Episode-1881- Listener Calls for 9-29-16 — 21 Comments

  1. re; ICANN and Koppell. Since I know you Jack I already know your comments. Therefore I just saved myself the second most valuable thing in the world except for writing this message. Time!

  2. Maybe a silly question but why is it such a bad thing for the clay under chickens to become compacted, would that not be sort of hygenic like concrete which could be hosed clean like concrete? But then if chickens are scratchers would they not keep the clay contineously tore up. I dont know much about keeping chickens but I love a boiled egg for breakfast, just not practical for me to keep birds at the moment, maybe when I retire. Do quail lay eggs for eating or are they just a meat bird?

    • Just going to say because unlike concrete you can hose off the shit and piss of 50 birds per day every day that will build up on it and not break down as in a deep litter system.

  3. A thought on automated cars, private car insurance is a huge rip off theft from drivers and a guaranteed revenue streem to the government, as well as a big employer, wounder will the cost of hiring a driverless car in the future be like an expensive taxi or will the government figure out other ways to rob us.

  4. All traffic laws are and all that they are, are a revenue generating scam concocted by lawyers, and asshole cops do their chump work.

    • Do you realize how idiotic that sounds. ALL TRAFFIC LAWS? Those who take the extreme in any position are almost always wrong and they are never a friend to their own cause.

  5. the story about rolling through the stop light and getting a ticket was classic! Once again, you had me laughing my ass off while sitting in ATL traffic.

    I tell you Jack, I can’t believe so many entertainers don’t understand the value of humor. I hate to put you in that category but I listen to you over others for your knowledge but for the entertainment too. Sales people too for that matter.

    • For years I presented to live large audiences on such exciting topics as how near end cross talk effects the performance of data cabling. Oh boy I don’t miss that.

      Now add to it many in the audience were there ONLY because it gave them CEU credits for various certifications and a day off of work.

      So I learned to entertain, to use humor and analogy to make a dry boring subject interesting.

      Humor is VERY powerful, when I was in sales trying to close say a 200K deal I knew if I could get a few laughs into the negotiation, my competitors were toast.

  6. On the gun question.

    Russia did adopt a lever action rifle as a combat long arm, the Winchester 1895 in 7.62x54R. The reason it’s not well known is Winchester had production delays, then the Russian Revolution resulted in the Bolsheviks not wanting to pay for guns the Tsarists ordered, so the production was halted after a short run were shipped. But those who did get issued them loved them and greatly preferred them over the Mosin Nagants, not that that says a lot.

    One measurable point that lever actions are better than semi autos for .22 is that they can run just about any load, my Henry will run .22 Short and .22 LR with no noticed difference.

    • Maybe if it’s bottom or top eject (Winchester Model 94). If it’s right side eject I don’t see the lever action helping a left eye dominant, left hand shooter.

  7. The guy near Seattle recently killed 5? people in a mall shooting with a .22lr out of a Ruger 10-22 according to the articles I have read.

  8. I’m just about wrapping up this episode. I was laughing my ass off about the story of your drill instructor placing the AR against his balls. Holy Shit, that is classic.

    • Just had to add my $.02 on this.

      When I was in basic training the drill sergeant pulled this 5’2″ Puerto Rican guy out of the lineup, put the stock of the M-16 against HIS balls and fired.

      Now, for me, having NEVER been around guns and quite scared of them actually, being raised by liberal hippies in Maine this seemed just crazy.

      After the shot rang out, I cringed thinking this kid is going to be in huge pain, yet there he was, this huge grin on his face and walks away just fine.

      I never worried about the M-16 ‘recoil’ after that.

  9. I did some panic research into the grapes and dogs issue when my white GSD got into trail mix with raisins. I’d always heard that grapes were bad for dogs and raisins were even worse, so it was hard to keep a level head (at first).

    In the end though, I turned up commentary that said yes, in rare cases grapes or raisins consumed in a quantity of more than just one or two has seemed to cause awful kidney issues, but it’s incredibly rare. I saw one vet go as far as to suggest that maybe there’s some sort of genetic predisposition toward this odd reaction, but running a bunch of really expensive tests when a dog gets into grapes or raisins probably isn’t warranted.

    I stopped, took a deep breath, and decided to just watch my dog. Other than the runs from eating a bunch of trail mix, she was fine. 🙂

  10. Great suggestion with the debt and house issue. For sure find a way to consolidate that debt. I’m with you on this answer, refi the house and get your payments as low as possible then work on building a cash reserve before you crazy attack the debt. I think in the next year everyone will need a good sized cash reserve of at least 6 months income. Then after that back down your savings to 10%, the 10-20-70 rules (10% savings, 20% to go after debt, 70% to live on) do this over time.

    I also second the “offensive” side of finance…What can you do to earn more money. Start a business, reduce taxes, employ your kids (also teach them the 10-20-70 rule)

    Check out the book “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S Clason (use the link) These principles of finance are thousands of years old.