Episode-1862- Listener Calls for 9-1-16 — 14 Comments

  1. Some of the current media stories remind me of the old Inquire tabloid supermarket paper. Very unbelievable crazy headlines and stories but people bought them.

  2. Jack, I thought you did a great service to that young lady and her husband today. Having had my share of similar experiences, I can’t think of anything more important to survival than learning how to handle negative and toxic family relations. Your advice was spot on. Kudos Mr. S.

    • Agreed.

      I approach these sort of conflicts using transactional analysis, but it boils down to the same advice that Jack gave. Stay in your adult. Do not let them over-parent you and draw you into your child. Be the adult.

      • I had a far more minor but similar issue with my Dad when I got home from the Army. But I think if you do it with the minor it doesn’t progress to the major.

        I was asked to put a water pump on his car for him. Fine, no big deal. Next day I go to the parts store, come back, pull the car into the shade break out the tools and start the job.

        Next thing he is over my shoulder like when I was a kid, “get all the gasket off” and “make sure you remember where that goes”, etc.

        Finally I am like “Dad look, I just spent three years working on multi million dollar vehicles, it is my profession, I know what I am doing, please leave me be so I can do this for you like you asked”.

        His response was something akin to well the government doesn’t care if you break something because they have unlimited money, some shit like that.

        I stood up, looked him in the eye and simply said, “well, you can either trust me to do a job I am very good at, or you can fix your own fucking car”. Don’t let the F word make it sound harsh, it was quite calmly said and my Dad is no stranger to profanity in common speak. He simply said, okay, thanks for doing it and went on with his business. I finished the job properly of course.

        Nothing else was ever said, and no issues like that ever came up again.

        Why, as Alex put it it, I was the adult, not the child. You have asked me to help you, I have agreed, now let me do it or well get someone else or do it yourself.

    • I’ve also had similar experiences, and have had many friends with them as well. The one thing that struck me, though, was that several of us didn’t listen to our parents purely because we were stubborn, highly educated, know-it-alls.
      I’ve since taken the approach to always listen and consider what others have to say. They may well have had experiences that I can learn from.. If I’ve heard the criticism before, though, and dismissed it once already, then I take the sterner approach.
      I’m not saying that that was the case with the caller, just that I’ve seen another side of this which seems to be more prevalent with the younger generations.

    • Just remember that you have to stick to your guns too. The mother in law may actually say something along the lines of “it’s our way or the highway” in which case you’ve got a decision to make.

      I haven’t spoken to my dad in over 15 yrs because of a situation regarding his second wife and her complete disrespect to my wife and me. He basically said you accept both of us or none. We chose none. I wasn’t going to put my wife through that crap.

      I thought Jack said it perfectly, blood doesn’t mean you have to accept abuse.

  3. Regarding Jack’s extended remarks on Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, I knew that the South’s policy regarding plantation ownership guaranteed that the majority of land would be in the hands of a few, and everyone else (including white people in the South) could just take a hike. A similar system had existed in Australia, but it didn’t work there either. The Eureka Rebellion went a long way to stop that foolishness and that rebellion lasted only 30 minutes. The difference was that most people agreed that something needed fixing.

    Something different than simple logic was going on in the Union and the Confederate South. We call it racism today and that is a reasonable label, but remember that racism had nothing to do with the beginning of slavery in the British colonies. Racism was a gradual notion that built up over the years… perhaps to hide the growing conviction that they were all doing something terribly wrong, and allowing themselves to believe various justifications for something that was unjustifiable.

    • Alex, I’m telling you sir, publish your history segments in hardcover and you’ll be a best seller. I can see many homeschool parents would be grateful to purchase your books to teach their kids, especially when Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn and Bill Nye are dominating government schools.

  4. Great mayo discussion! I’m going to try that jalapeño version.

    To add to the process, If you have a stick blender… You can through all of the ingredients into a mason jar and blend it from the bottom up in seconds. Fool-proof. Search YouTube for “stick blender mayo” for details.

    • Not tried it yet, but I’ve heard you can use bacon grease for your oil. Of course it’d have a bacon flavor.

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    Also I love the idea of using flavored oils.