Episode-748- Listener Calls for 9-23-11 — 37 Comments

  1. Also looking into gold and silver, like the third caller, but….. what’s happening today? Prices are hitting rock bottom! -12% at the momen for today

  2. Hey there Jack I have finally found my dream log home on 10 acres and starting the paper work to buy of this place in Michigan.. I was just quoted 3 1/4 on a 15 year fixed man I wanna jump up and down LOL.. There is about 5 homes on the street each with 10 acres or more and it is so quiet out cant wait to move in, I also found a local guy who makes log furniture and boy is he about to get a whole house full of business and it is so much cheaper then the regular furniture stores.. I cant wait to put in my hugel bed garden next summer, sorry if this is not where this is supposed to go but I am kinda excited about it all.. keep up the good show jack and yes we miss the shows when your not home to do them LOL.. Cya Brent

    ps..included picture of new home

    • Hi Brent, Brent here, but in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I live in a log home as well, albiet more modest (1100 sq. feet)

      Two Brents, log home, listening to the TSP….

      Life is good

  3. I believe the caller was Jeff on feeding the neighbors. That’s what I plan on doing. I simply won’t pass for a patriot one second after the beginning of the new red dawn. The vision of me as a 47 yo woman in armour charging the zombies with a bayonet on my gun just is just quite hysterical. Thanks for the common sense approach Jeff and Jack.

    • Second on the peanut. Over a year now, and mine still lights from the initial filling. Perfect for EDC. Water-proof, crush-proof and smaller than a butane disposable. That makes it a good choice for a BoB, too.

  4. On gold & silver as an inflation hedge (particularly for a currency event)..

    I’m half way through ‘When Money Dies’, a history of Weimer Germany’s hyperinflation, and can I already HIGHLY recommend it to help with your understanding of what happens during ‘winter time’.

    A huge mistake metal bugs are making is to think that in a hyperinflation event, your appreciating gold/silver will make you ‘rich’. As mentioned in yesterday’s show this isn’t correct. If the price of things you want to buy increase in cost at the same rate as your metal appreciates, you’re only breaking even. BUT what happened in Germany was that the price of goods, particularly food, rose MUCH faster than the value of the currency, or things valued in that currency. People made ‘fortunes’ speculating, due to rising inflation and people trying to get out of their ‘dollar’, and still went to bed hungry every night.

    The one exception to this of course is debt. As inflation rose, old pre-inflation debt became cheaper relative to current ‘wages’ (bankruptcies fell to zero). So, this might be a case where you could payoff your home loan for a few ounces of silver.

    As for taxes, they rose with inflation, and pushed everyone into higher tax brackets.. so that ‘millionaire’ you’re trying to tax at a higher rate, might end up being you in short order (maybe that 79% depression tax rate isn’t a good idea!) =)

    But on the plus side, by the time taxes were due, the amount owed was depreciated due to the continuing inflation, and tax compliance was difficult to enforce.

    The big takeaway on this book. Self-reliance. Paricularly in the food department. No matter how much silver and gold you have piled up, it will evaporate when you start paying $360 for a dozen eggs (In germany, an egg went fm $0.04 to $7.20 in 3 years).

    As mentioned before, costs rose faster than income. During that 3 year period, wages increased 3400%, but the cost of living rose 8600%.

    [Costs rise faster because buyers with dollars have to compete with other buyers who have a stronger currency. If the Chinese Yuan is stronger than the dollar, guess where that Mexican Tomato goes? Guess where that American rice goes?]

    So if you’re prepping.. get that food forest planted first, then worry about the bullion! =)

  5. I also have the peanut lighter from countycom It is completely waterproof and will not dry out. I have however had some issues w/ it. I also carry a special fuel canister fob from Zippo This is nice because it holds like two whole Zippo fills and holds a spare flint. I carry both options and feel very confident with the redundancy of this setup.

  6. Insidious,
    I agree. I like gold and silver- but I can’t eat it. I feel much more secure having stores of food, knowing how to garden, and knowing how to identify wild edibles.

    One of my favorite lines of all time is in a Larry Norman song,
    “the days drew long, the nights were cold. A piece of bread could buy a bag of gold. …I wished we all been ready.”

    (it’s a Christian song about being ready for the rapture… but it holds true from any prepper stand point.)

  7. About carrying cash: Joey Green did an appearance with Conan with a tampon applicator cash roll carrier. So serious cash hiders could work from there…suppositories, anyone?

  8. I bought a pack of cheap lighters the other day. Apparently I’m an inept boob. I can’t make them work! I just get a sore thumb. I’m flunking firemaking 101… time to move on to another idea.

    • Is there a childproof function on it? It’s been a while since I flicked a bic, but I think you might have to push up underneath the button or swipe a switch or something like that.

  9. For a hardcore look and thoroughgoing exposition of money itself and a monetary history in the US see:

    “The Theory of Money and Credit” – Ludwig von Mises

    It’s a fairly heavy scholarly work and covers money in various forms in various socio-economic orders. So you might want to consider:

    Study guide to “The Theory of Money and Credit” – Robert Murphy

    An excellent and well documented account of money and banking in the US, covering all the competing group interests from the colonial era.

    “A History of Money and Banking in the United States: Colonial Era to WWII” – Murray Rothbard

  10. I have sealed my zippos in a vacum sealer bag they can be cut and sealed to just slightly larger than the lighter itself. I have had one sealed for just over a year and it still lights and the pad is still saturaed. One is stainless with engraving and one is the camo model both have no blemish to the finnish. They are sealed airtght and waterproof.

  11. I would like to save the podcasts to my ipod nano or iphone to listen to while I drive on long trips or when I ride a commercial mower at work. I do not see how to download and save, only download and play. Can someone help without making me feel like a bigger idiot than I already do for asking???

    • @Von just look it up in iTunes, just search the iTunes store for “survival podcast” and you can subscribe to it there. If you want to download it directly just right click and save as on where it says download.

  12. The 44 Special Load for quiet carbine use is in the comments for episode 46 if anyone was interested.

  13. As to zippo lighters. My wife gave me one as a gift therefore must carry it. What I’ve done is put it inside of a snus tin tucked with paper towel. I fill mine every couple of months. Plus if you want to build a fire the paper towel is awful good tinder. Of course a backup is important, snus tins aren’t waterproof. I don’t chew but if you have a friend or two who do, those tins have a million and one uses. All that said the tin fits nicely into the little pocket watch pocket on most jeans.

  14. Yet to listen to the episode, but I like square foot gardening, except for the irrigation component. Radishes and lettuce, just need more water, or they bolt. I like it for root crops, which I find more forgiving of drier conditions. SFG allows me to grow a few experimental crops without the commitment. I have sixteen 4×4’s, it is alot of work but I like the diversity. The book overdoes the number of seeds you can put in a square, ie) beans, I only do four. But overall I like it.

  15. Listening to this show… I have a zippo that is ‘special’ to me so i want to carry it, as opposed to something else cheaper but more consistent. To that end, I found the Thunderbird butane insert:

    There is another similar item (under a different brand) like this that really SUCKS, so make sure you get this one. I’ve used it for some time and it holds a charge very well, and is solid so it lasts and lasts, and best of all it lets you carry your great grand daddy’s zippo and have it continue to be useful as well as sentimental.

    • I have an insert for my Zippo as well. The special part is the outside- mine was given to me by my brother when I was his best man. The outside stays the same, but the butane insert lasts longer, burns hotter, and is better for cigars.

  16. @Jack,

    I had less-than-stellar luck with “Mel’s mix” as well. I had a variety of first year garden issues, but a friend had a soil tester (not sure of the accuracy), and it indicated a significant nitrogen deficiency, as well as a phosphorous deficiency.

    I followed Mel’s recommendations, including using 5 different composts, and this was all “fresh” this year. So, if the soil test is accurate, this mix is not at all ideal.

    I guess the lesson learned is that “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” I went with this, because it was simple, and I wanted to get started.

    Good news…despite high heat (for my area), novice mistakes, etc…I still got some things to grow (tomatoes primarily), and ate food out of my own garden. That’s pretty cool.

  17. @KAM many composts are not really finished when they are sold they take time for N to become available and many are Phosphorous deficient as well. Even if you account for that there are trace minerals like calcium, magnesium, etc. that are very useful in the garden. Hence I really like to add things like lava or green sands, both is even better.

    • @Jack,

      That may be the case with the compost I bought.

      Lava and green sands…I’ll have to read about that, because I don’t know anything about it (how much to use, etc), but thanks for the tip.

      • @Kam about one 50lb bag per 4×8 bed. Just sprinkle it on like sugar on a big cake and lightly turn it in. The lava sand is also awesome at helping to better retain moisture.

  18. Great show, as usual! One thing to note, when canning tomatoes you need to be sure whether they’re low acid varieties or not. If they are low acid you can add some lemon juice to bring the acidity up and make it safe for water bath canning.