Episode-2072- Listener Calls for 8-24-17 — 10 Comments

  1. If the caller bought her gold in early 2013 (January-May), gold prices was as high as ~$1700. JM Bullion has some of the lowest markups and their premium for a st gauden double eagle is $140 over spot. So if the caller bought in January and is trying to sell to a coin shop or pawn shop, she may not have gotten ripped off.

    • It is possible the only month I heard was July so I have to at this point base it on that.

    • +1 on this as I looked it up after hearing the call also. Gold went from nearly 1700 in january down to almost 1200 in 2013. They may have just bought at a time when the spot price was high.

  2. You say there isn’t a real long list of high value resale vehicles like the Highlander, what do people think what other vehicles might be on this short list.

  3. I followed Jack’s advice and looked at the coins, called a local coin shop and looked for 2013 prices.

    The coins are Numismatic coins – purchased from Swiss America.

    MS 62 $20 St. Gaudens and we paid $1800.00 in 2013. The coins are in cases and have Numismatic Grading Service stickers with dates and barcodes.

    I just found this webpage that shows gold’s price in 2013, when we bought, at $1793.

    The local coin shop said $1300 as well.

    So our need for some liquidity and timing are making this investment a big loss. Such is life.

  4. Just a tip for the guy with the trash problem. We were also fed up with the high price that the garbage service wanted monthly when we never filled the can even half full. We started just storing oit trash in a pickup box trailer and only have to take it to the dump facility usually twice a year. It’s aboit $30 dollars which was about 1 months cost for the pickup service. We send all the food waste to my mom’s for the chickens, burn all the paper products either in the firepit outside during the summer or the woodstove in the winter, so we are only paying to dump the plastic that can’t be recycled and packaging and things like that.

  5. Regarding the honey – Beekeeping supply places sell an electric band heater designed specifically for gently warming up 5-gallon buckets of honey. It takes something like 12 hours to liquefy a 5-gallon bucket.