Episode-1871- Listener Calls for 9-15-16 — 13 Comments

  1. “Come let us reason together” is from the Bible –I think either Isaiah or Jeremiah. 🙂

    EDIT — okay so I went ahead and looked it up. It’s from Isaiah 1:18.

    “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”

      • Dusting off the old lay minister hat. Simple really,

        Crimson is the stain of blood, the stain of misdeed, the stain of sin. What color is wool? It is white. If two sides mediate in good faith and seek to do good, well then each no matter how they got there can leave better and pure and clean though reasoning and compromise. Something to that effect.

  2. Jack, thanks for the reference about Video Grabby. I have already tried it out and it works great. I will certainly make more use of it. Another great show.

  3. To download videos, I generally use a program called youtube-dl. It can download from a lot more services than just youtube and it probably wouldn’t be too hard to monitor say a youtube rss feed and automatically download videos. Yeah, it might take a little programming know how but it shouldn’t be that hard.

  4. Jack FYI you have “life streaming” but should be “live streaming.” I don’t normally care about or correct your grammar but in this case it seemed like it might be confusing.

  5. Civil asset forfeiture is a legal fiction. It is a civil lawsuit prosecuted by the government against an asset. It is not a criminal case. The lawsuit case names would be funny if the entire concept were not so pernicious. In the case of money, it will be something like The State of Texas vs. $150,021.34. Often the case names are bizarre, like this one: United States v. Approximately 64,695 Pounds of Shark Fins. Anyway, because it is a civil lawsuit against the asset – crazy as that sounds (and the Supreme Court says its fine and dandy), there is no due process. And therefore, there is no innocent until proven guilty.

  6. This 50.1 percent malarkey where “Th’ Man” reserves the right to take control because he is ” Th’ Man” and “th’ Head Of The Household.” is anachronistic.
    Marriage should be a partnership in life, not a business that needs controlling by one person any time they see fit to exercise their 0.1 percent majority. If I am supposed to be sharing financial accounts with my partner in marriage because that is what partners do, then the same goes for decision making. Equal responsibility.
    Sure; each individual person, in each individual marriage, can be given by the other the responsibility for having the final say on an issue depending on skills and experience, but to say that ‘Because I am the man I reserve the right to make decisions” …..nope.
    Lots of generalisations and rubbery figures “75% of guys” “Some women””85 % of….” ” The rest of society…” Thats the thing about generalisations- they are subject to incredible amounts of perception bias, with no factual basis.
    As to not going down any ratholes…. you just did.

    • In a simple two word response,

      Horse Shit.

      A man should step up and take control when something is serious enough to warrant it, and if he won’t he is not a real man.

      This is not about phyical strength, this is not about caveman mentality, this is about fundamental reality.

      Drew, you are a victim of politically correct bullshit. There are the way things should be and then there are the ways things are. Denying reality does not change reality.

      Yes in general women are more led by emotion than by logic. Any honest woman will tell you this. Are there a lot of emotion driven men today? Yea, it is because we have driven the male out of men in an attempt to homogenize the sexes.

      No we are not equal in all aspects. This is why there isn’t a single female in say the NFL, NBA or NHL. It sure ain’t bigotry, if one could be found she would be worth a fortune to the franchise.

      You also will not see a man give birth, because we are NOT THE SAME. We have strengths and weaknesses and they complete each other in this partnership you speak of.

      As to no factual basis, what drugs are you on. The observable phenomena is all one needs to draw reasonable and logical conclusions. You guys in Oz have had this politically correct bullshit heaped on you far more than we have, and you are showing the effects right here.

      You don’t think there is any proof that women are more led by emotions than men?

      Let me conclude with there are times when my wife and I disagreed on an issue and I deferred to her because her perspective was right. You can do that in an equal partnership. However, there have been a few times, perhaps 4 in 20 plus years where I was the dictator, because it was necessary. They included things like saving her life when she was near ready to destroy her bone marrow with drugs because she was afraid of surgery and some less severe like being guilted into driving in dangerous conditions.

      In these instances I stopped making my case as an equal and stepped up as a leader. In the end when two or more people cooperate there will always come at least a few times when one must lead.

      It should be the male, sadly many times it isn’t, because men have been pussified by this “everyone is equal” pile of politically correct bullshit.

      We most certainly are all equal in our value as humans, as our worth as individuals as in having rights of our creation. But we are not all equal in deed and ability and there are clear delineations on sex in both directions. There are many things women are far better at “in general” than men, and many men are far better at than women.

      When it comes to thinking women excel at the areas were emotion and empathy are required. Men excel again IN GENERAL where logic is required, where one must be cold and analyze only the facts. There are times for both.

  7. I totally agree with Jack on the 50.1%. I absolutely value my wife’s opinion on issues of decision. However, in a crisis, you don’t have time to dick around arguing because of a 50/50 thing where you don’t agree. Someone MUST make a final decision. In a given relationship, it may come down to the wife but not as often. More often than not, men are more analytical and women are more emotional based in decision making. I reiterate, it is not 100% but it is a high majority.

  8. Jack,
    While I agree with most of what you said regarding the cop issue, laying blame completely on the feet of the system without assigning some responsibility to the individual, is basically giving cops the ability to plead the Nuremberg defense; “it’s not me, it’s the system. I was only following orders.”

    To be fair, you said both things, “Oath-breaking POS’s,” and “in their heads they’re not bad people, the system is bad.” However, I personally wouldn’t want to leave any leeway for someone to pretend that they are not personally responsible for their own actions.