Episode-2296- Listener Calls for 9-20-18 — 7 Comments

  1. Greetings everyone.  Just checking in from Wilmington, NC.  You all probably heard we had a hurricane last week.  I’ve kinda fallen out of touch with TSP over the past couple of years, but I so grateful for everything that I’ve learned from the “The TSP Academy” over the many years that I’ve been a follower.  This was the worst event that I’ve experienced.  This storm was intense and unforgiving.  The length of the event really tested everyone and people were/are starting to break.   Grocery stores are slowly opening up with limited supplies.  Fuel trucks were being escorted by law enforcement and National Guard.  There are some reports of looting and such as there will always be in these situations.  I was able to keep my microgreens alive through the storm and started my first deliveries again today.  After living through many of these big storms you develop a routine and kinda know what to expect, but you never know how much or where the damage will be.  Wow Jack  2296 episodes, keep rocking brotha!  Anyway looking forward to listening regularly again the knowledge is invaluable.

  2. For Alex from Michigan,

    I use sawdust mixed with melted paraffin wax and pour that mixture into old egg cartons.  They make the world’s best fire starters.  You cut that up into individual ‘eggs’ once the wax cools and use them to start campfires or wood stove fires, and throw a few in your preparedness kits and go bags, etc.  I know this wouldn’t use up much of your excess sawdust, but if you have a wood stove in the home, I find these to be invaluable.  Heck, you could even make a mountain of them and start a little side hustle, package them up and sell them in bags of 3 for a buck ninety-nine wherever they sell that pre-bundled firewood for camp fires in your area.  Just another idea for you.

  3. I was going to mention the same as Eric.  The stores at most of the campgrounds around me sell sawdust and wax in basically those little paper cups you get for ketchup at Burger King.  Instead of egg cartons, you could find those cups and perhaps sell them to camping stores near you?  You could also buy those crystals that turn the flames blue and green and add some of that for a different “version” .

    Also, I watched a youtube video where the guy soaked all thge junk mail he received in water and made pulp.  He added sawdust and basically formed “logs” to use in his wood stove.  The video was called “How to heat your house for free”, which is not an honest title, but whatever.

    • With it being hard wood maple it may make great fire logs and I didn’t think of it but bradley smoking bicutts are pretty expensive, with a mold you could make those and undercut the OEM product by a lot. Us Bradely smoker guys love our smokers.

  4. With regard to the unlimited cellular data throttling. I’ve mentioned this before look at Their 30G+ setup is as far as I can tell truly unlimited without throttling. I’ve tested this well beyond the 30Gig limit every month for about 18 months.

  5. Well, last billing cycle my T-Mobile data usage was 43 GB, on a single line. Our total usage for the month was 141 GB.

  6. As for sawdust/woodchips, since they are dry and you said MI, why not use them in a wood stove?  Planer shavings work better (fluffy), but mixed with sticks and on a bed of coals or a modified grate, it should burn.

    Second is another aspect of compost.  Chicken guts (assuming you butcher sometimes) + sawdust = compost.  This is why the Amish communities generally put their sawmill and butcher in close proximity.   😉

    Third, most farmers I know want truckloads if they want sawdust, but craigslist ads are free.  So much per bag picked up or delivered to nearby town.  I’ve been surprised at the stuff I’ve been able to sell!