Episode-1641- Listener Calls for 9-10-15 — 18 Comments

  1. Yes to Guerilla (sp?) audio while you are on the road!
    Do take the time you need and I’d love to click into road trip comments and / or rants.
    I’m already a lifer’ TSP so keep on keeping on.

    + Closure songs are a ‘fun’ new item. Really appreciate your networking of us who might otherwise not have + intersection History and interests. You are helping ‘meri-ka’!!

    Thanks for this Podcast!

    Idea: Might put in some links to past interviews and their podcast addresses- I tuned into Wealthsteading podcast and a Jill Elizabeth Podcast for listening pleasure on my drive when you had a few days off… and more variety- could tune into a Mr. Harrison or Wheaton . . .

    • Put me down as another that would love Jack to do a podcast / course on selling.

      I was put off selling years ago by an ex-employers sales tactics (a very large household brand in the UK) – basically tricking people to buy things with minimum contracts. Goes to Jack’s point about selling being seen as a “dirty” word – that company put me off sales big time.

  2. Jack,
    I love the guerrilla podcasting idea. Also, you have 1600+ awesome episodes, many of which are timeless. You could just re-post some of those on the days you’re gone. I know we can use the random episode link, but having an episode hit my iphone automatically is awesome.

  3. I hope I’m not out of line….I have been is sales off and on for 30 years….Back in the mid 80’s i used to go to night clubs….My friend had a theory, if you walk up to every woman that looked good and asked her if she wanted sex tonight… would find one that said yes….It’s called the Law of Averages…..and Yes it worked every time… lots of women got mad and sometimes you had to explain to their boy friend you were just taking a survey LOL…But it worked…It’s all a part of sales ….Like i said if I’m out of line delete my post….To be good at sales you need no fear….It is what it is

    • That reminds me of my favorite thing to tell pessimists:

      There is no such thing as rejection!

      If you ask a girl out, and she says no, you are in the exact same position as before- you didn’t have a date 5 minutes ago, and you don’t have a date now!

      Interesting how our emotions take things and make them into a big deal, when technically nothing happened. I hate being rejected as much as anybody, but I can not comprehend why I do.

  4. Thanks for answering my question yesterday Jack.(Raw Food Dogs)
    It really helped me get things in perspective and brought me to the reality of raising a dog on a raw food / trapped vermin diet.

    I had considered giving SOME of the entrails of the on farm processing to the dogs if they wanted. I was mostly thinking of just letting the Dog having some day of slaughter. Now Im thinking that I pack it all up in 1 Gallon bags and freeze them. Saving turkey heads, rabbit heads and rabbit ears (a really popular chew toy) was going to be a given.

    Also, I stopped off a Kroger on my way home while listening to the podcast last night. Perdue whole chickens were on sale 99¢ a lb.
    I went to the wet dog food section and found, in the largest can sizes, food averaging about 60-70¢ a lb. The cheaper the stuff, the more grain byproducts contained in it. Sure, I’d have to quarter the bird, but no big deal. The stuff in the Raw Food, and the more “natural” dog foods were WAY more expensive that the Perdue stuff. Go figure.

    Lastly my understanding with the cooked bone situation is that only some bones crystalize when cooked. Poultry and rabbit and small game animals. Pork and Beef don’t quite splinter like that and are pretty safe. (I”ve never had a pork or beef stock bone get soft after making a brother either.)

    Thanks again for taking my question!

    • Hey John, thought I’d add my 2 cents.

      We keep a pit bull and a pit/husky cross on our farm, for livestock and crop protection, as well as for slaughter clean up. These dogs have lived on a RMB (raw meat bones) diet their entire lives, with zero problems.

      I went with the pit bull breed for several reasons.

      Size, my full pit is knee height and roughly 50lbs. The mutt is taller, longer, and closer to 70lbs.

      Aggression, these dogs destroy coyotes. The full pit is overzealous, however the mutt outsmarts the coyote every time. I would like to claim they scare away the bears, cougars, and bobcats with terror… however all dogs piss.

      Loyalty and Respect, pit bulls are incredibly loyal, and like most any dog, just need proper training and love.

      The difference is a pit bull, a dog bred to literally survive going head to head with a bull in a ring, wins most fights.

      There is a reason they were the dog of the American family, at least when the American family usually lived on a farm.

      Take a look at my instagram (
      and see for yourself. Baby ducks, pigs, chickens, big ducks, and pit bulls, all more or less friends.

  5. Jack, that thing you said at the beginning of the show about so many preppers being stuck in this place where they won’t find happiness now, because their preps will make them comeout on top of everybody else when the shit hits the fan- at least, that’s how they think. I’ve been thinking about that recently. It seems that’s why my father would rather live a broke miserable lifestyle instead of letting his business achieve its full potential, and it’s something I struggle with as well. It’s like the subconscious kind engaging in escapist fantasy, avoiding the slight difficulty of working to live good now, for the perceived ease of living better than everyone else when that EMP hits.

  6. Good episode. Couldn’t agree with living for today. There is no telling how much better you’ll be by 65 if you actually spend your life living it and seeking opportunities rather than biding your time.

  7. You mentioned in this episode about other places to look to place your support since a lot of us bailed on Oathkeepers after they went all “Alex Jones” over the Jade Helm stuff. The CSPOA (Constitutional Sherrifs and Peace Officers Association) is a worthwhile organization, and no you don’t have to be an officer or deputy to join. It doesn’t seem to have the organization built up yet that Oathkeepers has gotten, but they are a good cause. I agree with Jack that we need what the intention of Oathkeepers originally was without all of the tinfoil hat stuff. I hope it happens, but until then I will support CSPOA.