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    A little history and my opinion on CA
    The transformation of Northern California to a desert has been in the making for over 150 years. One only needs to look at the history of Tulare Lake to get an idea of how mismanaged  the states use of water has been. When California became a state in 1850 Tulare Lake was the biggest fresh water lake west of the Mississippi and by 1899 it was dried up. Consequently that area has now sunk around 28ft in elevation due to ground water pumping. This type of ground water pumping and damming/channeling of the rivers has happened all across the state.  Water has no chance to replenish the once abundant aquafers.
    Massive amounts of water are now sent from the North to Los Angeles. Currently the LA River is a cement canal going to the ocean.  Sadly, enough water falls in that water shed to cover LA’s yearly water usage if only 1/3 is captured.
    Jack nailed it in his assessment of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Environmental policy went from one failed policy to the next. Clear cutting for logging gave way to selective cut but a hands off policy in dealing with under story brush and suppression of all fires. To me it appears that there is an attempt to now properly manage but the damage may have already been done.
    As far as Permaculture answers to the problem you are talking such a  grand scale. I think maybe the best permaculture practices could be used in the rehabilitation phase after these big fires. I have often wondered if falling burnt timber on contour could act like swales by slowing water and catching erosion from the burnt land.  Additionally replacement trees could be planted just like on swales below the logs.
    On a personal level it irritates me to see people burn brush piles in spring. All I see is carbon that should be left in the soil go up in smoke. I now chip most brush piles and strategically place small piles to rot in place so wild Quale have places to live. I actually have too many wild Quale that are beginning to be destructive in my garden by acting like chickens.
    Lastly the once native perennial grasses that covered the land here have been largely eradicated due to loss of the wetlands and over grazing. Hard to believe but California used to stay green all summer when the Spanish first explored and has been slowly heading to desertification since. Misguided environmentalists are mostly to blame for the forests and farmers are mostly to blame for the valley water problems. California climate change is real….. just not due to CO2.  

  2. Hello, it seems in this potcast you still are under the impression that the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagazaki were droped to end the war, when in fact we now have access to the archives that show us that Japan had already surrendered. I thought this was common knowledge, it is in France.

  3. Looking in the html code for the Stir Fry Generator it has the following lists for the random list.

    meat [“Beef”, “Chicken”, “Pork”, “Shrimps”]

    veg [“Brocoli”, “Cauliflower”, “Mushroom”, “Cabbage”, “Pakchoi”, “Bell Pepper”, “Celery”, “Onion”, “Bamboo shoot”,”Carrot”]

    nut [“Cashew Nuts”, “Peanuts”, “Almonds”, “Sesame Seeds”,”Chilis”]

    carb [“Rice”, “Noodles”, “Anything-solid”, “No Carbs Needed”, “No Carbs Needed”]

    herb [“Basil”, “Thai Basil”, “Mint”, “Coriander”, “Parsley”, “Spring Onions”]

    title [“Mister”, “Miss”, “Colonnel”, “General”, “Chef”, “Lady”, “Old”, “Madam”, “King”, “Princess”]

    name [“Wong”, “Wang”, “Zheng”, “Lin”, “Xu”, “Xie”, “Mao”, “Shen”, “Hu”, “Tan”, “He”, “Deng”, “Wu”, “Yang”, “Cheng”, “Gao”, “Wan”, “Xue”, “Kong”, “Dong”, “Pan”, “Yu”]

    • Kind of exactly like Garrettcom’s claim on configuration true but under whelming.  Makes me want to do one with a lot more options.

      Expanding to options for 1-3 veg options, adding say 8 more of them, then creating a fail safe.  IE “if Veg 1 is X, Veg 2 and Veg 3 can’t be X) would up this thing to well over 100,000 options.

  4. As for remake of Roadhouse I heard they were talking about making one with Rhonda Rousey as the Dalton character.