Episode-1198- Listener Calls for 8-30-13 — 50 Comments

  1. I just wanted to add another few things you can do to help your kids institutional awareness, limit TV and Video games, go out into the woods hiking or camping, nothing opens a kids eyes more than being in the woods, also look into Cub Scouts your oldest might be old enough to join now, it was almost 40 years ago when I was a Cubby so I can remember the age requirements LOL

  2. Jack

    I have heard you mention Rick Perry several times through the years and being a Texan myself, I don’t like him either BUT, the Governor of Texas is just a figure head, the Lt. Governor has all the power in Texas.
    After the Civil War the union decided they were going to appoint a governor to Texas so the the state legislators and the Governor at the time changed the constitution and gave all power to the Lt. Gov. and it is still that way to this day…little know fact but true, we learned it in 7th grade Texas history and I have checked and it is still the same.

  3. Jack,

    Oh, Heavens, another 2 hr. podcast with no time efficient way of navigating it to the things I want to hear about, avoiding the things that interest me least. I just do not have the time to give to Jack Spirko’s ruminations of everything under the sun, but I will take the time to mine Jack Spirko’s superb thoughts about some things like permaculture and doing many things yourself. Other’s interests may vary, please Jack, give us all a break and record approximate start times on your discussion list. I doubt if I am the only one who is finding themselves ignoring podcasts and regretting it because they are impossible to navigate without such a help guide.

      • clayfarmer,

        I’d really like to know how asking for some minimum help for my time constraints from a good person like Jack constitutes being an asshole? Jack would be the first to acknowledge that we each have so many seconds to learn and evolve. I don’t know how he does all that he does. I’m going to find myself backing away from Jack’s goodness without this little bit of help because I’ve got things to do myself. Are you free as a bird with your time?

    • Ron perhaps you should take the time and effort to do that yourself given the cost of admission to TSP.

    • @ Ron,

      Jack does put the list in order, so you can estimate where to go in the podcast. You can usually tell in about 5-15 seconds which topic he is talking about and scroll forward or backward from there. That is how I have done it when I just want to hear a certain topic.

      I admit that it is a small thing, and would be helpful at times. But if Jack did all of those small things that people ask for, he would have no time for himself. Then how would he have time to learn new things and share that knowledge with us?

    • Crap, replied to the wrong post earlier, reposting, feel free to delete the first time I commented this –

      I don’t suppose you have an Android smart phone? I do, and use an app called “iPP Podcast Player”. It lets me download OR stream this podcast, and comes with 15 second forward and back skip buttons usable when listening to a downloaded or streaming podcast. That might not seem like much time, but four taps is a minute skipped and the app can keep up with you no matter how fast you tap. It also has a easy to use draggable time bar so you can skip more significant amounts of time if you know you’re going to want to skip ten plus minutes.

      Since getting this app, this is the only way I consume the show, at home or away, and I only visit the site to check the comment sections for interesting tidbits.

  4. @Ron, what I do is look at the order Jack lists the topics, and I download and just fast forward, it is hit and miss, but it works for me. I rarely do this, since it really limits what new material you *may* become newly interested in. I live in Canada, and the gun questions do not generally interest me, but he did a podcast on ballistics and I really got into the finer points of it an had no idea how involved the subject is.

    • Brent,

      I appreciate your help. I’ve tried much the same as you without the download part and found it to be so tedious that I despair about repeating the process. Downloading still leaves me with player control that is little more granular than the TSP player, so the extra task involved makes pretty much a wash for me. I really don’t have the time to listen in case I might find something more interesting than it appears to be, but for those who do, more’s the power. I soon have my inner mind screaming at me to get off the ‘puter and do something real. Thanks again!

  5. Jack or someone on his staff wrote referring to my request for approximate start times on the discussion list of call or write in podcasts, “…perhaps you should take the time and effort to do that yourself given the cost of admission to TSP.”

    I guess I must have inadvertently stepped over some line of the request for feedback on this site to elicit such a poor customer service response. I’m sorry for that. I’ve only been watching (mostly listening) to Jack for about 3 months having discovered him by listening to his superb last interview of Jeff Lawton. I’ve found a lot to like. In spite of very constrained finances in my own life, I’ve really been tempted to join the Members Support Brigade in spite of my dislike of the militancy that the name implies. I’ve gone out of my way 3 times to introduce the Survival Podcast to my 400 FaceBook friends. I could be wrong, but isn’t that how the Podcast grows and gains advertising and MSB support? To be told to PO with the implication that I’m a taker as well as a loser is awfully hard to grok. I pay my way, one way or another, but I won’t fawn on command.

    • @Ron –
      I think you might want to reread your original post. 🙂

      But instead of reading it with a ‘reasonable’ tone of voice.. replace each period with a petulant sigh, a head toss, and a roll of the eyes. :-p

      Text has no tone.

      The podcast is a gift (free).

      You’re asking for another gift (time codes).. and the response was ‘no’. That’s a perfectly reasonable response, regardless of if your question was asked rudely or ‘fawningly’.

      simpler conversation (my apologies to all parties):
      You: hey jack, love the podcast but don’t really have time to listen to the entire call in show to get to the parts I’m interested in. Do you think you could add time codes?
      TSP: Sorry, don’t have the time. Feel free to add them yourself, I’m sure other people in the community would appreciate them.
      You: cool, thanks.

      now banning self.. 🙂

      • Insidious,

        Your response is interesting, although I sure would like to know whether it reflects any real official stance. I guess I could have been gentler. That isn’t really the Jack Spirko tone, and I got caught up in it.

        I’ll tell you this. I would not mind “paying my way” once a month, by being part of a group to reliably deliver what you call time codes to listeners. But “do it yourself” each and every time isn’t in the cards for me and I’m sure some others. Where does that leave us?

        I suppose I could do 1 or 3 or 4 for a couple of weeks and plead for volunteers and try to organize them when it would take a 1 or 2 sentence mention from Jack in one of the podcasts to get 50 volunteers which an intern could organize. I wouldn’t expect anything in return for doing it once a month. Bottom line, it would help to build listenership, and only listeners join Brigades and listeners draw ad revenue. Yes?

        Also, someone must make the discussion lists, so how hard is it to add a timecode for each list item while you’re right there? As a TV producer, I would never leave a time code out while logging a tape or file, otherwise why do it. If Jack makes this list himself on the fly during the podcast, then that’s a whole other story, and I understand that he couldn’t or wouldn’t want to handle another task.

        Yes, “no” is a valid response, but “Let’s see what we can do” is often long range better, particularly to an apparently rude asshole like me.

        • nothing i say is ever ‘official’ in any sense..

          you might want to pop into the forums and discuss time codes..

          a previous request was for transcripts. Jack said no (time/energy constraints, low bang for the buck).

          the listeners stepped up and started transcribing on their own. Time coding may be solved with a similar crowd sourced volunteer effort.

          So try a post, if its something that others would like to see as much as you do, you might be surprised at the response.


          (P.S. IMO, Jack’s style is to ‘organic’ for him to interrupt his flow to mark done time codes for changes of subject.. sounds like a job for an editor)

        • “(P.S. IMO, Jack’s style is to ‘organic’ for him to interrupt his flow to mark done time codes for changes of subject.. sounds like a job for an editor)” ~insidious

          That is correct and trust me it isn’t that simple. The time the recorder says won’t be the time on the show, intro music, into segments, etc.

          I would have to first generate the show, then hunt and peck though it, find everything and write it down and then append it to the notes.

          Now if Amy wants the job I say only Monday and Friday shows seem to really warrant this. The others shows are single subject whether interview or stand alone. I would pay Amy say 25 dollars a month and give her editorial access to the blog so she can cut and paste the time stamps in the show notes on Monday and Friday’s. Seems like about an hours work a month to me and since she does this type of thing for a living likely she would get pretty fast after a few times.

          I don’t mind paying to add a service if it REALLY adds value. The key is does it, do enough people want it to make it worth doing? I have found not always but MOSTLY when someone wants additional bells and whistles they are almost never a paying member. I am a business man, if doing this gets me an extra MSB member or retains an extra one each month I will make the deal with someone like Amy in a heart beat. If it would get me 6 a month extra retained or added I’d pay more and have her do them all.

          But I can’t add services and time to my workload to serve those who don’t contribute to the bottom line. I don’t begrudge anyone but I have a pretty heavy workload already. Adding to my time and/or cost burden at this point MUST be enhancing the ROI or I simply can’t justify it.

        • Adding on to what Insidious said, if it was requested to the community (even the transcribing one) and people would find value in it, I would think that some would be willing to do that. I do transcribe on occasion, but searching for when Jack switches to a new call would take a heck of a lot less time. I’ll try this episode and see about how long it takes.
          – Amy, Moonfire on the forums

        • [5:43] What Happened in the Year 1198
          [8:45] Patrick at MT Knives is Auctioning off his Personal Neck Knife (link)
          [10:49] Will the AgriTrue certification be usable on packaged amendments and natural fertilizers
          [17:14] Council Member Frank Sharpe on situational awareness for children
          [22:20] No DO NOT use wasp spray as a substitute for pepper spray
          [27:34] Using root crops as part of a cover cropping soil improvement strategy
          [34:37] Dealing with a broody hen who you don’t want brooding
          [37:43] How to safely store a rifle but still keep it available
          [48:26] Texas advertising for jobs and entrepreneurs
          [48:26] A spouse gets on board due to something dramatically simple, packing for camping
          [57:47] Chickens that won’t lay in their nesting boxes and what to do about it
          [1:02:34] What happens to a pension fund when a company is purchased by another
          [1:12:02] What is the deal with “golden rice” is all GMO bad no matter what
          [1:22:50] What to do with a large amount of windfall apples
          *[1:29:47] How concerned should we be with bounty hunters?
          *[1:35:14] Questions about buying new (and used) guns

          * – Added by me, weren’t listed above, so not the best descriptions.

          Took me 15 minutes, and it would’ve probably been a bit shorter but I haven’t listened to the entire show yet so I didn’t recognize which answer he was on sometimes.

        • Actually I have a full-time job as a software developer, I just enjoy transcribing and such on occasion. I was referring to in my other reply the few episodes of TSP I’ve transcribed (and helped Hootie, king of transcriptions, with some Steven Harris ones). However, I’d be happy to add time stamps to the notes! The only potential sticking point is that with the job and driving home, I may not be able to edit until the evening (or lunch, but Friday shows tend to take longer, so probably wouldn’t be posted by then). If that’s too late, I understand.

    • To play devil’s advocate for what Ron is wanting, I understand were he is coming from. When the shows were much more concise or abbreviated in the Jetta, it was much easier to sit through listening to some tangent Jack would go off on.

      However, as many of these shows have gotten much longer, one could argue that they could either stand to have a 3rd party editor to give them some polish and not run the risk of falling flat and losing people’s interest rolling into a 2nd hour, or hear another infomercial for a business venture he is putting feelers out for with the audience (very troubling, he didn’t do that much before the condenser mic). Especially when great ideas such as the ‘this episode/year in history’ part get added in as well. Asking the audience to listen longer by de facto of making it all combined in one file; does almost require some type of give/take of making a file with track breaks or chapters like an audiobook.

      Maybe just make one file for each hour of the show, and break up the summary bullet list between the files. It is at least a starting point.

      • Look I am sorry but if people can’t work the FF button on their device that is too bad. I am not putting time into timestamps, if it is that important to anyone let them do it with their time and energy.

        If I gave everyone out there what they asked for there would be no TSP.

        People wonder how I can do 5 shows a week, almost 100% on my own. Well this is how, I don’t try to please everyone. For every person that bitches about a long show, two love it. For every person that bitches about a rant on some government assclown 5 cheer it on.

        • Jack,

          Thanks for leaving the reply button up. I won’t misuse it. You are a human marvel at workload and success without it affecting your humanity, a very rare human trait. Now that I understand your production scheme, I understand your reaction. I have been most fascinated by watching your social/political evolution over the only 3 months that I’ve done so as reflected in the anarchist meme.

          Amy, thanks so much for your efforts and if it works out, I hope that it becomes a standard of TSP. It makes more sense for one person to do it for a small stipend rather than relying on a complex group, but as I said before, If a group works best, I’d be glad to be a part.

          I’ve gotta tell ya, when you are called an asshole off the top, it kinda throws you, and I’m proud of myself for not going ballistic and staying focused. I can certainly be a pest, but I ain’t no asshole. A quick story about someone you know and respect that illustrates the difference.

          About 3 years ago just after I was first introduced in detail to Permaculture by reading Holmgren’s major book, the next book on the reading list was Charles Mann’s book, “1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus,” an astounding read. A 3rd of the way in or so he starts discussing mezo-American agriculture still going strong in the same fields after 2-3 millenia, on a system involving nut trees, maize, squash and other vegetables all planted tiered together. Good Lord, this was permaculture begun 2-3000 years ago, that I had just read about as a modern organic system. This seemed important.

          I had recently become aware of Bill Wilson, one of the top permaculture lights in America, and someone you have mentioned. He lives just 60 miles SouthWest of me as the crow flies. I wondered if Mann’s knowledge was part of American permaculture knowledge. So I wrote a long e-mail to Bill telling him of this discovery, quoting passages from 1491, and asking him if he was aware of this. I got a note back saying that he had skimmed my long e-mail, but didn’t really have the time to deal with it. This didn’t sit right, so I replied in nicer language than this, that it might be worth his while to not blow my concerns off. A week later or so I received a note from Bill thanking me for my hectoring persistence, and telling me that he was planning a research trip to Mexico, if possible. Life is full of surprises and you never know where they will originate.

    • I don’t suppose you have an Android smart phone? I do, and use an app called “iPP Podcast Player”. It lets me download OR stream this podcast, and comes with 15 second forward and back skip buttons usable when listening to a downloaded or streaming podcast. That might not seem like much time, but four taps is a minute skipped and the app can keep up with you no matter how fast you tap. It also has a easy to use draggable time bar so you can skip more significant amounts of time if you know you’re going to want to skip ten plus minutes.

      Since getting this app, this is the only way I consume the show, at home or away, and I only visit the site to check the comment sections for interesting tidbits.

    • She should charge, definitely a monthly service fee to any that want it. If people won’t pay for something it isn’t really important to them after all.

  6. RE: Brooding chickens…My hens started laying recently and one girl wants to stay in the nesting box all the time. This disrupts the routine and egg production dropped. I remove her daily after the egg laying rush is over and lock them out. She is hungry and thirsty when I manually evict her. Forgets to eat and drink. See what hormones will do?

    I spoke with a very old relative from Lithuania and when they were kids, they would dunk the hen’s rear end into a bucket of water. This will ‘cool off’ the extra warm underside and let the hormones return to normal. Other advice from the Internet was to replace eggs under the brooder with ice cubes, also to cool off the underside.

    The advice from this Podcast was to isolate the hen for 3 weeks. I don’t have the facilities for this and was wondering if any listeners have some country wisdom to share? Thanks !!!

    • Um I hate to say this but when it happened on my Grandmother’s place and if we were not at a time to want to be brooding chicks she had a solution, it was called soup.

      I guess Ukrainians are a bit faster to the soup solution then our cousins the Lithuanians. The “cool ass technique” might work. Try it.

    • Re: unwanted broodiness. I just put a dog crate in the coop. Get it off the ground or make sure there’s no bedding. 3 days of not having access to a nest (and subsequent warm bottom) and they snap out of it. Soup is an option IF you have multiple birds that tend to go broody, or if you don’t want any broody hens, ever. But if its only one, you may want to keep her around to do her thing at a more convenient time.

    • Rational Husker beat me to the punch – get a small dog crate and put in your existing facility for your layers. It may not take three weeks, but it could take up to three-four weeks. It might take 3 days like RH said. If you don’t have the facilities for that, you don’t have the facilities for chickens at all. Good luck.

  7. Regarding storing water high in your house. If you have standard trusses DO NOT put anything of any weight in your attic. The bottom cord of the truss triangle is designed to prevent spreading, they are not designed to support downward weight. Unless they are storage trusses which are designed to support a floor for storage.

    However a second floor is designed to support a dead load and should support a 50 gal tank like Jack said. A 100 gallon tank is about the same weight of 4 adult men so think of it that way. You could support a larger load with something like 4″ x 4″‘s spanning several floor joists. But again you might want to think about getting a builder to look at it for you.

    • This sounded like such a good idea that I paused and considered the hose on the roof to preheat water going into the water heater which was discussed a while back and how this could be safely accomplished.
      As a formerly self employed carpenter I agree Jerry, the bottom cord of the truss or even ceiling joists are commonly 2×4’s and certainly incapable of handling the weights of the first and/or second floor floor joist (2×8 up to 2×12’s depending on span). Most homes prior to 1990’s multiple gambrel roof, with a wide open floor plan had a hallway which, by using the bearing capability of the walls {of both walls – very important} so that you built over top of both walls of your hallway and sistering (placing right beside) the 2×4 ceiling joist, a 2×6 for smaller capacity or 2×8’s for heavier loads then putting a band board on the ends and sheeting with a piece of plywood you would be able to do this job relatively easily.
      Essentially what you would be building would be a stronger floor that projected up above the 2×4 ceiling joist, used both walls of the second floor hallway to bear the weight and then as Jack suggested place a drip pan and drain system to handle any leaks.
      As is said daily here, this is one mans opinion and if this sounds too difficult or is beyond your skill level – consult a professional!

    • I would second Jerry’s post. Modern conventional trusses are designed to clear span but not to support alot of weight.

      Of course if you lived in a timber framed house that might be a different story.

  8. What is this podcast welfare? Sheesh. I know the show is free Jack but could it be free-er?

  9. Junk Apples – Apple Cider Vinegar.

    BHM just had an article on fruit vinegars in the Sept/Oct issue. They were suggesting using your cores and peels, but I have a friend that uses the juice (she thinks the flavor is stronger).

  10. How do you spell that Apple cizer???? I am trying to find a recipie online but I can’t seem to find the correct spelling.

  11. For the apples, you can create an amazing (and easy and cheap) cider press from an old washing machine. Saw this a while ago, and really want to make one:

    There are other designs that I’ve seen as well, might be more efficient. Once I get back to the east coast, I’m going to make one. Make sure to clean the machine out really well. I’ve taken a few apart, and the detergent and fibers get trapped in lots of places.

  12. I heard some great tips for developing situational awareness in kids. Would love it if the pdf were made available to us! Thanks for a great listen.

  13. Re: Laying in nesting boxes — Last year, I had 5 Black Australorp pullets. We had an awful draught here in IN AND record heat. Those girls didn’t start laying ’til 22-23 weeks.

    I only have one hen from last year’s round. (The other 4 were taken out by predators this spring.) She lays reliably in the new coop that we built for the girls. Also, interestingly, she always lays in the middle of the day or the early evening. Last year’s girls did too. It killed me to wait until 4pm (or later) to go and collect eggs!

    This year’s birds (mostly Black Australorps and a couple Barred Rocks) haven’t started laying yet. They’re almost 24 weeks old, so I’d expect it ANY day now. Since they’re all free-range, I thought they might be laying eggs in weird places, so I did an experiment where I confined them to their coop for one day. I still got just one egg (from the hen who’s been laying all along.) I guess it’s just taking them longer to get started this year.

  14. Great thoughts on responsible firearm ownership.

    I REALLY liked what you had to say about how attitudes towards toy guns and firearm access have been changing, seemingly without positive results.

    Like you said, it isn’t our biology that’s changed, it’s our proficiency in leading households and teaching responsibility that has changed.

  15. Jack,
    Is there a way that more of us could get the full set of responses on the ‘children’s situational awareness’ question?
    I’d definitely like to read the full responses from the other instructors.


    • I wanted to do that but Frank stated that it was a long document with many instructors children’s names and such and he didn’t want to take all the time necessary to fully redact all personal information.

      • Well that’s what interns are for! (Just kidding Josiah.) If Frank would be willing to send the document my way, I’d be happy to clear out names and such. I don’t have much information to contribute to the community, so it’s the least I can do to give back.

  16. Spot on advice on the wasp spray Jack! I’ve been in the “Pest” industry over 15 years, and have multiple cans of wasp spray on my vehicle. Also have my CCW, a knife & pepper spray. If I use wasp spray I’m looking at a year in jail and/or a $10,000 fine. Sure, but I’m in the industry, I should no better, right? Wrong. The federal law you referenced, Federal Insecticide, Fungicide & Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) puts the otus on the manufacturer when they go through the process of getting it approved. As soon as that process is complete, so far as the law is concerned, the label on that product IS the law. So when you stated from the label “unlawful to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling” you were preaching the industry gospel. And the rules that govern me, govern the homeowner using this. Read the label. Follow it.
    On a related note, I’m still in the industry, take care of HUGE commercial accounts, many that you have mentioned, but on a personal note there’s not been a drop of pesticide applied around my home, ESPECIALLY around my first ever garden, that I would’ve never started if it were not for your influence. I try and do what I can to steer some of my problems encountered at customer accounts to a non pesticide solution but unfortunately that’s to hard for some of these people. Imagine a world where people can accept the fact that living in Arkansas = dealing with spiders and dousing the place with pesticides doesn’t help.