Episode-1842- Listener Calls for 8-4-16 — 25 Comments

  1. I haven’t listened to your podcasts yet, but I plan to try them out.

    My real interest is in a coin you mentioned creating some time ago.

    I’m a myrmecophile and wondered about the slogan – cogito ergo sum formica.

    I think therefore I’m an ant. How does this tie into your philosophy?

    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

    • We made the coin, it ran for only a while it was the TSP Challenge Coin and it was produced by the people that ran my first gear shop.

      The phrase is a play on “I think therefore I am”.

      Well ant of course links to the ant and grasshopper story. Simply, I think therefore I prepare.

  2. On the “when is there a case where a civilian reloads in a self defense situation,” it seems like it does happen, when there’s multiple bad guys.

    Here’s one definite case: a gun store owner using an AR to fend off a very large robbery attempt on his store- 7 guys, 2 cars, one of the cars driven through the front of his building.
    Unique situation, yes, but technically that meets your challenge.

    Not to mention, based on what you say about guys not going down after being double tapped in the chest, and the possibility of facing multiple attackers, practicing reloads doesn’t really seem unreasonable to me at all.

    • One comment on people with weak hands for racking the slide or going with a revolver or other pistol without a reciprocating slide, if you have a hard time racking the slide across your chest in the conventional manner, racking the slide is probably even less likely than a reload in a confrontation, use your body weight on a table or ledge and hook the gun on the sights and push the gun down with your body.

  3. I like the idea of hack a Jack but I don’t think you should have to come up with all the ideas. A while back you ran a string of shows where you just read people’s comments on how to save a buck our two. Suppose a wiki gets started with many different peoples ideas on this , and you pick one that you like and make it the new “Bob Wells plant of the week”. I liked those show because everyone’s situation is different and so many different approaches were exhibited that perhaps every person in this community could find a few things that applied to their situation.

    Just my observation.
    Phil in Alaska.

    • We could easily add a segment to the wiki for it, getting people to post to it however, is another matter. People seem afraid to post to wikis, I don’t know why.

  4. Only polka I’ve ever listened to is Weird Al’s. I always skipped the polka medleys on Weird Al’s records. Few years ago listened to them all and now I look forward to them. Favorite is still Angry White Boy Polka from Poodle Hat.

  5. Yes to “Jack Hack’s”.

    Yes to Item of the Day to make a first-aid pack or similar grouping of items.

  6. Thanks for your reply – any of those coins left?

    I’d love to have one (buy one) – I like the play on words and the underlying philosophy.

    “Go to the ant thou sluggard – consider her ways and be wise.”

    Not just preparation: strength through unity; single-minded hard work; unswerving devotion to and defense of home and community.

    Not a bad role model. Except the part about males only mating once and then dying.

    • Nope may be we will do coins like them again. But in the end that is up to Kelly.

  7. Thank you for the salad hack.. I do hydrate and spin, but the tupperware container with vent holes sounds like a great idea.

  8. An idea for the first aid kit, vetbond, Doc Bones may want to add it to his site for sale. This is not like the liquid bandages, it is a suture glue and the same thing as dermabond but cheaper.

    The grip angle / wrist angle thing comes into play when shooting at speed. It won’t give you better slow aimed groups as much as it will give you faster sight acquisition and better recoil control.

  9. For the Micro greens question on composting used soil:
    You could invert the old compost into a new seed flat so that the bottom becomes the top of the new seed flat and directly sow into it . The old stems now on the bottom do not interfere with the growing of the new seedlings.

    Thanks Jack for all you do
    “Jacks Hacks” is an excellent idea

  10. Absolutely yes to Jack Hacks, if that is too cumbersome, man that first aid kit build is a great idea too!

    Would be cool if people had a way to post their own “hacks” too. I know I don’t have thick enough skin though to post something on Wiki where all these people comment like they do on Youtube vids. Not sure what happened to “if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything.”

    • No this is a very bad idea, the issue as I mentioned is mold, one grow per flat of soil.

  11. Yes to Jack Hacks and yes to item of the week for a first aid kit/bag!!!

    I just have to say that I’ve been listening to your podcast for over three years now and it keeps getting better and better. Coincidentally, I had a baby last year on June 20th, 2015 and his name is Jackson, but we call him Jack. Might as well call him the TSP baby – born on the show’s anniversary and nickname the same as the host! Thanks again for all you do to provide a great podcast.

  12. Jack Hacks would be great!

    I was thinking of “Jack Hacks” tonight as I ordered three pairs of eyeglasses for my wife and one of my daughters for less than $40 delivered from Zenni Optical which of course I learned about from you years ago. Heck, that alone has saved me a couple hundred dollars while also allowing me to buy backup pairs of glasses for everyone!

  13. Yes to the first aid kit item on the week!!! And yes to the jack hacks!

    Also I bet there is a way to compile The first aid kit components and then automate the blog. It would be a ton of work up front but you could just pound that out mostly on one long weekend maybe in the winter when the homestead work slows down. Or you could hire out the bulk of the work to a trusted expert? Anyway just one business owner brainstorming for another!!

  14. I was in the nuclear weapon business for a lot of years. The President does not actually have a button that launches nukes. Here it is over simplified: When the president enters his code into the “football” it gives the military access to the codes that unlock the weapons and make them work. It ensures presidential control and approval to keep the military from using them on their own.