire. Lol best moment of the show!

  2. Another way to handle ponds and ducks is to have a designated pond with plants that consume the waste. The biggest problem with pumping water is plugging of the inlet of a pump. I made my inlet for my pump out of a square plastic bucket with a blue jillion holes in it. I connected the bucket and pump with a hose and took some creativity to connect the two. When I had ducks I would take out THREE five gallon buckets of water lettuce every week from a 10 foot diameter pond because they reproduce so fast. The system consisted of a pond, 10 ft diameter by thirty inches deep, the pump (in the pond of course, it’s the lowest part of the system)would pump into a skippy filter (100 gallon tank), then by gravity into a kiddy pool where plants would be (no ducks allowed) and then that would drain back into pond. Ducks will shred all water plants and consequently plug your inlet to your pump. That’s why are rarely kept water plants in my pond. Good luck with your ducks.

      • Yep, 120 ducks= a lot of excrement. I don’t know what the nutrient value of water lettuce but you could cycle some thru a pool and use the water lettuce for mulch, worm beds, compost and maybe even duck food, just a thought. Thanks for all the creative things that you’re trying and promoting.

  3. For Jon in West Virginia
    Look at they have 1,000’s of groups all over the country (and it’s free) it’s a good way to find like minded people. I joined a “Preppers” group and I’ve met lots of good people! Not the crazy radical types, but regular folks who are just looking keep themselves and loved ones safe, fed and happy. We always have a social time after each meet up to allow time for people to naturally bond.
    Good luck brother,

  4. There is no doubt about it, pests are looking for tender “helpless” vegetation on plants. I believe the faster that plants can get to having mature, healthy leaves the better off it is. I have seen this with apple trees where the leaves of some have gotten extremely dark and have absolutely no pest pressures, while right next to it a pear with very young/small light green leaves will be eaten up by aphids.

    I have seen the same with tomato horn worms on pepper plants as well.

  5. Excellent comment on the ammo- I have always had this niggle in the back of my head that ammo suppliers/resellers have a vested interest in ‘hyping’ shortage, and pushing the “they’re gonna stop you buying more ammo!!!!!”

    Nothing better than selling all of your production at a premium with no discounting.